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New Year, New Resolutions

As sad as I am that the holidays are over, I couldn’t be more excited for this new year ahead. I love a fresh start and setting new goals to achieve. But new years resolutions can be tricky. In my opinion, if you set too many goals that are extremely out of reach, you’re just setting yourself up for failure. Sometimes it’s hard enough getting out of bed let alone hiking Mount Everest the first month of the year. Setting yourself fewer goals that are more achievable will leave you feeling proud and accomplished when those goals are met. And heck … you can always set new goals for yourself once these ones are complete!

1. Learn More About Being Vegan (ISH) | As most of you already know … I am trying my best to change the way I eat and think about food. I know that I’m not perfect yet and that it might take a while for me to fully switch to being vegan / vegetarian but you have to start somewhere and I would LOVE to learn more about it. (more to come on this topic!)


2. Lower Meat And Dairy Consumption | With switching to vegetarian, of course comes lower meat and dairy consumption. The key for me is finding alternatives to replace my favourite meats and cheeses so that it’s an easier transition. I know that it won’t happen over night but I am going to try my best!

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3. Relax and Unplug | This past Christmas holiday was the first time in a long time that I actually got to relax and unplug a bit from the outside world. And it was amazing. It’s normally extremely hard for me to relax even when on vacation because my brain never stops thinking about new and exciting things that I could be doing. This year I want to take a step back and enjoy every little minute that I have to relax and try my best to unplug while doing so!

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4. Spend More Time With Loved Ones | I know that I say this every year but it is STILL on my resolutions list and I think it always will be. I am so lucky with the amount of time that I do get to spend with my loved ones but you can always have more!! I want to travel new places, relax and have fun with the people I love most this year.


5. Get Healthy and Fit | I know that this is ALWAYS on everyone’s list but it’s important. It’s not a goal that states that you need to go to the gym every day for the entire month of January … but it’s a good time to start!!! I mean bikini season is only 5 months away!! I like to start slowly and small with something achievable to get me hooked on working out all over again. My goal is to go to 1 yoga class OR 1 spin class a week and work my way up to more.

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6. Drink More | And by drinking I don’t mean alcohol. I mean water and juice … healthy juice, I don’t want to end up looking for pdmp cures information. As soon as my skin and body start to feel dehydrated and depleted … both of these beauties bring me back to life. I am hooked on the feeling I get after drinking juice from the Juicery Co, let alone their juice cleanses and resets. If you haven’t tried one of their detox’s I suggest you do at some point this year or make it one of your resolutions. It will leave you feeling fresh and ready to tackle anything with all of the energy that you have.

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7. Learn To Say No | Not only in work but also my day to day life. I tend to take on too much leaving me no time for myself or for the ones closest to me. I want to focus on fewer things that are more meaningful to me and learn to say no to the rest.


What are your New Years Resolutions?? I’d love to hear in the comments below …


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  1. Getting fit and healthy. Being kind to others and respecting myself. Doing yoga and making sure what I say is helpful and kind, rather than critical or negative.

  2. I have been slowly trying to cut my meat and dairy, and maintain a more vegan/vegetarian raw diet. It has been a process and i am not perfect at it either! Its really a lot harder then you would think! Something that I thought I would be able to do and commit to for a new years resolution is eating raw until supper. So having lots of fruits and veggies, salads, smoothies, during the day, and then a cooked meal at night, and that being with or without meat! It seemed like an easier way to do it!

  3. Saying no actually means you are saying yes! Saying no to staying late at work, means you are saying yes to your family waiting for you back home. Saying no to a night out drinking means you are actually saying yes to your healthy body. This thought process can be used time and time again. It is sometimes hard to remember, but when I do the guilt of saying no goes away!
    Happy New Year! Great list of resolutions here. I still have to think of my own. 🙂

  4. Love these! You inspire me so much and that means alot. I’ve struggled with depression since college and just seeing that a great life is possible is such a huge help. Thanks for letting us in on your life! It’s a bright spot when I’m feeling down!

  5. Hey Jill, I think your journey towards awareness and lowering the animal products is amazing and I support you all the way! I am interested to hear what your views are on the use and abuse of animals in the fashion industry, and if this comes into play when you are using the term Vegan. You have a huge fashion following and it is really important people are aware of ethical fashion. I know we aren’t all interested in walking around in burlap sacks and fashion is a big part of our lives and carreers for some…but there are some pretty bad things that go one out there. Slight shifts make a big difference. Did you know that Canada has no laws against the labeling of fur, so many of the “fur” lined articles that come from china are CAT and DOG fur. Seriously.

    Go Faux peeps! xo J

  6. Hi Jillian, these are amazing resolutions! Theme seems to be reset and love love love. Speaking of going slow, about 20 years ago I made the same resolution about cutting down on eating meat but needed to learn about the replacements, and ethical eating. So, I started by cutting out red meat. Slowly, I learned about chicken farming. When I had all of the knowledge I needed, I cut out chicken but kept only free RANGE eggs (note – free RUN are not the same). Now onto fish farming which again, I am learning about at my own pace and slowly cutting it out as well. Did you know you can get all of the DHA you need from fish simply by picking up vegetarian DHA at a health food store? It is simply veget algae and gives your brain all you need without having fish. So much to learn, right? (I picked up this knowledge when I was pregnant and needed to make sure the baby was getting DHA when I wasnt eating fish). Finally – ssooooo many people think all vegetarians eat is tofu! Nope. Since you are Canadian you would TOTALLY love the vegan cookbook and blog “Oh She Glows”. I believe the author is from Oakville Ontario and her story is really cool. Also gives so many amazing alternatives to meat and dairy. Try her avocado pasta – my favorite during my pregnancy and takes 15 mins to make! Pretty good when you are always on the go like you and me too! Good luck in 2016 Jill, wishing you every happiness!

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