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The Jilly Box

Our Next Jilly Box is Launching Tomorrow!

The time has come … our next JILLY BOX is officially launching TOMORROW! As many of you are already aware, we were able to secure some additional Jilly Boxes for tomorrow’s launch which means that the number of boxes that are above and beyond our subscriber boxes will become our “lottery boxes”. This means, tomorrow we will be randomly selecting some LUCKY people from our Jilly Box waitlist to give them an opportunity to purchase a one-time Jilly Box!

We will be contacting the lucky lottery winners via email starting tomorrow and running through to Friday, January 24th until all of the boxes are sold out! If you are one of the lucky few to receive an email you will have 24 hours to make your one-time purchase. After 24 hours we will select another group of lottery winners, and this process will continue until we are SOLD OUT.

Please note: Your invitation will not expire … but interest in the boxes is huge and when they are gone, they are gone! Some of the items in the box are sized, and quantities for each size are limited. Please remember to check your junk and spam folders and purchase your Jilly Box as soon as you receive your email so you are guaranteed a box and your desired size! 

So, make sure YOU are signed up to our waitlist before tomorrow (you can do so, here!) if you want the chance to potentially score yourself a Jilly Box!

Reminiscing on Our First Jilly Box

Alright … before we dig into some of the EXCITING details of our upcoming box … let’s take a minute to take a look back at some of our amazing vendors and products from our first ever Jilly Box!! For all of the details please watch my reveal video below or take a look at my unboxing blog, here!! ALSO, if you’re still eyeing up some of the beautiful products that were in our first box, you can STILL purchase some of them via our Jilly Box Boutique!

Jillian Harris Spring 2020 Jilly Box Launches Tomorrow Jillian Harris Spring 2020 Jilly Box Launches Tomorrow

Our Vision for the Second Jilly Box

Since the holidays are officially behind us and we are in that strange “winter limbo” counting down to Spring, we thought a Jilly Box focused on self-care would be exactly what everyone would be in the mood for because who doesn’t LOVE an at-home spa day?! I’m not going to reveal ANY contents of this upcoming Jilly Box but you can expect to be cozy and pampered this February!

Besides the amazing items that are in this box ranging from home decor to beauty essentials (and everything else in between!) I think I’m MOST excited about how our physical box turned out! I am OBSESSED with the beautiful blush leopard print box and judging by the comments I’ve been reading on my social pages, so are YOU!! It was so fun to bring this fun pattern from paper to print and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Speaking of “turning out” … don’t forget that you can flip ALL of the Jilly Boxes inside out to re-use and store your favourite items from magazines to photos, ribbons and bows and whatever else your heart desires!

Well … are you ready to get the inside scoop about our add ons for this box?? If so, scroll on.

Jillian Harris Spring 2020 Jilly Box Launches Tomorrow

Add Ons: Sneak Peek

I’m so excited to announce that I have teamed up with both Milk Jar Candle Co. and Smash + Tess to create not one … but THREE exclusive limited-edition add ons to our upcoming Jilly Box! All three of these items were offered to Jilly Box subscribers first, then they will be offered to all of our lottery winners tomorrow on a first come first serve basis and if there’s any stock left over, we will be selling the remaining items to the public via the Jilly Box Boutique!!

Alright, let’s get into the details … shall we??

Milk Jar Candle Co. – The Jilly Milk Jar

The Jilly Milk Jar candle by Milk Jar Candle Co. is a soy candle with a natural wood wick in a signature scent of Blackberry, Amber, and Vanilla!

Milk Jar Candle Co. is one of the only Canadian candle companies that have started a return program of our candles. When customers have finished their candles, they can drop it off to their Factory or one of their listed retailers for them to clean and re-purpose into a new Milk Jar candle. One of Milk Jar Candle Co’s mottos is “a luxury item should not create luxury waste”. Milk Jar Candle Co. has currently reused over 700 Milk Jars. They also donate $1 from the sale of every candle to a local not-for-profit supporting youth with special needs. They are a little company with a lot of heart!

Jillian Harris Spring 2020 Jilly Box Launches Tomorrow

Smash + Tess: Harris Hoodie Romper in Pretty Pink

What happens when you cross your fave hoodie with your coziest pair of joggers? Why the Harris Hoodie from Smash + Tess, of course!! We’re talking … a PINK ROMPER with a zipper for easy on and offs, a cinched drawstring waist, inseam pockets, and cuffs on the wrist and ankle. Warm, cute, and totally lovable!

Jillian Harris Spring 2020 Jilly Box Launches Tomorrow

Smash + Tess: Jilly Jogger Romper in Pretty Pink

What’s better than one pink Romper from Smash + Tess? TWO PINK ROMPERS! LOL! This Jogger Romper has no waistband, and front patch pockets (zipper and hood still included!). If you are looking for a more relaxed vibe, the Jilly Jogger is just that!

There you have it!! That’s about all of the beans I’m going to spill at this point!! So, if you want the chance to snag yourself a JILLY BOX then make sure you’re signed up to the waitlist and keep an eye on your email (and junk folders!!) from Jan 22 – 24th! If you have further questions about what has changed with the Jilly Box, make sure to check out our recent FAQ blog post for all of the details!




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  1. You know we will all be sitting on pins and needles until tomorrow right! Good luck for us getting any sleep tonight lol!

  2. I am a senior and I love your energy smile and style. Great fun. Could you or someone on your team provide some feed back on the Trip to Hawaii Contest

  3. Your Jilly Box is the best. I have ordered many, many boxes in the past but only for one item and then I never re-order the box (the rest of the contents go on eBay). My first Jilly Box was amazing & I cannot wait to find out what is in the second box!! That leopard print from the box needs to be made into something (LOL!) – a Jilly Print, a Chelsea King scrunchie (now my favorite!!!), a sweatshirt (like someone commented below).
    Good luck to everyone hoping to get a box… you won’t be disappointed!!! Jillian – I have only recently started following you & I literally want to pack up, move to Kelowna & work for your team. Keep up the amazing work you are doing! And keep the Jilly Boxes coming please!!

  4. The Jilly Box is the best. I have ordered many, many boxes over the years but only for one product and then I never order the box again (the rest of the contents go on eBay!). I loved everything in my first Jilly Box & I can’t wait to see what’s in the second box. That leopard print from the box has to be made into something else… a Jilly Print of some sort, a Chelsea King scrunchie (my new favorite!!), a sweatshirt like someone mentioned below.
    Good luck to everyone trying to get a box! You won’t be disappointed. Jillian – I only recently started following you and you’ve made me want to pack up, move to Kelowna & become a part of the Jilly Team (or another cousin… I have no sisters! LOL!). Keep doing what you’re doing!

  5. Why I wasn’t choose 😕. Should I paid before to subscribe on the waiting list? Or maybe because im from Quebec?! (That why my English is not good 😉)

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