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Peggy’s Journey with Mental Health and Wellness

Hi everyone, it’s Jillian’s mama, Peggy here! Many of you who have followed Jillian since her Bachelor and Bachelorette days may or may not know that I have had quite a mental health journey. For those who didn’t see, she shared this on national television 12 years ago without my consent…LOL! 

To be honest, I have never really been that comfortable talking about my mental health, but I believe I have finally found the right medication that was prescribed to me nearly a year ago and Jillian has finally convinced me to share my journey with you, so here I am!

Even though it sounds cliché, my hope is that by sharing my story if I can help one person on Jillian’s platform, it will make all of this worth it!

Mental Health and Wellness

My history with mental health

At the age of only 11 years old, was my very first experience with depression. At times my depression was triggered by situational distress and other times it was possibly just the nature of my forms of the disorder. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1990 even though there was most certainly some signs of it prior to my diagnosis.

Later in life, I have always been one to wear many hats; I was a full-time mom, entrepreneur, and business owner, and now that I am looking back on it, I may have burnt myself out by taking on too much at once. Depression affects me in many ways, day to day I would constantly feel extremely fatigued and didn’t have the energy to do what I know I needed to do and that was to exercise and eat healthily. On a few occasions, when I would burn myself out completely and my life turned to complete chaos, it would land me in the hospital.

One of my most difficult memories, when my depression landed me in the hospital, was how it affected Jillian. Jillian was only 10 years old when I was first hospitalized with severe debilitating depression. I remember after arriving home from the hospital late one night, I went into her room to give her a kiss goodnight and she woke up with tears streaming down her face. I remember the overwhelming sense of wanting to make this right for her and didn’t want her to experience any more pain from this! It was extremely important for me to focus on my health for not only myself but for Jillian as well!

Mental Health and Wellness

Finding the right medication

For anyone else struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD or any other mental disorders, if you have recently been put on a new medication know that there is sometimes a lot of trial and error that comes with this.

About a year ago, I was put onto a new medication by my wonderful doctor and thanks to our determination we have succeeded in finding the right combination of drugs that has literally been a miracle for me. Again, I have to stress this to anyone else struggling, never give up hope! After 30 years of struggling to find a medication that works for my body, I am finally implementing healthy eating and exercise back into my daily routine!

One of the side effects of one of my medications was I quickly gained over 80 lbs (which, of course, made me even more depressed!). Now that I am finally on an even keel, I have managed to lose 75 of those unwanted pounds. Before finding this combination of medications, I knew that I needed to eat healthier and exercise. Still, there were many mornings when I couldn’t even get myself out of bed. How are you supposed to live a healthy lifestyle when you don’t even have the energy or courage to do these things that you know are good for you?!

I am now in my sixties and feel as though I have a new lease on life, but if you asked me even a few years ago, I would have never thought that I was ever going to get better! Honestly, many times I had given up hope for a short time, but thankfully I didn’t ever give up.

Mental Health Journey

My advice to others struggling with mental health

I want everyone reading this to know that mental health disorders are more common than we realize, roughly “1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience a mental health problem or illness” Canadian Mental Health Association. Mental health is no different than any other sickness or pain, just like you would get a cast for a broken leg or arm, you need to take care of your brain in the same fashion. From a holistic point of view, the brain is an organ in your body and just like any other organ; it can fail to function at an optimum level – just like other organs that fail, there are treatments out there!

My journey with mental health and wellness

Helpful Resources

Here are some of the steps you can take if either you are in a similar situation or someone that you know is! These are some of the things that have helped me on my journey with mental health.

1. Seek out a support system even if that is just one person that you can rely on.

2. Try to take one minute at a time to realize that this won’t last forever.

3. Find a psychiatrist that you feel comfortable with. I have been going to the same psychiatrist for over 16 years.

4. Start a journal about how you are feeling. You will have some good days and some bad days, but being able to reflect on the good days helps me look forward to feeling that way again soon!

5. If you are someone that is struggling with bipolar disorder or depression, one of the most important things you can do is take care of yourself. If you are feeling well enough on any given day, please try to prioritize healthy eating, drinking lots of water, getting some fresh air, and taking care of yourself the best you can!

What has enabled me to accept my diagnosis it that there have been many high profiles and famous people who share the same afflictions as I do. Mental health knows no barriers and affects a wide variety of people, you are not alone!

One of the best things that you can do if someone you know is struggling with mental health is to be patient with them. I am where I am today due to the help of my sister, husband, Jillian, and all of my family and friends!

I have really enjoyed this process of writing out my journey with mental health and wellness. I would love to be a support system for others in similar situations. If you have any questions, please put them below! I am hoping to write a follow-up blog post to answer any questions that you may have! 

“It’s not a character flaw, it’s a chemical flaw.”



Disclaimer I know many of you may want to know what medications I am currently taking, but for now, we need to look into the legal implications of sharing this information. Please note that everybody reacts differently to medications; every brain and body is different and what may work for me may not work for you.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Your words spoke to my heart. Depression is a lonely confusing journey

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Peggy! As someone who has struggled with my mental health as well I appreciate your honesty and advice. Talking about these matters is not easy but it helps end the stigma and encourages people to reach out when they are struggling. So happy to hear you’ve found medications and a lifestyle plan that work for you. You’re amazing!! Xo

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and encouraging others. We need to work together to end the stigma attached to mental health.

  4. Wow! It’s obvious you are a pillar of strength. Thank you for sharing your journey with us all. Your family is lucky to have you!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I suffer with anxiety/depression and am trying to navigate life caring for a child with mental illness. Wishing you all the best. ❤️

  6. Well done Peggy! You look happy, keep at it, We can do hard things.
    PS : Need to get that smoothie recipe out there
    All the Best

  7. Peggy— thank you for doing this! Sharing your experiences and resources is incredibly valuable, and your bravery and vulnerability does not go unnoticed.

    Cheers to you and your new lease on life!

  8. Thank you Peggy for sharing your story! It take courage to do so and I think you have helped many on Jillians platform including myself.

  9. Dear Peggy,
    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’m so happy to hear that you’ve found something that works for you and that you never gave up. Xoxo

  10. Thank you for sharing this Peggy. Today, you have inspired me to start journaling again. This time, I will find myself a lovely coffee table book journal… and family and friends who want to read through will be welcomed to. I will no longer feel shame.

  11. Peggy by being so open and honest you will be helping so many people. I’m 62 and you are an inspiration to me. Keep exercising, keep eating well. Embrace the good days and be gentle on yourself. Aging in itself is hard. It’s a time to redefine who who are and who we want to be. You are doing it! Keep going❤️

  12. Kudos to you for speaking so candidly about your own struggles with mental health. It’s never something to be ashamed of since so many suffer from various forms of mental illness. It’s good to hear that you’ve found a medication which is helping you to enjoy your life and the wonderful family who loves you.

    Thank you for sharing …. and all the best to you !

  13. Thank you so much for sharing it and so glad Peggy is finally on a medication that makes her feel better! I remember my mom battling her mental disease since I was a kid. When I was 10 as well my mom spent a whole month is a psychiatric hospital and if it weren’t for my dad’s patience and support from neighbours and close family we probably would have fallen apart! In and out she was trying new medications that would have awful side effects and leave her as a zombie. Thankfully for the past 15 years or so he has been steady on lithium prescription, which sure is hard on other body parts, but it helps with her bipolar disorder. I find there is still some stigma around the words mental health but it is as important as physical health, so no shame in talking about it. Being on the other side, having a loved one with mental disease, is also very hard, so don;t forget to take care of yourselves as well. Many times we don’t know how to help, so keep the conversation going, search resources, it takes a village!

  14. Thank you for sharing your story and journey .. my brother committed suicide years ago back when depression was seen in a very negative way and hence not spoken about . There is still much to be done in terms of seeing depression as an illness and awareness around this often debilitating illness . As more people come forward to share their stories hopefully it will provide support and hope for those struggling . Thank you for being brave enough to come forward and for sharing a very personal journey . So glad you are well !

  15. Peggy – we are proud of you for sharing such a personal struggle. A long struggle, to put it lightly – you are giving hope to many with such a complex heath issue.
    You truly have a beautiful sparkle back, , love your energy, your determination and your willingness to help others,
    We love you Peggy, We are here for you.

  16. Bless your heart Peggy and thank you for your courage! You are so right ….mental health is nothing to hide or be ashamed of!! Definitely not a character flaw….and yes..a chemical flaw! You are making such a difference and probably saving many lives in your testimony! I can see where Jillian gets her beautiful smile from!! Let it shine for all to see!!

  17. I am so happy you have found what works for you Peggy! Members of my family have struggled with bipolar as well and have also thankfully found what works for them too! Thank you for sharing your story, it will give hope to those still looking for the right help/treatment! Xo Shevaune

  18. Thank you for sharing your experience with Mental Health and Wellness!! I had to take a double take on the photo of you and baby Jilly – so sweet!

  19. I’m so very happy to hear that you have found the right combination of medication that works for you. Life is so short and I’m a firm believer in living your best life. If medication and therapy help you to achieve this, then all the power to you. As my daughter says, you go girl and thank you for sharing your story. It really helps to know that others are going through what you are… so happy for you….

  20. Thank you so much for sharing. I suffer from chronic pain and with that comes depression, most days I’m pretty good but when I have bad days, they’re bad. I hate feeling sorry for myself as I know there are people a LT worse off then I, but it’s difficult. With you sharing it inspires me to maybe do something a little more about it. So again thank you for sharing.
    Wendy Martin

  21. Peggy you are an inspiration!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story. My mom has been suffering from debilitating anxiety and depression for the last 2 years and it is so hard to stand by and watch helplessly. There are some incredible tips here that I can use right away to help her and I’ll be sharing this post with her. Thank you!!

  22. Way to go Peggy! Sharing can make one feel very vulnerable but I hope it empowered you. I appreciate your courage and thank you for sharing your story,. 💗

  23. Well done!
    You don’t need to reply just know that it was recognised that this took courage and you should be very proud of your self.

