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Jillian Harris

The Cutest Bachelor Couple in History & Team Kaitlin!

I don’t even know what to address first. Next Season of the Bachelorette??? Chris and Whitney??? Jimmy Kimmel!!??! I just have to say for the 10th time, THIS was my FAVOURITE season of The Bachelor since … well … since I was on it!!! lol … Chris was a household favourite. I actually got Justin to watch the ENTIRE season AND get excited about it!!!

Last nights episode didn’t disappoint. That finale was ADORABLEEEEE (maybe a bit too much decor in that barn for my liking though) but it was SO authentic and lovely…. and the way his parents walked up the road afterwards and met them!?!? like … COME ON!!! it doesn’t get any cuter than that! We love Whitney for Chris and on the drive home from my parents last night (yes we watched it there) Justin and I agreed that Chris is awesome and that we really feel they will make it.

Who was torn about the dresses last night? A part of me really loved both of them, although they both had a 1989 Pretty Woman vibe to them. Or do they call that Arlington chic??

The Bachelor Finale
I have to say, I feel really bad for Becca … and partially envious. I mean, I have been in love ‘a few times’ and have had my heart CRUSHED ‘a few times’ … sometimes I wish I didn’t fall in love so easily … but love, it’s an amazing feeling and I feel bad she hasn’t experienced that yet. I remember how intense my first love was …  I hope that this is a case that there is that one man for her that will knock her friggen socks off and that will be it. I just hope that it’s not a case of her holding back TOO much, and that she is missing out on wonderful men (or man) that love her. The fact that she didn’t even cry on the way home … I mean either that woman is built like a brick house or she REALLY wasn’t in love with Chris. Perhaps its a combo of both.

The Bachelor - Chris
Ok ok. CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS AND WHITNEY I don’t want this to steal their moment but OH MY FRICKEN GAWWDDD can we talk about The Bachelorette!?!?!?!? Part of me is FURIOUS because I obviously think it should just be Kaitlin and the whole 2 Bachelorette thing is BS … and of course I’d love to see another Canadian on the show. I see a lot of similarities between her and I, so there is already an attachment. But I also have to hand it to the Bachelor Team. I mean, they’ve kept us glued to the TV for 20 some seasons now. More than most shows in history. SO much I threw myself at the brand to see how it could work it’s magic on my life … the show is a phenomenon and it’s a business … a very successful business and I, will obviously be watching.

The NEW Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bistowe and Jillian Harris
SO … what do you think? Who do you think the boys will pick? Kaitlin? Or Britt?  … I mean … like Britt, she is DROP DEAD gorgeous and has the most amazing hair and lips!! I even think her personality is cute, she is definatley unique. But Kaitlin is the real deal. She’s beautiful, funny, witty and … well she’s just real. I think most girls will be able to relate to her, and I really think it’s time for another funny Bachelorette (ok I thought I was kind of funny … I actually used to get in shit from the producers all the time for being too goofy and telling dirty jokes to get the boys to feel comfortable … lol whoops!!). I think that some guys, might be blinded by Britts barbie like appearance and the smart ones will gravitate towards Kaitlin charm and down to earth vibes.

No bashing though, both girls deserve happiness and both girls deserve to find love. So … here’s to them finding love … be it on the show or in real life!

Will you be watching?? Who do you want to win? Do you think Chris and Whitney will ‘Make It’??



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  1. Rachelle says:

    I also loved the season, i thought it was pretty well executed as well! And i don’t exactly like the 2 bachelorette idea, but you have to admit, it’s kept everyone talking, even if talking turns into heated debate! I must say though, that as a team kaitlyn member, I’m not sure I’d keep watching the season if the men chose britt…

  2. Amy Peters says:

    I didn’t watch most of the season , but I watched all 3 hours last night, and holy moly Chris and Whitney are cute. I’m more of a Bachelorette fan, than Bachelor, so I will definitely be watching beginning to end to see how it plays out.

