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The Jilly Academy

REVEAL TIME for The Jilly Academy at the Farm Gift Bag!

And just like that, the first-ever Academy at the Farm has come and gone! 

I can’t begin to express the magnitude of what this event meant to me, as it was the very first time I’ve opened up my farm, Eleven Acres, to this community and got to meet so many of you in person! I still have goosebumps thinking about it!

It wouldn’t be a Jilly event without spoiling out guests with some extra special goodies, and today on the blog, I’m sharing the incredible brands that made up our Academy at the Farm gift bags! I encourage you to go and continue to support these either small, local, women-owned, BIPOC-owned or Jilly Academy Alumni owned businesses!

Time to Reveal the Academy at the Farm Gift Bag!

Gift bag items: Poppy and Peonies reversible bag, bottle of Sandhill wine, Pokoloko towel, Wild Priarie honey jar, Hillberg and Berk earrings, Cool to Connect cards, Laidback Snacks, cookie from The Cookie Bag, Later Media planner, Saje Wellness Peppermint roll-on, withinUs ReHydrate.

Poppy & Peonies

Custom Reversible Beach Bag

Starting off with the bag itself! We worked with Nat of Poppy & Peonies to curate these custom prints (yes it’s reversible!) and size to make sure it fits all of the goodies and would become your go-to airport travel bag (seeing you all at the airport sporting these gorgeous totes brought me so much joy!).The floral print was intentional by design, as we had to pay homage to the flower fields at Eleven Acres—and I can’t get over how cute it turned out!

Poppy and Peonies reversible bag sitting on a beach chair lakeside.

Sandhill Wines

Sangiovese Rosé

It wouldn’t be a gift bag without some of the very BEST Rosé on the West Coast! Each guest was gifted a bottle of our FAVOURITE Sandhill Rosé, so that everyone could bring the taste of the Okanagan home with them. During our afternoon Happy Hour, everyone got to enjoy a chilled glass of rosé while meandering through the Farm—I couldn’t get wine in the guests’ hands fast enough!!! Our VIP dinner was capped off with a beautiful paired wine experience, led by Sandhill’s Winemaker, Stephanie Van Dyk. If you’re ever visiting Kelowna, we HIGHLY recommend you visiting Sandhill Winery, located right in the heart of downtown!

Laid Back Snacks

Hearty Tamari

Did you catch our blog post about fueling your brain? Well, this is the perfect brain boosting snack for all of those on-the-go, jumping from meeting-to-meeting or filming all of that content in one day kind of people! Our Academy at the Farm guests received Team Jilly’s favourite flavour, Hearty Tamari! All of you goal getters out there, these bags of deliciousness are calling your name!

The Jilly Box

Cool to Connect

The Jilly Box added something for our guests to continue to get to know one another on a deeper level, and that was the Cool to Connect collection of Cards (as seen in the Fall 2022 Jilly Box)! This is such a fun way to get to know your team, friends, and community members through the series of inquisitive questions on the cards. So gather around a cozy campfire, couch or even your office boardroom and build a stronger bond!

Items in gift bag on farmhouse table: laidback snacks next to a vase of flowers, Sandhill rose with two glasses, Cool to connect cards.


ReHydrate + TruMarine Collagen

It was a long, fun-filled day that nurtured and challenged our mind, body and soul, so of course we had to bring in some reinforcements to ensure everyone stayed hydrated! I swear by this product and use it daily—it’s the withinUs Rehydrate + TruMarine Collagen! Each of our guests took home travel pack of the Tropical flavour to help keep them going for tackling that business strategy and content creation! If you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out!

withinUs Rehydrate from the gift bag next to a pineapple, watermelon, glass of water with ReHydrate getting poured in and a spoon.

Hillberg & Berk

Earrings + VIP Necklace

Add a little bit of… SPARKLE! This brand has an incredible initiative we had the honour of partaking in called Share Your Sparkle, in which they gifted a pair of earrings for each of our attendees to keep AND one to give. Their hope is that you give the second pair to someone in your life—whether that is a friend, family member, your favourite barista, or a perfect stranger —to add a little bit of sparkle and brighten their day. How absolutely amazing is that?! I can’t wait to see who our guests gift their second pair of earrings to! Our VIPs were treated to an extra special gift: a letter necklace to match perfectly to their earrings!

Hillberg and Berk gift bag with a plate of earrings and a necklace chain on top of a wooden platter and flowers.


Content Planner + VIP Water Bottle

This community is filled with creators, entrepreneurs, small business owners… you name it! Let’s be real, organizing our content requires a great system in place so that we’re getting the most out of our time and energy! That’s why we included Later’s customizable Content Planner in the gift bag! VIP guests also received a Later water bottle to encourage staying hydrated throughout those busy content building days! PS – If you haven’t checked out their Instagram yet, I highly recommend it for tips, tricks, laughs and great video inspiration!