  24. Peggy, thank you for your courage to speak on your own mental health journey. More people need to do this, to normalize it, to increase the knowledge and remove the stigma.
    I can tell from Jill’s posts that you are a great mom and gramma! Keep up the incredible work you are doing for yourself,
    Everyone deserves the right to self care!

    On a side note, mental health help is a privilege that many can not afford. This is an area that needs a lot of work. I think it would be great if Jillian and her team could use their influence to bring light to this.
    In fact many areas of holistic health are a right if privilege. Healthcare does not cover many things (yoga, meditation retreats, gym memberships, reiki, acupuncture to name a few). For some the cost of getting better is out of their reach.

    Thanks for listening (reading)


  25. Thank you so much for sharing such a personal story with all of us. You look fabulous and so happy to hear you are at such a wonderful point in your life. Thank you again


  26. Thank you for sharing your journey with mental health. I’m Currently doing better but some days are so hard to just get up like you mentioned. It’s stories like yours that encourages me to keep fighting. So thank you! ~Valerie

  27. Thank you for sharing your story, Peggy. Everything you’ve said has resonated with me and the hardest part is putting oneself first and taking self-care seriously.
    By the way, I love your hair!!
    Again, thank you❤️

  28. It’s not a character flaw its a chemical flaw…
    Man this speaks to my heart
    Thanks for sharing your story

  29. Thank you for being so brave and sharing your story! I developed anxiety after losing my first daughter (she passed away at 4 months old). I truly believe that everyone has a story and when others are brave enough to share, it helps everyone suffering in silence. Huge hugs, I’m so glad you found what works for you!

  30. Thank you for sharing your story! My 18 y/o daughter has been struggling with depression for many years. More than we even thought. New meds started a few months ago so fingers crossed. Earlier this year she didn’t want to live. She’s a smart, beautiful, funny young woman and has everything to live for! She doesn’t see it that way. But hopefully she will soon. Thanks again for sharing,

  31. Well I’m in my 60s as well Peggy. This is the years we must accept and enjoy the rest of the years we have. You look wonderful and have done the work to help yourself. I am proud of you woman!!!! I am on a weight loss journey as well. A lot goes on at our age. Losses and dreams we still want to fulfil. I hope you always keep trying to be happy. Be proud❤️

  32. I admire your strength and vulnerability in being so open. Glad to see that you have found something that works so well for you. I wish you continued good health ❤️

  33. Thank you for having the courage to speak out about your history. My father has been struggling with severe psychotic depression for many years. Recently, COVID and the changes in his day to day routine, caused him to have another psychotic break and landed him in the hospital for a few months. It’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs for our family. He is in his sixties and still feels the stigma associated with his mental illness. He rarely speaks about it, even though our family encourages it as a way for us all to heal. Sending you positive vibes and continued health & happiness on your journey.

  34. Bless your ❤️. My mother also lived a life of bi polar. Back then “manic depression “ lots of ups and downs. It made for an interesting life. She was a beautiful smart woman. She could write a book on her adventures (if still alive) she did leave this earth at a young 57 August 1992! Miss her- your story is all so familiar. Thank you for sharing and so glad you have such a great support group(family) and Dr.

  35. Thanks for sharing your story. I myself don’t struggle with depression/bipolar but I do have people close to me in my life that currently do and I see first hand how hard it can be. You look beautiful !

  36. Thank you for sharing! It’s not an easy subject to speak about but the more we do the better it will be for everyone.

  37. Peggy you are so brave to share your journey and I have no doubt you will help someone who may be struggling. So glad you had such a great support system and are in a better place now. Being in your 60’s is the new 40’s. Lots of life to live.! Wishing you all the best and look forward to learning more about Mama Harris.

  38. Thank you so much for sharing your story so eloquently. I admire your honesty as mental illness is for many reasons uncomfortable to talk about. Thank you for making it a little less uncomfortable. God bless.

  39. Thank you for sharing. I have personally been diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression and PTSD. I have my good and bad days. And even though I am living with it, you have said a few things that I can take away and use with someone very close to me who is going through severe depression.

    Thank you for talking about your peraonal journey with mental health! Xoxo

  40. Peggy thank you for sharing your story. It helped me to understand that I should be more patient with my mother. She’s 68, and I believe she’s been struggling with mental health her entire life. I’ve tried to discuss it with her and it’s really hard and I never really get anywhere. I just see the years passing by and wish she would have the self love to get on a better track “mentally” because of they way she is I can only be around her for little bits at a time here and there. I wish it wasn’t this way but she makes to many people uncomfortable and she doesn’t even realize it. I’m so happy to hear that you have found a way to live a happier and healthier version of yourself it’s a win win for everyone around you but most importantly for you 💕💕

  41. Hi Peggy,
    Thanks for sharing your story. I am one of the people that has followed Jillian from her days on the Bachelor and Bachelorette to Love it or List it Vancouver. You have quite an amazing daughter. I too suffer from depression and it can be quite a struggle some days, I applaud you coming forward to share your journey. Jillian has a huge platform and I know this will reach many people and hopefully help some that are struggling. The more stories that are shared, the more awareness there will be and hopefully one day there won’t be such a stigma attached to mental health issues. Just for the record, you look awesome!!!

  42. Peggy – Thank you from the bottom pf my cookie jar for sharing your story! What an inspiration you are!

    I am sending you 100,000 Healing Angels to cuddle you as you enjoy your wonderful life!

    May your day be filled with all the Love that is coming your way! And how CUTE are YOU in these photos!

    Big hugs, Linda 🌸

  43. First, thanks for sharing! My question is, how would you approach someone who has a bipolar diagnosis but refuses to admit that they are struggling? Discussing his/her struggles (without using the term bipolar) seems to be very triggering however, not addressing the issue has failed to be beneficial to the relationship/individual as well.

  44. Thank you for sharing your journey Peggy. The last tag line was helpful as I’m always thinking there is something wrong with me personally. I’m happy to know all is going well now, gives me hope. All the best. Maria

  45. I have always loved seeing you thru Jillian
    Wishing always to see more of you
    Your smile makes me smile
    I am 65 and enjoy all you share
    Thank you for this

  46. Peggy, I am absolutely thrilled for you! You look and sound terrific! I am so happy you have found a medicine that helps you have a healthy, happy and more stable life! I have followed your precious Jillian since her time on The Bachelor. I remember her sharing your mental illness and I have carried positive thoughts for you ever since and have always kept an eye out for any news about how you are doing . I KNOW your story will help and encourage many, many people who are suffering?
    Thank you for the courage and vulnerability you have shared. Here’s to your continued healthy body and mind!

  47. Thank you so much for sharing your story and encouraging others. I’m so happy you have found a medication that works for you. I’ve watched several family members struggle with finding the right medications for depression.

  48. It’s so great to see Peggy sharing her story after so many years! I am sure it will be a helpful step in her healing. Having anxiety as well as obsessive compulsive tendencies and also being medicated for 3 years now, I can completely relate. The best thing we can do is openly discuss our experiences to help normalize mental illness. Every person to share their story helps the next person to open up about their own struggles!

  49. Dearest Peggy
    As a mental health professional , I wholeheartedly commend you for sharing your story ! So very glad you are doing well. Thank you for being an inspiration to others. You are in my thoughts .

  50. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! It take a whole lot of courage to talk about mental illness but knowing that there are others out there who fight the fight each and every day gives me strength.
    Dealing with mental illness, like anxiety and depression can be a daily challenge. Trying to explain to people, friends and family why it is that you don’t call or want to go out is not easy. I find the minute I mention how I’m feeling they shut it down responding, “oh I have anxiety too! But that doesn’t stop me from getting together with friends or calling people! You really should just push yourself to do these things instead of sitting home in self pity!”
    They don’t understand that anxiety and depression come in all kinds of forms! And can be completely different from person to person. Sometimes just getting out of bed is a challenge and sometimes just putting on clothes can be exhausting!
    I too am on an anti-depressant that I take every evening and have anxiety meds with me at all times for when one of those debilitating, nauseous anxiety attacks come on.
    I still struggle each day, but knowing someone else is out there struggling but living their life to the fullest helps me realize that I too can live a healthier, happier life
    I have gained so much weight since entering into menopause so my focus is now on losing weight so I can feel better mentally and gave more energy to fight.

    Thank you Peggy for sharing such a personal story, your story it’s given me hope.

  51. THANK YOU for sharing Peggy. As someone who has struggled for many years with anxiety and depression and some days wonder if it will ever improve, it is nice to hear a success story! Without the help of a wonderful family doctor, I don’t know where I would be. I have however struggled with someone to talk to as psychiatrists are very expensive and not something I can afford unfortunately.

    My doctor has suggested working with a Social Worker so that is the next step and I am hoping it will help.

    You are right, your health and well being kind of takes a backseat to everything when it takes all of your energy just to get up in the morning. I am the heaviest I have ever been and am just trying to take it day-to-day but your story is inspiring.

    Thank you Peggy and my wish is that more people will become understanding and sympathetic of this terrible disease – there are so many that still don’t get it and just think you should be able to snap out of it – IF ONLY IT WERE THAT EASY.

    I am taking it day by day and hope that one day I will be to the stage you are at.

    Stay well and thank you for sharing.

  52. I have been feeling out of sorts for a few years now and got diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety disorder in March. I’m still figuring out the medication but I know I’ll get there eventually. The struggle is real and it does help having a supporting family and friends. Thank you so much for sharing Peggy x

  53. Peggy,
    This blog is so well done and your story is so clear and relatable. I work in mental health and so much of this is true. Medication for some is like taking a daily vitamin, I always tell my people, that and always remind them that we are all such complex beings with different hormones, illnesses, fluctuations and stress that it can often take a long time to find the write combo and even if you do, you also might need a tune up because of the above as well. I’m proud of you for sharing and trying to help others, to be a part of the positive change to normalize mental health struggles instead of stigmatize. I’ve struggled throughout my life with depression and anxiety, from what I now know, from a young age, a lot of trauma didn’t help as well. I have a little boy and hopefully one more- I hope to always be an open door to them on myself and struggles but also theirs.
    I’m so proud of you Peggy, you are an amazing person- obviously I don’t know you, other than what we’re shown but I can tell you have such an amazing heart, you raised Jillian, whom I love, admire and adore!
    You look great but above all, it looks like you’ve gained so much confidence.
    Thank you for sharing your story with us all. You definitely gave some great information and tips to help anyone struggling or just needs a hand.