  3. Brittany G says:

    I think Chris ultimately made the best choice for himself. Whitney seemed to be the only one to really mirror his maturity, and level of commitment he was looking for. Think back to when Ashley I.’s attempt to rally an army against Jordan for coming back to see Chris, and Whitney assertively stood up to her. I see Chris in that same in that way. Anywho, I am not a fan of having 2 bachelorettes. I fear this is going to discredit the show in a way, like you said, it’s reaching for ratings. Pitting them against each other is very strange for the franchise. I like them both, but I have been a fan of Kailtyn’s since night one! They should allow her her chance to approach this opportunity with full confidence in the adventure, not with a sense of competition.

  4. Brenna Smith says:

    After contemplating it for a bit, I’ve decided I really hate the idea of two bachelorettes. Is it me, or does the concept seem sexist? Right on the heels of International Womens Day, and then this happens? Instead of giving one woman her chance in the spotlight (ahem, KAITLYN!), they’re pitting two really amazing seeming women against each other and having a bunch of men decide. And let’s be honest, the whole shpiel Chris Harrison gave about Bachelor Nation being split down the middle is pretty off the mark. It’s become very clear the vast majority of people are team Kaitlyn, and how embarassing must that be for Britt? The whole announcement just seemed really awkward and sad. That being said, I’m obviously going to be glued to my TV when it premiers, but STILL! Yes it got people talking, but at what cost to their reputation. Not to mention Britt and Kaitlyn’s pride. Kaitlyn deserves to have this moment in the spotlight to herself, and not share it with someone else. Anyways, my BFF is away and has not seen the episode yet so thanks for giving me an outlet to vent Jill! Xox

    • Guest says:

      Its not “sexist”, they did it before in Bryon’ season, where the ladies chose between the two leads. I’m only surprised it took them this long to try this out with the Bachelorette series. At the end of the day, this show has always been about entertainment and not protecting the contestants feelings. I feel bad for both Britt and Kaitlyn for having to deal with not only the awkward first night but the harsh social media backlash that both will inevitably endure. (People love Kaitlyn now, but like with EVERY lead, as soon as she starts kicking favorites out, the viewers will turn on her and question her judgement). Happens every single season.

    • Olivia says:

      I agree that this will definitely be different but I don’t get why it’s anymore “sexist” than the original concept of having one man choose between 25 women or vice versa? Why does no one complain that the 25 women are being pitted against each other or that competing for one mans love is sexist? Just because the roles are reversed and it’s the 25 men choosing which girl they would like to know better? Anyway I’m sure it will be interesting 🙂

  5. Dajana says:

    Love Chris & Whit together! My favourite moment was when his parents met them at the barn — that melted my heart. And you’re right Jill, the barn was over decorated & their dresses looked very Mother of the Bride’ish. Or something that would’ve been worn on the tv show Dallas way back in the 80s. Gross.

    As for the Bachelorette, no no NO. Just no. Why didn’t Mike Fleiss just get Brit & Kaitlyn to agree to mud wrestle in bikinis for the title of sole surviving Bachelorette? Haha. Please note my extreme sarcasm. And I am Team Kaitlyn all the way. Us Albertans have to support one another (:

  6. Stephanie K says:

    Hmmm….I think I liked Becca more only because she seemed so grounded and I really respected her honesty. Whitney almost comes across as desperate….she also seemed to be putting on a “show” for Chris’ family. She so wants a family and parents that maybe she was pushing it too hard. Will they last? I don’t think so, maybe for awhile but I would be surprised. I am pulling for them though, they both seem nice enough. So excited for The Bachelorette!!! Kaitlin is way fun and witty and hopefully the boys see that. My fear is (like you said Jillian) that they will see Britt’s barbie doll looks and just go for her (they DO only have one night to make a decision, ugh!). That will be just the luck!! Excited to see what happens!

  7. Ann says:

    Since we have no choice about having two bachelorettes, what a better idea it would be to keep both women all season. It is not fair to the bachelorettes to give all control to the men who don’t even know them yet.

