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His & Hers Wedding Wardrobe Must Haves

As I was writing this blog and downloading the photos to share with you … it brought me right back to Sammy and Dustin’s wedding day. Looking back on all of the photos makes me want to do it all over again. I still can’t get over how beautiful everything turned out … I know everyone always says this … but it was more amazing then I could have ever imagined!!! Every little thing down to the tiny details couldn’t have been more perfect if they tried. These photos honestly speak for themselves and are great for those of you looking for wedding ideas. I wanted to share a short but sweet wedding series of must have items for your wardrobe and decor items that you can’t forget. So let’s start this off with one of my favourite aspects … the wardrobe!!!

I loved how casual, simple and sophisticated both the bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits were. They didn’t look over fluffed or over done but still had that classic, natural, and stylish flare. The navy mixed with the nudes, dusty pinks and creams were the perfect compliment to the laid back and casual setting. If YOU or someone you know is having an outdoor, backyard or beach wedding here are 5 must-have items for HIM & HER for the perfect wedding wardrobe …

Starting with the GIRLS:

1. Dresses: We started out wedding planning (what seems like SO LONG ago) with talking about colour scheme and wardrobe!!! Sammy is one of the most relaxed, easy going people I know so she really left a lot of the outfit picking and wardrobe decisions up to me (which I obviously love lol)!!! All that she cared about was that all of us bridesmaids were happy, that whatever we picked it didn’t break the bank, and that we could wear it again. I saw the gorgeous Show Me Your MuMu dresses on Pinterest and loved the fact that every girl could pick their own style depending on their body type. TWO of us were pregnant which would have made it extremely difficult to all where the same dress while still looking cute … LOL!!! We went with a nude shade (called show me the ring crisp) to compliment the navy that the boys were wearing.


2. Accessories: We kept the accessories on all of the girls SIMPLE. Sammy wanted to go with a statement flower crown from Classic Creations Floral Design so we had to keep everything else to a minimum. The flower crown was the perfect finishing touch on her outfit. It helped tie in the outdoors and the laid back setting while still making her overall look sophisticated yet casual. I HIGHLY recommend this if you’re having an outdoor wedding!!! Not to mention her gorgeous bouquet is enough of an accessory!!! Another “accessory” that is probably the most forgot about item on a wedding day … ROBES!!! We all started the day off getting ready together in our Plum Pretty Sugar Robes. It’s also a great way to start the photos off with something memorable and a little gift that the bridesmaids get to take home.


3. Jewelry: I honestly think that you don’t need much jewelry on your wedding day … other than your gorgeous wedding ring and a pair of earrings to match. You don’t want to take away from your wedding dress, hair and makeup … and flower crown if you have one so you need to make sure everything is balanced and not overwhelming!! We made sure to order everything from Olive + Piper so that the bridesmaids and the bride matched. All of the bridesmaids wore a statement necklace to dress up the simplicity of the dresses. I absolutely LOVED the final outcome in photos …


4. Footwear: Since the wedding was outdoors on grass … footwear was a hard decision. We ended up across the board deciding on NO shoes … that’s right NONE!!!! It was seriously SO comfortable and perfect for dancing lol!!! Sammy however … wore these diamond accents by Forever Soles that wrapped around her foot to look like sandals. They were so cute and perfect for a beach or outdoor wedding!!!


5. Hair & Makeup: Last but definitely not least … we of course, had to have my makeup artist from Love It Or List It Vancouver, Kaitlin Hargreaves make the trip up to the Okanagan. She helped perfect the beauty of all of the girls (not that they had anything to touch up lol). If you or your friends are in the Vancouver surrounding area …  she books up fast!!! This is one of the most important things (in my opinion) to spend money on … MAKEUP!!! You want to look good in your photos (that last a lifetime) and it’s their job to make you look beautiful so that YOU can enjoy your day and not have to worry about it …

On to the BOYS:

1. Suits: Their outfits and suits were SO cute and so perfect for a summer wedding in the Okanagan. All of the suits were SO easily ordered online through Indochino. I have always loved simplistic suits with not too much complication … the navy blue was perfect for an outdoor setting. We opted for NO vest and instead paired suspenders with them … it gets SO hot in the Okanagan we wanted the outfits to look cute if the boys had to take their jackets off. Justin’s suit was ALSO Indochino and was perfect for a casual wedding without the jacket but could be easily dressed up or down. If you or someone you know is wanting the same suits … take notes … we went with the essential blue sharkskin suit:

  • Jacket lapels (notch slim)
  • Two jacket vents
  • Two jacket buttons
  • No pocket flaps
  • Suspender buttons and belt loops
  • No pant pleats
  • Jacket Lining – Sailboat
  • No Vest
GUYSboys-wedding DUSTIN boys-dustins-wedding GROOMSMEN

2. Bow Tie & Suspenders: I don’t know if it’s just me but I LOVE bow ties!!! Not to mention the bow tie and suspender combo. This is a great option if you’re wedding is in the summer or in a hot destination. You want the boys to be comfortable especially in the heat so why not give them the option to still look great with their jackets off??

BOYSbow-tie dustin-suspenders sam-and-dustin-close-up DUSTIN-GETTING-READYACCESSORIES

3. Accessories: Again … there aren’t many accessories necessary on your wedding day, especially for guys. BUT the one thing that I DO recommend … is a good watch and a fun pair of socks. In this case, since the suits were navy, a brown watch was the best option. This of course, isn’t a necessity … if you don’t have a watch, don’t stress … just make sure you’re not late on your wedding day because of it lol!!!


4. Footwear: To finish off the boys outfits we paired the navy suits with brown shoes. In my opinion, this is the best colour to pair with navy to compliment both colour ways. We wanted the boys to be able to wear them again so we went with a more casual brogue …


A huge thank you to these vendors who helped make Sam and Dusty’s wedding perfect …

N + D Photography – photos
Avalon Rentals – wedding decor and rentals
Show Me your Mumu – bridesmaid dresses
Indochino – suits
Olive + Piper – jewelry
Plum Pretty Sugar – robes
Kaitlin Hargreaves – hair and make up
Classic Creations Floral Design – flower crown
Forever Soles – footwear
Sweet on You Cakes – cupcakes and cake


Make sure you check back next week for all of the decor tips that we learned along the way!!! …



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  1. loved this! show me your mumu looks great – but do you know of any similar websites/places in vancouver/calgary area that do similar dresses cocktail length for bridesmaid dresses? Thanks!

  2. Where did they get the bow ties from?? Having the hardest time finding ties exactly like that

  3. Hey Jillian! You had a post where you talked about these bridesmaid dresses further and your fitting process being preggo – I can’t seem to find it?

  4. Hi,
    Can you please tell me the sizing the pregnant bridesmaids are usually anc what size they went for in the dresses? There will be 2 pregnant bridesmaids in our bridal party also, however we’re finding the measurements confusing.
    Would really appreciate your advice.
    Thank you.

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