  54. One of the reasons I gravitate to Jillian’s Instagram stories and feed is because of her honesty and positive spin on life. She is always growing herself and her brand, and I appreciate that. After reading this, I see where she gets her drive, honesty and love of family from. Thank you, Peggy, for sharing your journey. You’re an amazing woman! I’m so glad you have found a medication that works for you, and that you have such a loving and supportive husband, daughter and extended family. I wish you all the best in your journey!

  55. Thank you for your bravery in sharing your mental health journey with us. As a support person to a family member with mental health issues, it is wonderful to see someone that has found treatment to help them feel better.

  56. Thank you so much for sharing Peggy! Mental health is just as important as physical health and people like you sharing help to normalize it and get rid of the stigma associated with it. I’ve suffered from depression for years. Been on medication for the last 20 yrs. my daughter has extreme anxiety. We’re trying to find the right medications for her. It’s not easy. Like you, she gained a lot of weight after being thin her whole life and that’ as well as Covid is just making it that much worse for her. I think it’s going into depression now too for her. Hopefully we will find the right medications for her too so she can do as well as you are. Unfortunately, as a single Mom, we can’t afford to see psychiatrists or therapists (they should be included under msp like other doctors) but we keep trying new meds and your other tips will definitely help. You look spectacular and I wish you continued success on your journey. Thank you for your strength and honesty. Hugs to you

  57. Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your story! I remember the first time I shared my own struggles with mental illness and how incredibly scary it was. There is such a negative stigma surrounding Mental Illness and it is terrifying to think that you made be judged negatively for something that is relatively out of your control. I grew up with a mother who was in and out of hospital due to this illness and was eventually diagnosed myself as a young adult. Now we are both managing well with proper medications. It’s not an easy journey, but it is one that builds strength! I’m proud of how hard I have fought to be here and striving, while allowing myself grace when it’s needed! Thank you for so bravely sharing your journey with Mental Illness and helping to break the stigma surrounding this illness! I’m so proud of you! Sending you so much love and light on your continued journey. Please know that you are not alone and that you have definitely helped me so much to realize I am not either!💕

  58. Thank You so much for sharing your story Peggy.’ You’ve inspired to take more time understanding my mental health and well being as I’ve been feeling a lot of pressures and anxiety the last few months with not feeling like myself. Far too often I put myself on the back burner only to be left burnt out and feeling down.

  59. Thanks for sharing Peggy and congratulations on being a brave role model. Wishing you all the best.

    P.S. you look great!!!

  60. Oh my goodness…..your last line!! It’s not a character flaw it’s a chemical flaw……one of the best lines I have ever read. My younger brother was finally diagnosed with bipolar 7 years ago, after many years of being misdiagnosed with just depression. It has been a journey and a half for our family, especially my mom. Thank you for bravely sharing your story!! ♥️

  61. Thanks so much for sharing your journey, Peggy. I have a 22 year old son who has struggled with mental illness for almost 10 years. It is a very misunderstood illness and at times a horrible thing to deal with on a daily basis. My son also recently started new meds and is finally starting to see some positive results. Thanks again.😊

  62. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. This one hit me hard as my mom also suffered with bi-polar and depression for the majority of my life. She sadly was never able to get a handle on it and recently passed away from Covid on April. I often look back on what could have been for my family’ and especially my children if she just would have found the help she needed and of course the right meds. I am so happy that you have found this for your beautiful family. My mom missed so many special moments. It is a joy to watch you live a healthy and happy life. Sending you all my best and wishing you continued health and happiness.

  63. Great post. Thabks for sharing your story. Do you have any tips on how to help someone with similar issues but is not yet ready to admit they have some mental health issues?

  64. Thank you for sharing. As who believes their mother struggles with mental health (undiagnosed) it is so hard to watch someone go from up to down in a matter of minutes/ days. What do you reccomend that we can do to help? It’s getting to the point where I can’t even have her around my children as they are experiencing the same dismissal I receive. Attempting to talk to her about it is a vicious circle because she will Deny that
    she has any issues. She is trying to do a self healing on her own and has been the last 3 years and there has been no change. How do you kindly approach a woman who is easily offended by the littlest things let alone asking her to go seek professional help? Im 32 now and it’s been like this for as long as I can remeber. Anymore words of advice would be greatly appreciated 🙂 ❤️

  65. Thank you for sharing your story! I’ve suffered from anxiety for about 3 years now and medication is what made the biggest difference for me. I have also found that talking about it helps me. I know that isn’t best for all, but for me it’s helped me along my journey. Great work on your weight loss too!

  66. How wonderful for you to have reached the light at the end of the tunnel and having the courage to share and encourage those still trying to find their way-breaking the stigma one voice at a time! Thank you for sharing your journey…always love when you make an appearance on Jill’s stories.

  67. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I am currently weaning off one med that has caused me to gain significant weight. I also feel like I’ve tried all the meds out there. I won’t give up hope thanks to your story.

  68. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It is so important for people to know that this happens to so many folks instead of trying to hide it. There are many folks in my family that suffer from mental illness. At times, I find myself at a lose on what exactly to do to help them. If you do a follow up post, I would love to hear about what was most impactful to you, Jillian, and your husband on helping you through your journey so that I can try to utilize similar techniques with folks in my life.

  69. Hi Peggy, Thanks for being brave and sharing your story. I am 63 and have suffered with depression and anxiety for my whole life. I was not diagnosed until I was in my 50s. I had everything to be grateful for yet, I felt a daily struggle to be happy. I felt ashamed that I couldn’t “”snap out of it”. Fast forward,, medication, counseling and using Mindfulness skills has given me a life worth living. I became a substance abuse counselor in a home for teen boys, got my nursing license refreshed and worked in a dispensary for heroin addicts. God led me to work with those whom others would not, but I THRIVED in this environment. I finally felt that my quality of being a nice, caring person was absorbed like a sponge to those who truly felt worthless. I retired last year to help care for my granddaughter and my 94 year old mother. I need to remember to take care of myself first though. Self-care do we can continue to be in the game! GodBless!

  70. Thank you Peggy for your bravery! As a pharmacist I see people suffering with mental health issues as much if not more than those with high blood pressure or diabetes or other ‘socially accepted’ conditions. Breaking the stigma that comes with mental health is truly the best thing we can do to help each other! Letting others know they are not alone works wonders in giving people the strength they need to seek the help they need. Thank you so much for sharing your journey!

  71. Thank you for sharing your story Peggy. I have a daughter with Bipolar Polar 2 disorder. I hope we can find success one day like you too. We have tried different medications and right now we are doing DTMS.

  72. So well said Peggy. Good for you for never giving up and working to find what works for you. Stay well and stay safe. Xo

  73. Thank you for sharing Peggy. I hear it a lot about how support from others helps one with mental illness. However, sometimes I’m at a loss as to how i can support someone close to me. What are some ways to support someone with bipolar and/or depression that is actually helpful and meaningful?

  74. My daughter was very down when she was prescribed medication for her anxiety & depression. I tried to explain that just as I take meds to help my thyroid work properly, she needed meds to help her body work. Thank you for sharing your story

  75. Thanks so much mama Peggy for sharing your experience with mental illness over the years. My husband with diagnosed with bi-polar in the early 2000s and everything you said is exactly right – the fatigue, the weight gain with the meds, the debilitating thoughts. You are a warrior and thank you for helping others with your story. ❤️

  76. Thanks Peggy for bravely sharing your struggles with mental health. It is so important to have a strong support system because that is the key. 🤗

  77. Dear Peggy,
    Thank You so much that you shared your story. I’m sure that this helps so many of us… You’re so brave, wonderful woman.
    Thank You!!!
    Bw Johanna

  78. Thank you for sharing. I lost my dad and gave birth to my daughter two weeks later and been struggling since then (coming to a year in about two weeks). I have an awesome husband and handful of friends that have really helped. I am also seeking help but not on any medication yet. I am hopeful, I will get better and or learn strategies to cope with anxiety/post partum.

  79. Thank you for sharing….some days I just feel like crying but most are manageable. My Mom suffered greatly from mental health issues and she unfortunately willed herself to die. I try to be strong and for the most part, I succeed but you are so right….I must come first and that means health and wellness for me before I can look after others. You look wonderful. Cheers to many amazing and wonderful years ahead! ❤️

  80. Wow. This post is brilliant. Shedding light on this is so important and I thank you for being so brave in sharing. Good for you in never giving up hope and taking care of yourself, what an inspiration to us all!

  81. This is an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing! I have just recently been diagnosed with OCD and it was debilitating for the last 3 months of my life. Nobody understood but I was so lucky to find a psychiatrist out there that was willing to get me the help that I needed! I was also very lucky to get the right medication immediately!

    For all the people out there suffering from any type of mental health disorder please know that you are not alone!
    We are all in this together! ❤️

  82. Thank you Jillian for encouraging your mom to write this. Peggy thank you for having the courage to speak openly and honestly about your journey. Your quote “ It’s not a character flaw, it’s a chemical flaw” is so poignant. Thank you for sharing!