  8. Erin says:

    I agree! I love Kaitlyn because I’m Canadian and she’s a cool chick. If they want two bachelorettes then don’t let the guys choose, come up with a way for them both to participate. TeamKaitlyn! If they choose Britt I’ll be bummed.
    BTW I think Kaitlyn spells her name Kaitlyn not Kaitlin

  9. Mary says:

    yeah I read in a blog that Becca actually admitted she didn’t fall in love with him. That has to be a Bachelor first for a final two, but it’s also so refreshing. It’s hard to believe that all of these women would all fall in love with the same man in a matter of months. And I really REALLY hope the men choose Kaitlyn just because it would make for a hilarious, fun season. And simply because I could see myself hanging out with her, whereas Britt is a bit too over the top emotional and touchy for my likes. Nothing wrong with that though! Just my thoughts!

  10. Siobháin says:

    Your season of the Bachelorette was my absolute favorite season (out of both shows) because of how genuine and humorous you are. I really hope that Kaitlin gets to move forward, I agree that she deserves it. #TEAMKAITLYN !!

  11. Daphne Renelus says:

    Even though I really do like Britt, I do think that America clearly loved Kaitlyn the most out of the cast and that the show should have just given America what they want and let Kaitlyn be the bachelorette by herself. Kaitlyn is very pretty and makes great reality tv. P.S. I don’t understand why everyone who is a fan of Kaitlyn feels the need to make a negative comment about Britt in order to bring Kaitlyn up. I’m a Kaitlyn fan too, but damn, it’s kind of hypocritical for everyone who is talking about women empowerment one minute to then feel the need to bring down Britt in some sly way in order to state their claim. I’ve taken multiple Women’s Studies classes at my University and know that one of the main things to know about feminism 101 is that you shouldn’t need to bring one woman down just to build another woman up. I’m pretty sure that Britt has more to offer than her “Barbie looks.” Besides its not about all “smart” and great guys knowing that they should choose Kaitlyn over Britt, its not like one is better than the other. They are very different girls and when picking a lifetime partner or spouse it should be about who is more compatible to you. There are a lot of great people in the world that would never be able to build a life together forever, simply because at their core they are simply not compatible. Whether one is naturally introverted or extroverted, emotional or more logical by nature, religious backgrounds, and etc. all play into compatibility. Therefore, I argue that rather than all the smart and genuine guys would know to gravitate towards Kaitlyn, the real smart and genuine guys will know to gravitate towards who would be more compatible to them individually, whether that be Kaitlyn or Britt.

  12. Dena Ardillo says:

    I really want to know how the new season of the Bachelorette is going to go? Are the guys going to come to a consensus the first night on who THEY want to be the Bachelorette? There’s no way they will all agree after one night! Or are they going to keep it split throughout the season so that the men have a choice as well as the ladies? Why not give both sides a chance to get to know each other and ultimately decide who is right for them? And what happens if Britt and Kaitlin both want the same guy? Now the power shifts to him to decide! I have so many questions but I love it and I can’t wait! Team Kaitlin!

    • MrsCarter says:

      Giving both sides a choice is a bit like the format for Bachelor in Paradise, in case you didn’t watch that one..

  13. Jonny says:

    In what universe is there a “50/50” split between Kaitlin and Britt? Remember the crickets as he first announced Britt? Bad form Harrison.

  14. Lisa Pray says:

    I think Becca honestly didn’t love Chris… in fact, I think maybe she wanted out and didn’t know how to get out. All she could say was “I don’t know!!” (and Chris wanted it to work and wasn’t taking the hint). If she actually wanted it to work she would have said that she wasn’t there, but she saw herself getting there, etc. I think she was a bit relieved after Chris told her no.

    And 100% #teamkaitlyn!!! So bummed that Britt has to be included… Sweet person, but not my cup of tea!

  15. Kate says:

    I feel bad for Becca mostly because I feel like she is being completely normal… I think it’s WEIRD that Whitney is so so SO in love after what? Two months? If that? If I was dating someone for that amount of time, I don’t know if I could tell him I was in love with him and willing to move to his farm. C’mon. Becca was just being realistic, which I guess just doesn’t work on this show. That said, I like Whitney and I’m totally happy for them!

    Also, Team Kaitlyn, all the way. But I’m worried Britt will win them over early with her doe eyes, but then they’ll realize Kaitlyn is way cooler.

