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The JH x MA Adorned Collection is Finally Here!

I’m so excited to tell you that the JH x MA Adorned Collection is FINALLY here! The main purpose of the Adorned Collection is to share your personal story by designing your own custom-made necklace (each necklace is created by hand locally, in Vancouver BC!) … starting with selecting your perfect chain then building your desired look by choosing letters and charms that represent YOUR WHY!

The JH x MA Adorned collection is the perfect way to celebrate yourself and also makes the perfect gift idea … from birthdays to Mother’s Day, weddings, and baby showers … or, just to remember a loved one and have them close by, the options are truly endless.

Jillian Harris x Melanie Auld Adorned Collection
Jillian Harris x Melanie Auld Adorned Collection
Jillian Harris x Melanie Auld Adorned Collection

I knew right away that I wanted charms to represent Justin and Leo … I’m sure many of you have already guessed what my WHY is …that’s right, it’s my family!! Knowing my why is exactly what helped me create a necklace that meant the most to me, which is why I decided to go with the initials J & L along with a heart charm and a moonstone charm. On a separate necklace (because you can never have too many!! LOL!) I have the dog bone charm to represent, the one and only, NACHO!! C’mon … you didn’t think I was going to leave him out, did you?? He would have been devastated!! LOL!

Available in the Adorned Collection is the prettiest little charms such as the heart and bone I mentioned above, along with a few others such as a moon and a wishbone (and more!) in addition to these, every single letter in the alphabet is also available in both gold and pave! It’s totally up to you and your style as to how you create your look based on your WHY … you can spell out a whole name, keep it to initials or choose to have one single charm on your necklace, such as a heart charm! And the best part of your custom necklace is the fact that you can switch up your charms to create a whole new look!! Which is what I did with my necklaces below!

Jillian Harris x Melanie Auld Adorned Collection
Jillian Harris x Melanie Auld Adorned Collection
Jillian Harris x Melanie Auld Adorned Collection
Jillian Harris x Melanie Auld Adorned Collection
Jillian Harris x Melanie Auld Adorned Collection
Jillian Harris x Melanie Auld Adorned Collection

Find out more about MY WHY along with how I first met Melanie Auld and why we decided to collaborate on this beautiful collection in the video below! Make sure to head over to Melanie Auld’s site to check out the Adorned Collection here … and also make sure to test out the “Build Your Own” function on her site to see what your necklace would look like!

Make sure to comment below and share your story with us through #whatsyourwhy … we can’t WAIT to see what you create!!



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  1. I love these SOOOO much but there is no option for kitties! I have a dog and two cats. Will you be getting anything in to signify a cat, even a little paw print or something??? 🙂

  2. I can’t express how excited I am to have this initial necklace.. I have been having hand/finger issues so am not able to wear any of my rings/wedding band so I’m wearing my A proudly around my neck ❤️

  3. Hi Jillian

    First off Congrats on your Baby #2. Your Leo is adorable and those eyes!

    I have a question about the charms, I was looking for a diamond C and a metal B and D. It is my Sister Carol’s 60 birthday this August, My other Sister is Donna and I am Barbara. I thought 3 charms on one necklace as Sisters would be awesome for her 60th. But I was hoping the letters would be all the same size. The diamond letters look smaller. I was hoping for a larger C in diamonds and the same size in metal for the other 2 letters. I want the “C” to be the main charm that stands out. Could you suggest something? I love the necklaces and charms. Thanks Ever So Much Barb

  4. Hello! Love the charms! I couldn’t find the heart charm on the website. Wondering if I could wear this necklace and charms in the shower without them discoloring? I usually don’t take my jewelry off.

    1. You wouldn’t want to wear it in and out of the shower! You have to be extra gentle with these 🙂 xo

  5. My why is a J for Jesse my hubby who I would be completely lost without
    Him by my side every day! An H form my little nugget Harold who is just 6 months but I couldn’t imagine a second without him and his smile that lights up my life! And of course a dog bone for my fur babies Bo and Daisy! Xo

  6. I’m trying to order 2 separate necklaces and charms, initials etc from yournew collection for my 2 daughters and the website will only let me order 1 set. If I try to add in the second custom necklace it cancels the first one in the shopping cart. Do I have to place 2 separate orders if so I will get charged shipping for each order

  7. It would be nice to see a photo of the chains before ordering plus a look at the clasp of said chain. P.S. – why do you need my website?