  83. I’m so happy that you felt comfortable sharing your story…I know how hard it can be. I’m 56 & have struggled with severe anxiety /panic attacks for 35 years. Talking & sharing helps so much and also allows others who are suffering to know they’re not alone. Back in those early days I found it hard to get anyone to take me seriously with my illness…so little was known then than it is now, as well as the # of people suffering in silence because they thought they were “crazy”. I suspect you experienced the same frustration & fear that I did in the late ‘80’s/early ‘90’s. Thank goodness it is different now & people feel comfortable sharing their story. I know your story will help so many…thank you again! ❤️

  84. Bravo to you for sharing your personal journey! If we all shared our stories more, I believe it would help those who are struggling and not sure where to turn. Folks need to understand that sometimes the wiring in our brains develop a little glitch and needs some fine tuning. Nothing to be ashamed or be embarrassed about! Wishing you continued success with your health! Peace, Light, and 💕

  85. Thank you for sharing and being so brave. I’m happy you have such a wonderful support system as this is really important. It’s people such as yourself that are breaking down the stigma of mental health issues. Bless you and thank you! ❤️

  86. Thank you so much for sharing! You are not alone! Sharing your journey was so helpful.! Curious if you have any helpful tips for employers to help staff through this journey? Not sure if you had an employer? My husband and I employ 40+ people, and I know lots are struggling tight now. Curious if you have any tips that would help us support staff that are experiences similar sturggles?
    it’s not easy – and we want to be supportive as much as possible., and also keep the business healthy and profitable. Thank you so much – as any feedback would be helpful xo.

  87. What a great blog! Thank you so much for sharing, as I know it cannot be an easy journey. you are loved! xoxo

  88. Thank you Peggy for sharing your story! You are an inspiration to so many people & your story will affect so many lives ❤️ God Bless! ❤️

  89. This was beautiful, everyone’s story is different but letting it out can really help. Take care of yourself Jill was raised by a great mom/dad … time to focus on yourself. You have a beautiful daughter that you must be so proud of. 😄

  90. Hi Peggy, I was put on Mirtazapine last year for anxiety and gained a lot of weight from it. It was the only one that would help me sleep though. Which med did you find was helpful with the weight loss?

  91. Thank you for sharing which is another reason to help get that “good feeling”

    I appreciate this ❤️

  92. Sorry for the struggle you have been through. So good to hear you have finally found the right medication to get your life back on the right track. You are brave to share your story which is sure to be an inspiration to many.
    Best wishes to you and cheers to the 60’s you are looking wonderful.
    Gail Hallick

  93. Thank you Peggy for sharing your journey. I so can relate in so many ways!!! I suffer with depression, bipolar, schizophrenia and chronic fatigue. It definitely is a journey!! I have a amazing Physiatrist who I have seen for 10 years!! I take one day at a time and journaling helps me on my hard day’s. I get very frustrated when people look at me and say “you don’t look sick”.

  94. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. My mother struggles with bipolar and just like Jillian I have witnessed my mom in and out of the hospital. My mother to this day still ends up in the psychiatric ward for months on end. For some reason when we visit each other it triggers a manic episode.

    I myself recovered from bulimia and now struggle managing my anxiety.

    I have a lot of unresolved trauma from seeing my mother locked up in rooms at the hospital when I was 5 or 6 years old. She was banging on the glass door so hard trying to get out that there was blood all over the window.

    I always had a fear of being locked up since.

    I am working with a therapist now to try and work on these deep rooted fears and trying my best to break the cycle for my daughter.

    Thank you for sharing,


  95. Thank you so much Peggy for sharing your journey. Mental health has been out on the back burner for too long – 2020 has been an especially hard mental health year for so many. I think every time someone steps up to contribute to this cause is a blessing.

  96. Peggy,
    Thank you very much for sharing. I too have struggled for years and I know how hard it is to get over the stigma of having to be on meds and feeling like you do t know if you will ever have your sh*t together. It is nice to know we are not alone. You look amazing!

  97. Hi Peggy,
    Congratulations on finding happiness!
    My husband suffers from bi polar as well and has been hospitalized a few times. I tried to shield my kids from it when they were little. They are 18 and 21 now and we talk openly about mental illness. If I were to go back in time maybe I would tell my younger children that mental illness is like all other illnesses. We do what helps us to cope at the time.
    My husband is a teacher who has been on leave for two years because of his illness.
    His medication seems to dull his senses.
    I know everyone is different but I would love it if you could share what medication is working for you. Hopefully it will be legally possible.
    Thanks so much for this sharing. It really is a ray of hope.

  98. You are an inspiration Peggy and a wonderful Mom and Grandma.. what a relief it must have been to find what work’s for your body and mind! Congratulations on your health journey. You look so happy. Thank you for sharing. ♥️

  99. So happy for you! I too have had depression and it takes quite some time to find the right medication! Talk therapy certainly does help. t was a very difficult journey for me and hard to explain to others who have never experienced this.
    Thank you for sharing, it is so supportive to others to hear your start. You are very lucky to have an amazing daughter in your life.

  100. Thank you Peggy for proving your personal struggles within your journey . Mental health issues is definitely something that needs to be addressed at all levels . I to was bullied in school and it has had lasting effects on my self esteem . It has taken many years to recognize and I still struggle with some issues. By putting this awareness out there I believe will help others to understand that one should not be shamed or isolated while struggling with depression and lack to fit in …
    Thank you again , much love and many blessings 💕💕

  101. My psychiatrist has told me to think of my meds as vitamins for my brains. Somehow that easier even the stigma I faced from my own damn self.
    Like everyone else I would love to know what meds you are taking.
    I have tried many myself.
    I long for the day when I can focus more of myself but my children are so young that they get everything right now and I hang on the best I can.

  102. How brave of you to share your story maman Peggy! Semding you continued love and success on your journey!

  103. Thank you Peggy for sharing your personal story. My son lives with a major depressive disorder and we have been through some very difficult times. Talking openly about it is very helpful for all involved.

  104. We need more of you Peggy to put a face to mental illness. I worked 43 years in the field as a psychiatric nurse and many years trying to reduce the stigma of mental illness thru health promotion and illness prevention. Stories like yours give me hope that eventually people will feel able to talk about their stories and thru their stories others will seek the help they need

  105. Hi Peggy,
    When I was reading your story, I was also curious about what medications you were taking but would never consider asking for the same.. I am on and off medications (this works for me) and it was only when I saw a psychiatrist did I find the one that worked best for me. I would hope that anyone reading your inspiring story, understands completely that what works for one person may not work for another. I remember one medication I was on years ago made me loose weight and a friend who wanted an easy weight loss plan 🤔asked her doctor for the same……….she gained!
    On an entirely different topic……….your are a beautiful person inside and out and have raised a beautiful daughter ……and your white hair is so becoming😘. Wishing you many, many more good years with your lovely family. 🤗’s Debbie

  106. Thank you for sharing your journey.
    I am truly inspired by your bravery. I have lived with anxiety/depression my entire life and have seen how it can affect ever moment of your life.

    You are beautiful peggy

  107. So very Happy for You! So courageous of you to share and be of help others. You look Beautiful and have a Beautiful Soul! What a great daughter you have raised! Bravo!!

  108. Thank you for sharing your story! When I hear people being so brave it brings me to tears. The trial and error on meds really hit home and I feel for everyone that goes through it. This includes the families of all involved. Our 7 year old daughter struggles with Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, and being monitored for Bipolar. I have learned so much in the past 3 years about mental health in BC. The lack of understanding and acceptance is a real issue with way too much judgement. I wish more people would tell their stories so that there isn’t such a stigma around mental health. You are making it better for the people that aren’t ready to talk about it or in our case for the kids that are growing up. I would love to see Jillian Harris do a focus on mental health to bring awareness. I would be willing to share some of the road blocks that we have come across as parents dealing with children in mental health in Northern British Columbia. Sending you lots of love and thanking you dearly for being so brave!

  109. Thank you so much for sharing this! My 16 year old daughter has been diagnosed with depression. She has suffered since she was about 12. It was a long journey to find the right team of doctors and medications… and like you said, finding the right medication that worked best for her. She is doing SO much better! It’s such an important message… mental health is just as important as physical health. Thank you again! I appreciate your bravery and am sending you love!

  110. Thank you for sharing. My mom also suffered from bi polar but never received proper medication until her late 60’s. It was a Blessing for me to experience my mom in a positive light. It was so easy to blame myself for not being a better daughter I finally understood the issue was her mental health. It’s a very difficult journey and getting help not just for the person but for the family is key to healing. Thank you

  111. Peggy,
    Thank you for sharing your story. Your trails and tribulations has provided you with great courage.

    I am also a woman in her 60’s, I lost my husband nearly 12 years ago. 6 months after is passing I had a heart attack (broken heart syndrome) who knew it was a thing… shortly after that my Dad passed away and I became my Mom’s number one care giver. Through that year of struggles, my body went into surviver mood., I still had children to think of! My oldest daughter, who reminds me of your Jillian so much so they could be sisters. Well she was planning her wedding, which was planned, booked 5 short months after the passing of her dad. My youngest at that time was only 13!!! NOT the best age to loose her Dad. My son at the time was living with his girlfriend and felt like he had big shoes to fill and I must say he took care of me.
    I also suffer with chronic pain from an accident I had many years ago…oh please I’m not telling you all this in hopes you fell sorry for me, no not the case!! I have walked the walk and I still have my pity potty days, or a deep dark hole I’ve fallen into yet again. I know that I am a survivor and have the strength to move onward and outward!

    A little secret…you are the first person I have shared my story with other than my children.
    So your story has affected me in a very
    positive way and I thank you for that.

    Off topic… I mentioned how Jillian reminds me of my daughter Jody. They both have a positive outlook on life, beautiful smart strong woman. Loving wives and an amazing Mom. Someone who has worked very hard and continue to do so. Mostly it’s their smiles and giggles that invites everyone to want to know them.

    Again Peggy, thank you for your share

    Always, Gail

  112. Thanks for being so brave Peggy. I have someone close to me who suffers with mental illness. Do you have any suggestions on how I can be there to support this person? I try really hard but I don’t understand not being able to get out of bed and go to work so I try to just listen but I would like to be more supportive and understand. I’m afraid voicing these concerns would not be good for my loved one. Thank you!

  113. Thank you for your vulnerability and willingness to help others! Do you find it any harder to “deal” with life’s circumstances (COVID, riots, etc) that are out of our control right now? Are you amping up your coping skills during these uncertain times? How so? I’m very much struggling with anxiety, would love some tips. Thank you again and glad you’ve finally found some peace…your smile looks good on you 😀

  114. Thanks for writing this, Peggy. You could be writing about my struggle with “Somatoform Depression with Migraine Pain”, a long description of pain with a side of pain. I’m now in hospital in Vancouver to sort out medications, just as you describe. I have a super supportive family too, divided among Vernon, Kelowna and Ontario. ♡♡

  115. Thank you so much for sharing! My mother suffers from severe depression and I too was in Jillian’s shoes around the age of 10. I truly appreciate you sharing your story and I hope many others will benefit from this courageous and helpful article.