  16. sammi says:

    Kaitlin for Bachelorette ALL THE WAY! You’re right, she just seems so much more funny, down to earth and real. Not to mention, I got the vibe that Britt was all about HER… is that someone who’s ready to get married and share a life as someone’s partner and wife? Who knows…

    Also… Agreed about the barn decor.. just a wee bit TOO much.. I was afraid they would knock over a candle and the whole thing would go up in flames! haha

  17. MandyH says:

    #TEAMKAITLIN all the way and disappointed in the MTV style dating show direction they are taking this… Becca’s departure was strange to me, huge lack of emotion. I really like Whitney though! I hope its easy for her to leave her amazing career. Fingers crossed they make it! and I LOVE Chris, such a sweet heart… and his Mom… come on now! She’s awesome!!

  18. MrsCarter says:

    What does a waitress have to offer 25-30 men besides her looks?? Financial stability? Mental/ emotional/ social/ spiritual stability?? Hmmm..

  19. Joanna says:

    Here’s my beef! When you are the Bachelor/Bachelorette the producers choose contestants that they think will be a good match. How can they possibly do that this time? Personality wise Britt & Kaitlyn couldn’t be more different. Whichever one of these women that wins on the first night of the rose ceremony is going to be stuck with a group of men that weren’t picked especially for her. It’s not fair and it’s not right. The Bachelorette has just turned into The Hunger Games! #TeamKaitlyn

    • Roz says:

      Great point Joanna. I hadn’t thought about that part. Although outside of a few bachelor/ettes a season, I don’t know how many the producers really select because they believe they are a match for the bachelor/ette. ½ or more are because tptb are hoping their selections will make ‘good tv’.

  20. Carolyn says:

    For me, worst season ever… When a man ask someone to marry him the same day as he said he’s not even sure who he’s gonna pick, who he really loves, does no one else see that as a big red flag? With Whitney everything was too perfect. Totally in love, totally wants to have many babies, totally wants to move to Arlington, totally loves his house, etc. So totally not realistic! I thought it was the most unromantic proposal ever. He just didn’t seem excite. And, he still looked like he was gonna cry eveytime Becca’s name was brought up. Whitney was all in, but if you thought your heart might be with Becca wouldn’t it be worth it to wait and find out? Forever is a long time. As far as The Bachelorette, don’t really like the idea of two, but I’m team Kaitlyn. Love her!

  21. Jodi Limes says:

    I’m totally team Kaitlyn, on the Bach’ette issue. and I agree with Carolyn on Chris. I think he’ sreally in love with Becca.

  22. Kassidy says:

    I don’t think Chris is really in love with Whitney. But he is the type of guy who wants to make everyone else happy so he will stay with her because his family loves her. I think it’s kind if sad.

  23. JoJo Bee says:

    Please don’t throw tomatoes at me, but…..I think Becca swings bat for the other, uh-hum, team

  24. Tracy says:

    While I do not support the idea of having the guys pick between the two bachelorettes (I think it’s disgusting!), depending on the guys, I think it will be interesting to see how they will make their choices (based on what?) and how it will impact the guys who picked the one who didn’t make the cut (will they want to continue with the show with the one they did not pick and will the bachelorettes know who picked them/didn’t pick them? How will the chosen bachelorette feel about the ones who didn’t pick her?) Regardless of what happens, I think the one who wasn’t picked to be the bachelorette will have more opportunities to see the guys after the show because they seem to have a lot of special gatherings for them all over America! 🙂

    My take on both women: Britt has the ability to warm up to everyone whether they like her or not, she seems to both listen and express herself very well or at least knows what people like to hear. She kind of reminds me of a favorite kindergarten teacher who I adored because of her warm, caring personality and how she always gave me her undivided attention whenever I needed it — she had beautiful long hair and radiated like Britt too! Kaitlyn has such a great sense of humor and she’s very down to earth, guys probably will feel she could easily become their BFF. I personally am hoping to see more of Kaitlyn because I felt we did not get to know her enough (I’m dying to get to know her more!) and she seems more secure with where she’s at in her life, which I think is a great time for finding love and marriage. She seems more ready to settle down than Britt is (don’t get me wrong, Britt deserves to find love and settle down if she wants! It’s not the impression I got from watching her on TV though, but THEN again it’s all TV stuff — they probably did some editing to make her seem that way).

