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For those of you that know Nacho (@nachocilantro), I’m sure by now you’re aware of his “diva” status!!! He’s a picky eater and always has something going on. Whether it’s skin issues or his whining, or he’s just being too stinkin’ cute!!! BUT, finding the right food for him has NOT been easy. We have tried almost everything to satisfy his “organic” taste … we’ve tried raw, all natural, organic and everything always seems to give him some sort of an issue. Have any of you dog owners experienced this!?!?


Navigating which food is the best isn’t easy. Justin and I were on a search to find him the perfect food for his body type and we came across the Nutram’s Optimum Transition Challenge. What we loved about it was that it’s only 30 days and it’s a really easy step by step guide to help you ween your pooch off their old food. We started him out on a custom feeding plan … all we had to do was enter in his size, activity level, and how much food he currently eats to determine how much of his old food should be mixed with the Nutram food during the transition.This made it SO easy on both Justin and I … and of course Nachos tummy.

I’m not going to lie I was nervous to try yet again another dog food … and this time for 30 days. He normally gets skin issues, rashes, starts throwing up and even sometimes gets diarrhea … gross I know (poor little guy). But this time, it was different!! It was easy breezy for all of us which is pretty awesome because we all know now … this guys a diva with a sensitive stomach!!! If your pup is having similar issues or it’s time to switch foods … jump onto their website and try it for yourself here!!!

nacho-for-nutram-Photo-2016-05-03,-3-18-17-PM nutram-dog-food-Photo-2016-08-02,-4-45-03-PM nacho-and-jill-at-nutram-shootNacho-for-Nutram-Photo-2016-08-02,-5-44-15-PM

Ever since I introduced a more plant-based diet into my life, I began to pay more attention to the ingredients that were in my food. As a pet parent I feel so much better being familiar with what I’m giving Nacho. I LOVE that they use all natural ingredients that I’m totally familiar with and I can be happy knowing that I’m giving Nacho the best and nacho average dog food!!!

Do you have any tips for leading a healthy lifestyle with your pet??? Share them with me in the comments below …

Jilly & Nacho



Thank you Nutram for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love your blog so much but lately I feel like 80% of your posts are about food…..I really used to enjoy the variety of your posts.

  2. I definitely disagree with Natalie…your posts are FULL of variety, whether it be nutrition, interior design, personal style, beauty, fitness, Nacho 🙂 etc etc. As we go through different chapters of our lives, certain topics are more interesting and pertinent than others. Keep doin you, Jilly 🙂

  3. Hi Jillian! Thanks for the great page and congrats for the baby! I just wanted to add something to conversation on dog diets… I have found that for my furry friends it works best just to cook for them. Basic clean real food. Whether its boiling meet and adding basic white rice for instance. Or oatmeal at times. No spices or anything added. My dogs tummy got instantly better. In a hectic life of course its difficult to find time and sometime I relay on purchased dog food as well. But when I cook for them, I prepare and freeze the meals and just defrost throughout the week. This way I know what my dog is eating and he is happy and healthy.

  4. Hi Jillian, I noticed that you stated you had issues with Nacho’s skin. I have been dealing with my boxer Titan’s skin reactions and him randomly breaking out full body in hives. I am wondering if you ever had this with Nacho?

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