  116. Thank you for sharing your mental health journey. I was diagnosed with clinical depression in my early twenties, and did months of counselling and found meds that worked for me. I did well for a long time…until I didn’t. Six years ago I was also diagnosed with OCD, medication changes, dosage changes….I’m doing well again, but I know that mental health will be an ongoing journey with ups and downs. But I’m so thankful people are talking about it. End the stigma. 💗

  117. What an excellent article you wrote . I feel like I’m on the same journey as you. Thank you for such an inspiring article. I remember watching the bachelorette when Jillian brought up the topic of your health. I was proud of her for talking about it. It has been such an unacceptable topic in my family which just has made the situation harder. Sending you loving thoughts and kindness . Lori

  118. Thank you for sharing your journey. I share with you some similarities. I have suffered with depression all my life. I have done counselling even been admitted to hospital a few times. Mine started almost from birth. My Dad at a early age told me he didn’t love me because first I was born a girl & second I had red hair. My whole life I never felt good enough. They kicked me out when I was just sixteen. At 19 I married an abusive man . I did get 3 lovely boys and for that I’ll forever be grateful. After 20 years of abuse he served me with divorce paper “ as a joke “. I looked him right in the eyes and said let’s do this. Three years later I married a wonderful man. I had everything I ever wanted but my depression still reared it’s ugly head. These days with covid, I’m struggling. My health has been poor at best. I have been very sick . Last year I had to get an ostomy. It has been horrible & I struggle everyday between life & death . I’m not sure what provoked me to share. But I saw your picture with your beautiful smile & I thought she looks like someone I can talk too.
    [email protected]

  119. Thank you Peggy for sharing. Mental health has been a struggle for me for a long time and being able to relate to other people makes me feel less alone.

  120. Thank you for sharing your personal journey with mental health. Mental health issues run in my family and just recently I began for the first time, taking medication for depression and anxiety. The medication makes me nauseas and I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. I know it takes 4-6 weeks to take affect and get into the bloodstream but, the nausea is a growing concern, especially since I’ve had it for over two weeks now. Nausea is a side affect but usually only 10-12 days. Should my doctor be prescribing me something for the nausea or another type of antidepressant?

  121. what a beautiful read ,as you say this can be anyone are such a pretty lady and your smile and Jillian’s are so pretty and the same ,if the above pic I saw of you I think in the rocking chair ,it looks just like Jillian ,and her baby pic there you are holding looks just like Annie .. xo

  122. Thanks for sharing. My son is 22 and struggling with either depression or bipolar and I needed this reminder to be patient. I do well for awhile and then it’s like I forget and so I get frustrated. He is on a medication now and seems to be doing well for the most part but it is certainly a journey!!

  123. Thank you for your bravery in sharing your story Peggy! I have suffered from mental health issues for quite sometime and was embarrassed at first, now I really don’t care who knows. I think part of the reason most people have a stigma around Mental Health is because our Government does not currently cover most treatments for this like they do with most other health issues we face. Thank you again for sharing your story and I am so happy that you are finally in a great place after years of struggling. Wishing you all the happiness in the world! Xoxoxo Lisa

  124. Yay Peggy! I was so excited for this post!! Thank you for sharing xoxo
    ps. I am also excited for the smoothie recipe and I’d love to know your daily Fitbit step goal!!!
    Thanks and take care! xoxo

  125. Sending a great big hug for your courage to share your experience, publicly. I think one of the saddest things is that many feel they cannot talk about it and feel they must hide it but it’s more common than most think. May you continue to use it to help other’s and as motivation to stay on a great course for yourself. Thank you.

  126. I have a beautiful daughter who has been struggling since she was 13 years old with mental health issues! She is now 22 and doing so much better but still finding the right medications and treatment ! It is especially hard to afford the therapy and medications we need more coverage especially for young people ! She has a full time job and loves it too .
    Any advice is welcome Thankyou and you are beautiful 💕💕

  127. Any recommendations of how to reach out to help a family member who one suspects may be suffering mental illness triggered by Covid isolation? First steps? How to approach without judgment? Thank you.

  128. Hi Peggy,

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey with mental health. During the days where you were not on the right combination of drugs, what would you do on days of good energy? How have you been able to mentally overcome your past and possible ‘dark moments’ . Did you deal with shame at all? Asking people that is what I’m struggling with. Shame of past moments.

  129. Thank you Peggy for sharing your difficult yet hopeful journey with your mental health. It’s so important that we remove the stigma on mental health! By talking and being open about your struggle could mean that maybe even one person reading this today gains the strength and hope they need for their own struggle with their mental health, to not give up and to reach out for help. Mental illness has touched my life as well. My dear cousin was diagnosed with a schizophrenia at the age of 19. I’ve watched him struggle trying to find the right meds and the weight gain due to side effects. He’s now in his 30’s, doing so good, his meds are so helpful and he’s lost a ton of weight. I’m so proud of what he has managed to overcome and what he has been through. It’s difficult to watch but we as a family never gave up hope. It’s so important to treat mental illness like any other illness and not be ashamed of something we cannot control. I’m so glad you have found the right meds that work for you. You are so strong and anyone can tell how much your family adores you. Wishing you continued wellness always! Warm Regards, Shawna

  130. Peggy, Thank you for having the courage to share your journey with mental health 💛 It opens up discussions and we become more comfortable talking about mental health issues.. Truly inspiring….wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a big hug….you deserve it ✨

  131. Hi Peggy!
    It’s Kim Warren’s wife. We spent a bit of time together for the girls night out occasions. Joan Setz brought me as I worked for her at Bridgeview Yamaha. It was a chance for the girls to hang out and after so many parties you would spoil yourself (had to show a receipt to ensure we where spending it on ourselves) lol
    I to have dealt with depression(ADD) and Jillian was one who noticed. I now know what has been causing a lot of my issues. Of course lack of executive functioning and trauma. I feel we should stop with the blame game and accept things for what they are. So many people want to blame someone for their depression. I’m so grateful that society has been slowly but recognizing this. Still many people say “well look at their parents it’s no wonder. I’m a educational assistant and that is not what kids need to hear. Yes they need to know what is harmful and what isn’t but giving up on them because the parents don’t care is not acceptable. I see these things going on all the time mostly from professionals that have never experienced any trauma. Shit well I tried to reread this but i dont seem to know how. Anyway I’m so happy for you. Thanks for sharing sometimes that is a big step. May the chemicals work properly in our brains haha 😂

  132. You look awesome ! Way to go . Can you tell us how you
    Lost your weight what did you do ? Thanks for being so open and honest a lot of people struggle and don’t know where to turn .

  133. My husband has been diagnosed bipolar and he has also gained significant weight due to the drugs. He is on respirator, lithium, celexa. Would you mind sharing which ones you have finally found a good combination of?

  134. Thank you Peggy for having the courage to speak up about your mental health journey. I have been waiting for a post like this on jillian’s page so thank you! Just sharing this helps end the stigma around mental illness. You are a rockstar!

  135. Thank you so much for sharing your journey till now and more to come. Our daughter was diagnosed with bipolar, borderline personality disorder, anxiety and OCD at 14. She now is 28 and like you working through each day. I myself have anxiety and OCD and am happily medicated to keep it in moderate balance. Day by day we get through. We have a 17yr old son with persistent depressive disorder, anxiety and ASD. We have a great team in the Okanagan and coast helping us every step of the way. We are made the way we are and we are all lovable no matter our circumstances or trials!! All the best!

  136. Well done my dear! I love your hair! I have seen you looking so fabulous and absolutely beaming the past year. Now I know why. You are deserving of enjoying all the beauty within and outwardly. Surprising that we manage to raise happy, successful children when we’ve struggled ourselves in their growing years. I know this is attributed to our love for them even in the hard times.

  137. Thank you for sharing Peggy. That is a vrave thing to do. I have been on an antidepressant for at least 21 years, and what I take works for me. I am now 60. My mom had mental health difficulties her entire life, but she also refused to stay on her medication and/or would change the dose prescribed. I learned from this. (Unfortunately she passed away from Alzheimer’s just this past Nov) My niece has bipolar disorder as well and has found a medication that seems to work for her, but still has a great deal of anxiety. I recently have been seeing studies that indicate that gut health is related to bipolar disorder and depression. In 2018 Women’s College Hospital in Toronto began doing a study on it.
    From previous studies they have found that 2 bacteria are often missing in the gut of people with depression, even when on an antidepressant.
    I have always had issues with my stomach but it got really bad after I had my children. I started my antidepressant about 1.5 years before I found out what was causing my stomach problems. And my doctor told me at the time, (20 years ago) that depression and stomach problems seem to go hand in hand, so these studies I have been reading about have not surprised me. (My brother also has had issues with his stomach and it has led to Barrett’s Esophagus (precancer of the throat) for which he us receiving treatment. ) It is his daughter that is bipolar, so these studies are of interest to us. I know that Jillian was experiencing some stomach problems a while ago and I think I remember her talking about being depressed. Sorry this is so long, but I just thought you might find this of interest too.
    Sincerely, Laurie

  138. Thank you so much for sharing your story/journey. Is a psychiatrist the best type of therapist for anxiety and depression. There are so many types of therapists out there and it’s overwhelming trying to explain yourself over and over again to different types of therapists – CBT, DBT, etc…It’s all so expensive and overwhelming that one just gives up! Have you tried any other therapy? It would be so nice to see ONE person who knows me and is a safe place to go.

  139. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. You are so strong and have persevered through so much. So glad you are where you are now 🙂

  140. Thank you Peggy for being so brave. Thank you for sharing your struggle so others know they are not alone. I hope every day brings you a ray of sunshine but if it’s a cloudy day you will get through it too.