  25. Holly says:

    Congratulations to Whitney and Chris! I hope that they are extremely happy together. I loved the baby comments from them, so very cute lol
    As for the dueling Bachelorette’s, well personally I relate to Kaitlyn and I simply adore her. I personally think Britt is very beautiful, but I also believe that she needs to believe in herself and she needs to self discover what makes her happy and stop being what she thinks men want her to be. She’s a nice girl but I honestly believe that Kaitlyn knows herself, what she wants and where she wants to go.
    Wish them both all the best and I hope they find what they are looking for.

    Jillian, as usual you are beautiful, witty, charm and hilarious. I love reading your posts. Thanks for all the fun.

  26. Debra Kuhlman says:

    Britt has a huge fan base that rallied for her, me included. If you would check out her Instagram, @BRITTKAROLINA, people would get a better sense of who she is. The cameras can bring out our insecurities for display on tv and social media can be very harsh. I applaud those of you brave enough to allow us to watch you on a search for love. Thank you Jillian for being positive in your post as some of the bachelor alumni have really disappointed me in their harsh comments towards Britt. I can’t imagine two more different girls than Britt and Kaitlyn, but I hope they both get a chance to pick their own guys! Glad I found your post!

  27. Kingsley says:

    I feel that because Britt is so beautiful, people think that they can say what they want about her as if she is made of stone; as if her beauty equates to her life being perfect. You could clearly see from her displays of emotion at the Women Tell All taping that this simply isn’t true and she was very much affected by what people have said about her and how she has been portrayed on the show.

    Out of what appears to be a deep-set hate for a person they don’t even know, viewers refuse to acknowledge that Britt has in fact been hurt by all the hate and nasty comments but yet imply those were fake tears. People out there need to show more maturity and respect and understand that just because someone is beautiful it does not mean their life is perfect and you can throw stones of hate.Yes, Britt was more outspoken and honest than others on the show, but is this a reason to criticize her? People are forgetting that the producers chose to portray her in that way.

    As a fellow Canadian, I was personally put off by the image Kaitlyn portrayed on the show. She’s fun but took it a bit too far and crossed over to unclassy. I love Britt, I think she is a great role model who has handled this with dignity, love and compassion despite be dealt a very hard hand this season. I think she deserves to find love just like everyone else and I am rooting for her this weekend.

  28. Bill says:

    I am usually a good guesser at who the next bachelorette/bachelor will be. What I do is watch carefully during the “tell-all” specials when Chris Harrison calls out the role-call of the contestants. The one who gets the most applause will usually be the next in line. This was apparent during Jillian’s season when Jake was by far the most applauded for. Anyway, this season I was torn as to who I wanted. I was actually torn between Kaitlyn and Britt. My feeling is the producers think that neither have enough personality to carry a season by themselves. With a few exceptions, (Desiree&Chris, Sean&Catherine, Marcus&Lacy) the quality of contestants has been going down this past few seasons.Where else do you see job titles of “dog lover” and “free-spirit”? How about ‘unemployed bum who can’t do anything but go on a show for fame?

  29. Aries Tongue says:

    Looking forward to the new Bachelorette show,,,,,”BRITTLIN”

  30. Jules says:

    I also think that he was in love with Becca but chose Whitney because he could be sure she was going to marry him. But looking back to previous seasons, maybe that was the right choice… Ashley was CRAZY about Bentley and would have chosen him if he hadn’t left, but then made the more “rational choice” of picking JP (the guy that was stable and that she knew would marry her) and got married to him. Des was CRAZY about Brooks and would have chosen him, if he hadn’t left, but then made the more “rational choice” of picking Chris and got married to him. Who knows, maybe if Andi would’ve gone for Nick and Ali would’ve gone for Chris (in both cases the more rational, stable choice), they would’ve had their happily every after?

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