Saje Wellness

Peppermint Halo Roll-On

If you have been following me for a while, you know I love the Peppermint Halo Roll-On from Saje Wellness! This is a must have for those long working days of excessive screen time, and will ease any symptoms of headaches—so we knew this would be a perfect addition to each guest’s gift bag! We started our day at Academy at the Farm just like how we start every Monthly Meeting with our team, with a breathing moment!

Overview shot of flatly of gift bag items: Later Media planner and Saje Wellness Roll-on. Complete with a Canon DSLR camera, Jilly Academy workbook, a gold pen and a phone.

Wild Prairie Honey

Local and Natural Raw Honey

Our guests took home a jar of natural raw honey from this Albertan family business that will add some sweetness to their coffee, charcuterie boards, recipes and then some! Want a taste for yourself? Check out the Williams Family HERE and learn more about their happy bees!

Wild Prairie Honey jar is part of the git bag, shown here laying flat on a tea towel next to a spoon, mug, tea bag and flowers.


Bath and Beach Towel/Scarf

This company celebrates talented artisans from around the world by not only getting to know them on a personal level, but by showcasing their handmade items with all of us. Our Academy at the Farm guests got to experience one of these beautiful, crafted items: the Bath and Beach Towel/Scarf. You have to check out the rest of Pokoloko’s home, apparel and accessories collections for a gift for you or a special someone!

Poppy and Peonies reversible bag hanging on a hook with a Pokoloko towel hanging out of it.

The Cookie Bag

Cinnamon Sugar Cookie

Oh, hello Alumni member Chelsey! If you haven’t tried these handmade cookies that our entire team are obsessed with, you are truly missing out on a delicious treat! She offers so many flavours and a few DIY kits to create yummy masterpieces with the kiddos. Our guests enjoyed a lemon sugar cookie for their afternoon treat, and received a cinnamon sugar cookie to enjoy on their travels home! Now, which flavours are you ordering?!

The Cookie Bag featured in the gift bag - handmade cinnamon swirl flavoured cookies on a plate with a milk jug next to it and a tea towel. One cookie is wrapped up with The Cookie Bag logo sticker.

Smash + Tess

Cottage Romper

There was a little sneak peek of our upcoming launch with Smash + Tess—did you catch it over on The Jilly Academy Instagram? I spy new colourways AND a new design! Ashley Freeborn, CEO and Co-Founder, was not only a guest speaker but she also brought some extra special goodies for each of our guests! Everyone received a Smash + Tess gift card to use for the brand new Jillian Harris x S+T collab, and our VIPs received a Cottage Romper! The Cottage Romper is the perfect on-the-go to lounge at home versatile piece – check it out HERE!

Jillian Harris wearing the black Cottage Romper from Smash and Tess in her flower shed, featured in the VIP gift bags.

Melanie Auld Jewelry

Gift Card

I cherish my long-lasting collaboration with Melanie Auld and had to spread the love to our VIP guests with a gift card to allow them to pick out an extra special memento! My Adorn collection has grown over the last few years to include charms for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Whether you choose a symbol to represent something near and dear to your heart, like the bone charm for my Nacho and Peaches or a few initials to represent the people in your life that make your heart sing, like my A for Annie and L for Leo, there’s something for everyone!

Melanie Auld gift card that's featured in the gift bag on a platter with flowers, ribbon, necklace chain and a velvet jewelry box with a "J" and "A" initial.

The Knotted B

Floral Scrunchie

Remember this beautiful scrunchie featured in The Jilly Academy Box?! We had to share this handmade, neutral floral piece with our attendees! The owner, Breanne, ensured versatility with the removable bow detail while using an eco-friendly organic cotton sateen. Make sure to check out her website for other stunning hair accessories!

Glass Ladder & Co.

Marilyn Mini Clutch

Hello organization! This Marilyn Mini clutch that was also featured in The Jilly Academy Box is the perfect touch to help keep all essentials in one place! Made from the highest quality vegan leather, this folio clutch can be stored in your tote bag, backpack or used solo! This family owned business has so many more beautiful pieces to check out – wallets, backpacks, purses galore!

VIP Gift bag items: Smash and Tess Cottage Romper, Poppy and Peonies reversible bag, bottle of Sandhill wine, Pokoloko towel, Wild Priarie honey jar, Hillberg and Berk earrings and necklace, Cool to Connect cards, Laidback Snacks, cookie from The Cookie Bag, Later Media planner and water bottle, Saje Wellness Peppermint roll-on, withinUs ReHydrate, The Knotted B scrunchie, Glass Ladder and Co. Clutch, Melanie Auld Gift Card.

We have been SO lucky to work with such an assortment of dynamic brands for your Gift Bag—they have been some of mine and Team Jilly’s favourites for years! We encourage you to continue to check them out and see what exciting things they have as we inch closer towards toe biggest gifting season of the year in just a few short months! 

Stay tuned for more Academy at the Farm recap series coming very soon!



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