  141. Bravo Peggy, my late husband struggled for many years before Bipolar was a known disease. I’m so happy to see the advancement in medicine and understanding of living a healthy life..
    God Bless you and your family!!
    Renosa Balaban.

  142. Thank you for sharing your journey! Mental health is not easy to navigate and I agree that it is important for everyone to know they are not alone. <3

  143. Kudos to you Peggy for talking about your mental health. I know how you feel I’ve also struggled all my life. I landed in the hospital 4 years ago for 2 months with a total breakdown. It’s hard for friends and family to understand it unless you have gone through it . Be kind to yourself and I’m glad your feeling better

  144. Thank you Peggy for sharing ❤️ I too struggle with mental health issues, made worse by a separation and now the pandemic.
    Happy you have found a happy path forward.

  145. Thank you so much for telling your story. Mental Health is not an easy subject to talk about. I have struggled with it all my life,(I’m close to your age) not sure I’ve found the right medication, or the right doctor, but I try very hard to exercise(meditate, yoga, walking, biking, swimming) and eat right. I don’t have the greatest support system(moved to Kelowna and after four years, still no friends 🙁 ,, but what I have has kept me alive and going….my husband has been so understanding and supportive – he’s the greatest! I even took a Mental Health First Aid course to see if there was something in there that would help. If anything it’s made me even more aware of other people around me who might be suffering and I try to guide them to what I learned. I’m super happy that you are where you are in your life, you have so much to live for and to still do . Keep taking care of you.

  146. Thank you so much for sharing! I feel your struggle , and the struggle raising brave girls through the process.

  147. Peggy! Thank you for sharing your story.. my mom also suffered from mental health issues, she was bi polar and was depressed. I was also 10yr. when my mom was hospitalized for it so I can relate to Jillian’s feelings. She battled for years and unfortunately I lost her two years ago to her disease.
    Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for fighting and thank you for using your voice and platform to share your story.
    I think now more than ever, amongst the pandemic, we have to support and prioritize our mental health. Thank you for sharing resources and inspiring those in need. <3

  148. Wow – how beautifully written. Thank you for sharing such an important topic on such a personal level. Your smile brightens up the room!

  149. Peggy you look fabulous and always do when I see you ! You go girl! Thank you for sharing your story and look forward to seeing you soon . Keep going on that fitness journey and shine on. Xoxo.
    Kim Sylvester

  150. Peggy – I am so very grateful for your words. You are an inspiration to all of us – thank you for being a warrior . We all must learn from one another.

  151. Thank you, Peggy, for sharing your story. I know speaking publicly about your mental health will help others. My former partner had bipolar disorder, so I know full well the roller coaster on which some live. The insight I gained through my relationship with him allowed me to reach out and help another person experiencing a manic episode.

    You have always had a glow about you. Your inner light is a bright one. Thank you again.
    Best wishes, Raechel xo

  152. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It gives me hope for my dad that has been struggling for a while and has not been able to find the right cocktail as of yet. My family is very private and does not like to share my dads illness with others which makes it hard on those of us that are trying to support him, My mom hides a lot of what she experiences and I can see it is breaking her down. She cannot talk about anything negative to any extent because it will bring him down. She cannot come and visit me on the west coast because she is afraid of leaving him alone. They live on the east coast. I am hoping that my job will eventually bring me back closer to home so I can be a better support to both of my parents but for now I cannot. I wish they could lean more on other family members in the area but my dad does not do well around others and prefers to never go anywhere. This especially is hard on my mother because although he tells her to go out and spend time with friends and family she feels guilty and rarely does. Then our family and friends that she no longer sees regularly get upset and don’t understand because they do not share with them his illness. It is such a terrible cycle. How do I remain patient when they are stuck in this toxic cycle and don’t want to change the circumstances because they want to remain private? It breaks my heart and makes me feel useless like I can’t do anything to help ;( Any advice????

  153. It is very kind of you to share your story. I suffered from anxiety since I was a child and I kept it all to myself. I was so embarrassed to tell anyone as I felt it made me weak. I came to realize through my own journey that there is nothing to be ashamed of. We are all human and our lives have different paths we must walk. Some of the people you look at and think they are so strong suffer from some form of mental illness. Stay strong and proud of who you are .

  154. Thank you for sharing your story. It was really nice to read someone else’s story that looked and felt similar to mine. My dad was bi-polar and it was never diagnosed until I was 17, it looked and sounded similar to how you explained it. As a child I just thought my dad was I’ll when he couldn’t get out of bed or had LOTS of energy when he decided to wash all 4 cars and scrub the whole house clean. It’s the most confusing thing as a child but we all loved him so much. As a child learning about his diagnosis, made so much sense and yet so many answers we unknown – why wasn’t this medication working? Now that it was diagnosed why is he ending up in the hospital? There was just a stigma around depression that it left me and my brothers needing to piece things together and we didn’t have support or info so readily available. I’m so grateful we as a society have come along way, but there is still so much to do.
    Thank you for sharing and like you said if
    this can help one person to feel they are not
    alone, you’ve done your work….. Your post this will impact so many people, it’s helped to shed light on bipolar in a new way for me. Thank you & so happy that your meds are working and you’re feeling great! You’ve got this!!

  155. Thank you so much for sharing. This reminds me so much of a dear friend who just published an amazing book about her experience with bi-polar. Yellow Tulips – it’s on Amazon. It was so enlightening just like your post! Thank you again!

  156. This is a wonderfully inspiring post!
    Both my daughters struggle with mental health issues. And are very open about them. I’m so proud of them.
    The first thing they do is look after themselves. If you don’t take the time for you health your health will make you take time!
    Love to you Peggy! Take it one step at a time!

  157. Thank you for being so honest, brave and amazing. As a mother of a college age daughter who also has been brave in seeking help and speaking out regarding her own mental health, I’m so proud of your voices bringing attention to this issue. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Thank you Peggy for sharing your journey.

  158. I also struggle with depression and anxiety and my major concern is not finding the right medication. The barrier for me is; I’m too embarrassed to tell my doctor time after time it’s not working because I don’t want him to think I’m difficult, but really it’s only been two trials. So, then I give up and ween myself off and struggle for the next several months trying, natural interventions like exercise, natural path remedies, and special diets. But, what my body/brain really needs is a chemical balance.
    How do I get passed the embarrassment and start advocating for myself.?

  159. Thank you so much for sharing!! I’ve too had a lot of depression in my life and am slowly learning how to deal with it. But medications are difficult as they want you to try them for awhile before giving up. I found one that has helped me. Anyways it’s encouraging to hear that we need to take care of every organ! And that we’re not alone in this!! God bless!!❤️❤️ ps.. you look beautiful:))

  160. Thank you for sharing your journey. I am so happy to hear your in such a good place now. As someone with a very close family member who suffers from mental health issues and who also has recently found the correct medication and treatments and healthy lifestyle it is the best thing to witness. The strength it takes to get there is astounding to witness as well. All the best!

  161. Peggy, thank you for sharing and being so open about your journey. This is such an important topic that needs to have the stigmatize taken away. Congrats to you on all the progress you have made, you look amazing and happy!

  162. I read this Peggy all the way and I want to thank you for your bravery. I too have watched my dad with untreated bi polar suffer this heart wrenching illness ! I’ve also experienced depression and some bi polar periods in my life ! Thank you for breaking the stigma … it’s an enormous step for many of us to not feel alone dealing with this pain in our lives.

  163. You’re an amazing lady! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I love how you said “it’s not a character flaw but a chemical flaw” . Sending you love and hugs!

  164. Wow! That must have taken a lot of strength and courage. It’s no wonder Jillian is so gracious and holds family tight. 💕

  165. Thank-you for sharing. I am almost 60 and have battled depression without any treatment since my early twenties. I have been terrified to take any antidepressants after watching my mom struggle her whole life and try many different medications but never finding true help. My worst years were after both my pregnancies and through my children’s teen years. It has been a rollercoaster and I have tried to manage with diet and outdoor exercise and self help books. I have loads of guilt about what I’ve put my children and husband through, lucky for me they stuck by me. Interestingly enough I went through menopause relatively easy compared to what I remember with my mom and I feel like I’m a lot better, not as many ups and downs and flat out depressive episodes where I can only cry. Both of my children have also had depression and anxiety which I know I have passed on and now I see my 11 year old grandchild starting to struggle. I seem to be able to see things in life so much clearer the last couple years and feel like I have the strength to be open and honest and help my adult kids as much as possible. I lived through so many years missing out on my life and my kids because I couldn’t even get up and when I could force myself, I would be completely exhausted afterwards from trying everything in my power to appear like I was “normal” in front of friends and family. It is a very few people in my life who know that I have suffered with depression for so long. I think most acquaintances and people I work with just think I’m anti social and a homebody. I’ve missed so much of my life, but for me I feel like I just couldn’t go down that road of meditations and trying to find the right one(S) Thanks again for sharing, I think it’s amazing that you stuck with it and have found the right combo to help you feel better and I’m so happy for you that you have an amazing support group even though I know I personally have said through tears so many times “ I don’t know what’s wrong, nothing, I can’t explain it to you and there is absolutely nothing you can do to help me” It was always just something I had to mentally get through on my own in a day , 2, 3, or a week sometimes two. I’m sure my husband especially felt frustrated and helpless many many times. I’m totally rambling, but I feel like I’m on the other side looking in and seeing it for what it was. I still struggle but no where near how I did for all those years. Reading your story not only breaks my heart, but it helps me, because my struggle is a secret to most people in my life. I appreciate your story and honesty. Much love for a happy, healthy future❤️❤️❤️

  166. Thank you, Peggy! I’ve loved watching you in Jillian’s stories – the energy that now exudes from you is definitely noticeable. There’s more joy in your smile and eyes 😊. I have OCD, anxiety, and depression and it went u diagnosed for well over 15+ years. Medication and therapy did the trick! I now make it my mission to openly talk about mental health. I know your post will help someone and you’re right, even if it’s just one person, then it was all worth it. Be well.