  8. Hi Jillian, I don’t see the heart charm. when will it be available? Congrats on your pregnancy! wish You all the best!

  9. Hi, I loved the quartz charm as well as the heart one but cannot seem to find them on the Melanie Auld website ! Are they already sold out or are they going to come out at a later date ? Thanks !

  10. Hello Jilian, my name is Josef, I’m from Brazil. My girlfriend Tayná and I love the “Love It or list it – Vancouver” program. We really like you and Toddy too, you guys seem to be super cool, congratulations for the show, you two are awesome!

  11. Just ordered mine! Can’t wait to get it! Im sad I missed out on the gold bubble heart – will it be available again? Can you buy charms separately?

  12. I am trying to purchase 2 necklaces on the website but every time I try to add the second set it clears my cart of the first necklace. The only way I can purchase 2 necklaces is to do two separate orders, but then I have to pay shipping twice. Is there a fix for this?

    1. Some charms sold out quickly but they should be getting a restock around May 7th!! xo

  13. Love the collection, can’t wait to order more for myself and gifts!

    Ideas for new charms:
    1. Cancer awareness (or other cause) ribbon (just a general gold one that can stand for whatever cause is important to you)
    2. Leaf or tree or another nature lover charm.
    3. More hearts (love the bubble one but maybe a pave one as well)

  14. Hi there! Deciding on which chain to get – is that the box chain you have on in the closeup picture of you wearing your necklace? Thanks! (Sending the hubby hints for Mothets Day ❤️)

  15. So cute!! I’ve been looking for something like this but I have a sensitivity to nickel so buying jewelry can be tough. What are the necklaces made of?

  16. Love the collection!!! So sad i cant make it out to the Nordstrom launch on Thursday! Couple of questions… Is the collection gold plated or solid gold? And is that the 16″ or 20″ chain in the last picture in this post? Thanks!!!

  17. I love the idea of this necklace and charms. I don’t wear gold jewelry. I really wish there was a sterling silver option 🙁

  18. Hey just got my necklace with the moonstone but was wondering if you guys will be coming out with more charms?

    1. We recently released a new one based on my gender reveal! Everything is getting a massive restock in July so stay tuned!! XOXO

  19. Hi Jillian,
    The bubble heart is sold out again! I missed the boat on that one 🙁
    Will it get restocked again?

    1. Yes!! We are planning a big restock for July 11th for both the charms and the initials!! XOXO

  20. Hi,
    I live in Michihigan and I recently received (and almost love) my adorned order. I’ve always adored Jillian’s personality and fell in love with the idea of the Adorned collection and “the why.” I ordered the cable chain with two pave’ initial charms, one moonstone, and one metal initial charm. I want to love the metal initial but it is so much larger than the other initials, it takes away from my thoughts that my loved ones represented by the initials are all loved equally. The metal initial stands out way to much. I called the Vancouver number and left a message but have not received a return call. I was wondering if there are any options for me. I’d either like to exchange the metal initial for pave’ (and pay the difference) or even buy an additional pave’ letter if I’m not able to return the larger metal one. I did not find a way online to buy a single charm. Please help. I really like my necklace but I want to love wearing it.

  21. I just got a necklace with an L on it for my name and it’s the silver one and I love it so much it’s so pretty and simple it’s gorgeous!!

    1. Hey Jillian! Is there somewhere where we can see how short / long the 16 or 20 inch is? I’m not sure what length to order! ?

  22. Love this idea. I just received two new little grandchildren through adoption. What a nice way to have a necklace adorned with their initials

  23. I know I’m rally late to commenting on this post, but I’m just curious if you will be re-releasing this line again? I Would really like to get on of your necklaces and a few different charms. Thanks!

  24. We just welcomed our second baby boy and I would love to get this necklace with initials for my two boys! I noticed that silver is currently the only option. Will this be available in gold at some point?

  25. I might be totally losing it but is the adorned collection still available? I can not find it on the website in the US and I really want the letter charms for my kids initials!

  26. I’m trying to order the initial necklace for my boys but I’m from the United States. How can I purchase this with an “A” and “E” initial?

  27. Are these still available? It says page not found when you click the link? I am dying to get one for my newly born twins! Please let me know! 🙂

  28. Hi Jillian!

    I LOVE your necklace! Do you wear it in the shower? I would like to buy one, but I want to make sure I can keep it on all the time!

    Thanks in advance!

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