  167. My husband died at 37 from a long struggle with mental health and addiction. Thank you for sharing your story and spreading awareness. I want my children to live in a world free of stigma around mental health issues.
    Love to you, Peggy.
    Xo – Melanie

  168. Peggy that takes a lot of strength and courage to not only share your journey but to bravely walk through this journey stumbling but always getting back up and continuing to try over and over again! You’re an inspiration! 💐

  169. So brave to share your journey, Peggy! You are helping to eliminate the stigma of mental health challenges. You look wonderful!

  170. Thank you Peggy for being so brave and fabulous! Your cougar is truly inspirational! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you’

  171. Thank you so much for your vulnerability. I’m a mental health therapist and was so happy to see this blog! Provides hope to so many people.

  172. You’re one amazing woman Peggy and that’s true is finding out the right medication this disease runs rampant in my family you look absolutely amazing now I am so proud of you….You were shining you were glowing you look absolutely amazing..💕💕

  173. Wow Peggy – You’re one brave and strong warrior sharing your story and your light ✨ Thank YOU! ✨
    Some of your struggles align with those of my 29yr old daughter, Keirstyn a fellow bipolar, depression and anxiety warrior. I understand Jillians pride that she has in you; I have it in our “Kiki” and the sharing of her mental health journey!
    I would encourage you to check her platform: @dancingwithdarkness that she’s created and developed . I’m so incredibly PROUD of the lives she has and continues to touch. I was just thinking … Perhaps the two of you could do a podcast?!
    Keirstyn is also a Recovery Trainer with CMHA in Calgary making a difference in the mental health world. .
    “Smashing the Stigma” and having “A Brave Space” have been her life goals … after reaching rock bottom last summer with three failed suicide attempts, hospitalization, a proper diagnosis (after 10 years) and most importantly finding the medication, like yourself … that works for her.
    Your stories align in so many ways, both stemming from bullying early on in school.
    THANK YOU for being so brave in sharing of your story – I’m proud of you Peggy! ✨

  174. Hi Peggy
    Thank you so much for your vulnerability!!!I have lost 4 family members to mental health and I applause you for talking about mental health publicly. I have always said rather then the schools teaching the same shit I learned many years ago they should implement a mental health class!!!!I wish you well on your journey and want you to know your happiness looks great on you, your absolutely glowing! Enjoy your beautiful family. XOXO

  175. Thank you Peggy, When you said that you came home from hospital and Jillian was crying that hit my heart in a different way, I have a 1 year old abd it would absolutely break me to see her upset because my depression was affecting her. I’ve struggled with depression for many years, reading this gives me strength to find the right medication so I can be the best Mama possible for my girl.

  176. Thank you for being brave and opening up about your mental health journey! I have anxiety and (situational) depression, and am and my mother has bipolar II. She was diagnosed in 2017, but it was many years in the making. I think part of the delay was that there was a stigma in confronting mental illness, so I hope that others realize that there is no problem with wanting to feel better…we all deserve to feel better!

  177. Hi I have a 22 year d
    son who has just n
    Been diagnosed with BiPolar after having a manic episode from antidepressants he was put on to treat depression after several concussions. I constantly worry about mania returning and him being able
    To have a normal life. He is such an amazing person but lacks confidence in his abilities. He has trouble
    Waking up
    As his meds make him tired., and Inworry about this affecting jobs. Any input on supporting a child would be amazing as I worry all the time that he will be stigmatized by his diagnosis
    Any input on supporting a child would be wonderful

  178. Beautiful lady inside and out! I have two questions: 1) How did your depression and bi-polar affect Jillian? I worry my kids see me crying too much. I have depression and am in therapy but having coming from a family where my Mom was always the rock of the family, I struggle knowing My kids are being exposed to more sadness. 2) was your husband always understanding? Mine is but doesn’t have depression so it’s a struggle to educate him on what it is.

    Thanks for sharing your story !

  179. Such a beautiful post!!! You are so courageous for sharing your experience. I have witnessed many go through this and are not ready to accept the support or change their present life style to improve themselves. As difficult as it is to watch them continue n this journey, you have given me hope and strength to continue to be a support system to them. I sincerely appreciate your wise words.

  180. Hi Peggy and Jillian!
    Thanks so much for sharing your story, Every story said out loud helps to normalize the conversation! Could you please share your green smoothie recipe that you’ve talked about during your road to feel healthy?!
    Many thanks!
    Lesia (a fellow Ukrainian)!!

  181. Thank you so much for sharing, opening yourself up in this vulnerable way will impact many! It wasn’t until I saw a few other people openly speaking about anxiety that I was able to seek out help and get my diagnosis, which changed my life for the better!

  182. What a beautiful, strong and courageous lady you are. An inspiring role model to those who know you. I too have struggled with anxiety and depression. For many years felt I was an awful person not understanding why I responded the way I did to situations. As I was navigating my way (trying different medicatiins) my youngest was struggling with social anxiety disorder. That pushed me even deeper into my journey. I found a wonderful therapist and meditation. Talk therapy was unbelievably helpful. I was so sad when my therapist told me ” Carol you’ve got this, let’s move to an as you need basis rather than regular appointments”. (A year later and I haven’t been back) Will I go back, in a heart beat if/when I need to. No shame here. Like you say it’s a health issue like any other. Stay STRONG and BRAVE.

  183. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. While I don’t suffer from mental illness, I think it is important to speak about it as many people may find themselves very alone. Thank you for being such a role model.

  184. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! I feel like Mental illness in our country is so underfunded, just now with the pandemic, they are finding a increase of depression, and I pray they can put more funding out there so people can seek more help.
    Thank you again Peggy for sharing with us❤️

  185. Thank you very much for sharing, I was moved to tears because today I feel very overwhelmed with moments of hard downturns and others of great enthusiasm and I think about seeking help.

  186. Peggy, I have family members with bipolar and I know supporting them is so important as they need a support system to be able to function day to day. If you are surrounded by love as you are the outcome can be so much better. ((Hugs)) to you for sharing your story it is so very brave of you!

  187. Peggy, thank you for sharing your story. Mental illness is caused in part by genetic factors which makes it all the more important to be sharing openly with our families. Mental illness runs in my family which is the reason I become a mental health counselor. I’m amazed that the stigma around mental illness and the shame associate with it remains, but I see progress due in part to courageous men and women like you speaking out. Thanks too to Jillian for using her platform to inform others of mental health-especially today with the rise in COVID-related stress, anxiety and depressive disorders. As a practitioner, let’s also include a good licensed therapist as part of the treatment of mental illness. thanks again for sharing your story!

  188. Thank you Peggy for sharing your story; it is very heartwarming to hear , and I am very happy to know you have such a wonderful support system and caring family.
    I sometimes think it may be more than 1 in 5 to be honest; these are very difficult and challenging times for everyone… please know you sharing helps us all xo…

  189. Thank you so much for sharing this ! I think it’s so important to not stigmatize mental health and for those of us going through it , so important to know we are not alone ❤️

  190. First off, I want to personally thank you for sharing. This isn’t easy for any of us going through mental health issues to do. I’m glad you have found a new lease on life, as you so deserve it! Never be ashamed, be proud of the fact you got back onto your feet countless times.

  191. Thank you so much for sharing Peggy!!! I suffer from depression and anxiety and know too well how hard it is to find the right medication/ treatment plan!! I didn’t talk about my journey for a long time but have found that it helps so much more to do so!

  192. Wow, I hope (and am sure) your mom is so proud of herself. We still have so far to go collectively to learn more about mental health but it’s amazing that your mom was able to open up & share her story, and she’s incredibly brave for doing so! Xo.

  193. Your story is inspirational, and is very much a reflection of my own struggles with mental bipolar disorder throughout my life. I’ve always looked upon my illness as a weakness and something to be ashamed of, but am beginning to see that it is, in fact, a testament to the strength of character I possess that I can suffer in such dark times and never give up on myself or my family. It is wonderful to hear others like you share similar messages, and to realize that I am not alone in this battle. Thank you for your bravery and strength in sharing your story, and for bringing hope to those who hide their pain in silence.

  194. Thank you for sharing Peggy glad to hear you have found something that works.
    I was diagnosed with bipolar at age 16 luckily I have found a medication that worked and lived a healthy life and successful career. I don’t share my condition with many people due to the stigma but it’s people like you coming out that really helps

  195. Hi Peggy. Thank you for sharing. That takes courage and you are right to say if it gives one person hope where there is none. It is worth it.
    One question I have is how did you go from colouring your hair to the lovely silver it is now. It seemed overnight. Did it grow out or was your hairdresser able to pull the colour out. I love the new Style on you. Sandy

  196. Thank you so much for sharing your struggles and your very personal journey. This is a message I definitely needed to read, You have helped at least one grateful mama. Thank you!

  197. Incredible use of Jillian’s platform and incredible courage on your part in sharing this! So happy you have finally been blessed to find the right combination of meds and you’ve had such inspirational strength and perseverance during this long battle!!! My sister has struggled with bipolar depression for the past 8 years and it’s so heartbreaking to witness med after med and their failure to help + horrible side effects!!! Situational stress and not feeling able to take proper care of her body does a doozy on her! Thankfully she has been in a good place for the past 10 months! Wishing you continued success and happiness!!!!!!!

  198. Thank you for sharing your story. So happy that you are currently in a good place in your life. Sharing will helpfully bring awareness to a disease that is slowly getting the attention it deserves. We all know so many people in denial and therefore in need of treatment. Bless you and thank you.

  199. My family member is struggling with mental illness right now and it’s hard, we sometimes feel like we want to give up. Really wanted to say thank you for being so strong and talking about bipolar . It has given me a new lease with my family member who is currently in a very bad place. Sometimes we all feel like we just want to walk away from them because they refuse to accept our help time and time again. We can’t we have to be patient with them! You have no idea how many people you will help !

  200. Dear Peggy,
    Thank you so very much for sharing your mental hedlth journey. I have followed Jillian since her Bachelor days. I would have never guessed that you suffer from Depression as you have raised a wonderful daughter & you appear to have the “perfect” life. Proof that no one knows what another person is going through.

    I am happy that you have found the right medication & that you have a long-time psychiatrist. I love your quote, “It’s not a character flaw, it’s a chemical flaw”.

    I was diagnosed with depression after my dad died suddenly at the age of 52 & I didn’t recover after a “normal” grieving period. I am now 59, a recently retired teacher, & have been on a few different medications on & off through the years.

    At this tine, due to a number of situationsl stresses, I am not doing well. I do not have a good GP & my experience with psychiatrists has been horrible, to the point where I am actually afraid of them. I fear that I don’t have much longer to live & no reason to live. I feel that I have failed at this thing called “life”. To my great sadness, I never married or had children. I have travelled & did a teacher exchange to England, but that was long ago.

    I guess I don’t really have any questions. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story and to wish you the very best. You at least had a good life & raised Jillian, have a husband, grandchildren & a close-knit family & support system.

    Best wishes for health & happiness.

  201. I’m wondering if you have advice for family members that can very clearly see another family member is struggling and has been for years but they’re claiming they’re happy. Is there advice on how to talk to this person? What’s helpful and productive vs what would be triggering?

  202. This was so well done!

    My mom has had a lifelong struggle with mental illness. The shame, scorn, stigma and misunderstanding around mental health (from even the most well meaning) has been and remains one of the biggest challenges.

    Sharing stories is powerful and helps educate and open hearts.. A profound thanks to you both.

  203. Thank you miss Peggy i have a 29 year old son suffering with mental illness but he refuses all help everyone has given up on him but i stand by at great costs to my own health and people whom i love see me as a failure .. your story gives me hope for one day i may see my sons true potential and he to can be happy .

  204. Hi Peggy

    Wow thank you for sharing your story and journey on your mental health. That was very brave of you. Mental health( depression, bipolar, ocd, anxiety etc is very much out there and needs to be talked about more. I have struggled the last 12 years or so with depression, anxiety and possibly OCPD. It has been tough, with good and bad days and sometimes I am good for long stretches ( like years) but it always comes back mostly caused by stress or situational stuff. I do believe it makes me stronger and I am a fighter, but its hard, like you said mostly for my family, husband and friends. I can definitely relate to your story, so thanks again!


  205. Thank you for sharing your journey with mental illness Peggy and I’m so happy for you and your family that you have found a medication that works for you! I lived in Peace River from 1992 to 2006 and during that time I was diagnosed with depression. I was still able to function but everything just felt like a chore. I too have been lucky to have medication work wonders for me. I remember one day when I was picking up my prescription from IGA, I said to a Dave the Pharmacist that I wished I didn’t have to take these medications. I will never forget how kind he was when he replied that just as a Diabetic needs insulin, you need medication to balance your Seratonin. I realized at that moment he was right, and it is the society’s stigma around mental health issues that makes us feel this way which is so wrong.

  206. Thank you Peggy for sharing your journey to date. I am a health care professional and scientist and without individuals sharing their lived experience and allowing myself and other researchers and clinicans to walk with them in their journey there would not be as much progress and acceptance in the inderstanding that “It’s not a character flaw, it’s a chemical flaw”

  207. Peggy – thank you for sharing your story and journey to find your own mental health. How courageous of you to be so vulnerable. <3 Mental wellness does not look the same for everyone and one medication does not work for everyone (one of my favorite things is the disclaimer and not sharing YOUR medication).

    I too am an older woman (56) and struggle with depression and anxiety. The struggle of knowing a good diet and exercise would be so good for me but having zero energy and extreme fatigue is fighting your "good thoughts" every step of the way and the vicious circle continues. But for today – you are having mastery and have found your sweet spot of living – congratulations!!! Today I celebrate with you that today is a good day!!

    Again, thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability. Sometimes it is easier to do things for our children than for ourselves. So while you started to work towards wellness for Jillian – It appears that you may now be doing it for YOU. For you to live your best life. enjoy.

    Hearts and appreciation for being YOU.


  208. hey girl- this is so good to know about ur mom Peggy. We all have to remember that God loves us all so much. And that there is no peace outside of Jesus. He knows our hurts and struggles and he is always there for us, we just have to go to him and he will hold us. We have to have faith everyday and know we are here for a reason. I am so glad Peggy is doing good now. Miracles still come into our lives. God is good!!

  209. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your story Peggy. I have tears I my eyes and hope in my heart now. Thank you xoxo

  210. Thank you soooo much Peggy for sharing, and for raising such a truly lovely woman ❤️ PS You look fantastic!!

  211. Thank you for sharing Peggy! So many people including myself appreciate you sharing your journey and the more we talk about it the more it will help others. You are amazing.

  212. Hey, hey, I read the blog about your mom’s illness. I was diagnosed with dysthymia a year ago. All this disease appeared suddenly, it was such an accumulation of all the events that took place in my life. In a nutshell, the ex-husband is a perpetrator of domestic violence (10 years after the divorce), an overbearing mother, lack of faith in herself and her abilities. I am raising my 11-year-old son alone. It is not easy. I am currently looking for a job, but I am not giving up and slowly recovering from depression thanks to the people I met. I keep my fingers crossed for your mother. Yours sincerely, Agata

  213. I’m 44 years old and my mother has been struggling with mental health my whole life. I remember some good times and I know she loves us. My mom is 73 today and spends her days is her bed, she has a slew of excuses and why she won’t even try to help herself, it feels like she has given up.
    She has really bad eating habits, the worst sleeping habits( stays up all night and sleeps all day and it always waiting for her med,s to kick in and then life will be better she says. We livev6 hours apart I try to help I call her often but I’m just frustrated and not just feel helpless.
    I cried reading your story!
    I hope my mother finds some kind of happiness and normal in what she has left on this earth and hopefully the time she has left with my dad (the love of here life M. Positive)
    Thank you for sharing Peggy, I’m so truly happy for you and your loved ones, especially your grand babies that get to enjoy their grandma.
    I wish you the best and a continued beautiful life, free of struggles of mental health.
    Kindest Regard

  214. Thanks so much for sharing this. Really shows that you can change your life and get help at any age.
    So brave of you. Thanks very much.

  215. Thank you for sharing Peggy. How would you go about talking to someone who needs help but doesn’t think they do or have never talked to their doctor about how they are feeling? Please consider doing a post how to approach someone to get help. I’ve tried very gently and it didn’t go well. Any tips appreciated.

  216. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so open and honest and sharing your story! My Mom suffered with depression for the last 10+ years of her life. She would have 2-3 years at a time either depressed or back to herself, but we never knew how long it would last. It robbed my whole family of her loving, energetic, silly and wonderful self during the bad years. When she was in those bad times I missed her everyday. It was like someone had stolen my Mom from me. But in her good years we cherished every minute because we didn’t know how long it would last. The doctors tried all sorts of different medications, but I don’t think they ever got it right. Sadly, my Mom passed away during unrelated surgery in February of 2004 at the age of 79 1/2. I still miss her everyday. I hope that your story will help more people get the right medication to help them live their life well. Thank you once again!

  217. Oh my Peggy you storey is so inspiring I too suffer from depression and anxiety ! The struggle is real! Between work and being a mom and wife I too feel overwhelmed at times! It’s precious to share your storey you are an inspiration!

  218. Peggy…. I am so very HAPPY for you for never giving up….finding the right medication and sharing your story with us.
    ¥our smile says it all!

  219. Thank you for this beautiful post! I cried! I remember when I was 11-12 my mother was also hospitalized for a similar diagnosis, but back in that time we couldn’t talk about it. I’m so happy you have found the right medication, are doing well, and that we are now able to talk about these things more openly! Best wishes!

  220. Hey Peggy!
    I am so glad that you are telling your story….takes so much courage!
    It is wonderful to see you smiling and i love your beautiful hair color, natural i hope ?
    We love Jullian’s show and i think of you every time we watch it.
    Be Well…….. Luv Sonia 💪🏻

  221. As someone who has been impacted by mental health my entire life through my experiences with my Mom, and my own, I just want to say I hear you and thank you! I could write a novel on mental health (have literally thought of doing this for years) and it is such a stigmatized topic that I applaud you for sharing:). Hopefully others will find insight and hope in your story!

  222. Thank you for sharing your experience, Peggy, My 21 year old daughter has a few mental health diagnoses (Deperession, anxiety, bipolar) and goes to weekly counseling sessions and regularly sees her medical doctor. Both of her doctors are very good at checking in on how she is doing and tweaking her meds when needed. It’s a trial and error kind of thing to find the right balance! I’m very thankful that mental health is starting to be talked about. Thank you again!!!

  223. I suffer from depression and anxiety. I have so much guilt that I’m trying hard to let go of. It’s been 4 and a half years of trial and error with medication. We still haven’t found the right combination. It is so hard on the body, mind and soul to go through different medications. The doctor always asks me if I feel any different after a new medication. I have gotten to the point now that I don’t remember or know how I am suppose to feel. I fear now, this is it. I have to accept it. This is so difficult as I am not working and I miss it and of course the money. I feel I have failed as a parent, mother of two children and a friend.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  224. Thank you Peggy for sharing. My best friend has recently found herself in a very deep depression and your story has provided me with some tools on how to support her better.

  225. Hi hun. I just got diagnosed at 51 with bipolar disorder and BPD. I’ve had severe depression my whole life. In and out of therapy. And now my psychiatrist changed my meds a few months ago too. I swear I feel worse. But he tells me to not think negatively lol. How do I do that with a bipolar brain. And, it’s only been 6 months since diagnosis. I literally feel like I’m going crazy. I switch from super happy one minute to super sad or angry the next. Up and down constantly. I’m unpredictable. I cry too much or really irritated. There’s no happy anywhere, ever never. I feel like giving up. I can’t cause of my children. But I’m suffering everyday. I feel like a burden to the people that love me. My dad and sister don’t understand me and think I’m the problem. I have no confidence. I feel sooooo stupid all the time when I open my mouth up to say anything. I’m feeling defeated. Lost. Lonely. Scared. Overwhelmed. Not sure about any of this anymore
    My name is Emma, I’m a single Mother of 16 year old daughter, son 18. I live in bc Canada

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