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The Only Sweater You Need This Fall: Styled 4 Ways

Hi Everyone, Shay here. I started working in the Fashion Industry when I was 14 and needless to say, I’ve been obsessed with clothing ever since (actually that started sooner but who’s counting). One of my FAVOURITE parts about my job on Team Jilly is being able to find new items for Jilly’s closet and help style our photoshoots. I ordered her this sweater in pink last year and knew that it was going to be a staple. I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit of an investment for most, but I’ve learned to invest in 1 or 2 items that I know will last a few years instead of 5 items that will only last me a season.

I loved this sweater so much last year that I’ve been refreshing the Free People site waiting for the new colours to launch. As soon as they did, I ordered it for Jillian in the new chambray blue colour and cream for myself. If I had it my way I would own one of every colour (but my bank account says differently). I decided to invest in a basic colour that I knew I would get lots of use out of and be able to style a multitude of ways.

Back to what this blog is about … I have styled this sweater for you 4 different ways to show you the versatility of it. I could’ve kept going but I didn’t want to bore you. Follow along below and let me know which way you like it worn best in the comments below …

Style 1: Coffee Meeting

Cream Sweater | Jeans | Hat | Mules | Sunglasses | Purse (similar)

I recently wore this outfit to a coffee meeting and paired the sweater with a darker jean because I was feeling ALL the fall vibes. I funked it up a bit with my favourite mules and a structured beige hat to add a bit of a “fashiony-edge” to the otherwise subtle outfit. Trust me, mules and hats (and cute bags too) will be your best friend if you want to take your outfit from boring to fashion forward in no time.

Style 2: Work Out to Running Errands

Cream Sweater | Yoga Pants | Runners | Hat | Water bottle

This is by far the comfiest style of all. I recently wore it on a road trip to Tofino and you look super cute and stylish without losing ANY comfort! It’s the perfect outfit (in my opinion) to run around and do errands in … or for rolling out of bed on a Sunday, throwing a hat on and heading to yoga class … finishing it all off with brunch with the girls. Need I say more??

Style 3: Every Day Attire

Cream Sweater | Jeans | Sneakers | Bag | Scarf

I would probably wear this style the most out of them all. Nothing beats a pair of comfy boyfriend jeans, a cozy fall sweater, a blanket scarf, and some cute sneakers. This style is perfect for your every day activities, for work (if you work somewhere casual), and even for apple picking!

Style 4: A Night Out

Cream Sweater | Silk Slip | Over The Knee High Boots | Earrings

This is definitely the most risqué style of all … but you can totally wear it as a dress for a night out!! I know some of you are probably thinking no way josé that is way too short … but just throw it over top of a dress that you are comfortable with the length or even wear tights underneath it if you’re still saying NO lol! I’ve paired it with knee high boots and statement earrings to jazz it up.

Well there you have it … I hope this has made it easier for you to picture yourself wearing this sweater and the versatility of it. I can’t wait to see how you babes rock it … make sure to tag me so that I can see!!



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    1. I like investing in a few new items each season that I know will last me a long time … instead of buying 5 cheaper things!! XOXO Shay

  1. Love this post! The sweater is gorgeous and seem incredibly versatile 🙂 Could you please commend on the size? Do you find it fits large, small or true to size?

    Thanks very much!

  2. Did you size down in this or take your usual size? Free People is always so oversized! But I would want to maintain some of that oversized look.

  3. What size did you order? I’ve been eyeing this sweater for awhile now, but I’m not sure what size is best – I do like the oversized look but the website indicates that the sizing runs quite large… I’m 5’6 and about 127 pounds. Thanks for your help!

  4. I’ve had this in and out of my cart for the last 3 days! Lol you’ve convinced me! I take this as a sign to buy it ?
    My only question is size! I usually would wear a medium sweater, but I want it to not be tight and I have bigger hips- do I size up? Or is it pretty big already? Thanks shay!! I’d love a blog post like this every week!

  5. WOW, I loveeeeee all four. #fashioninspo

    I think 2 and 3 are my favs but I love the edgy look with 4. I actually have this sweater in cream and the same scarf, I feel this post was made for me. I wore this sweater this weekend out with cute leather leggings and booties.

    I love this post and 100% think Shay should do more of them <3 I always admire your style and your Instagram post. You could look cute in a paper bag, haha.

  6. A truly, lovely sweater, but at 167.00$, I need to give it a pass. What would be helpful for myself, and a few others that follow you, is, if you could find a similar sweater at a consignment store, on sale, or a similar sweater at another store, that sells for less! I bet, that those of us who follow you would really like that! I know I would!

  7. Shay always looks adorable! Loved this post so much. Been debating this sweater and now can totally justify with knowing how to wear it four ways?. More posts like this please!?

  8. I love this post – more like this please! Shay, you are so stylish! I’m not ready to splurge on this sweater right now (I live in Florida, and can wear sweaters like…two days a year haha) but I immediately went to my closet and put together an outfit super similar to the last one and I LOVE it! Thanks for the inspiration! xo

  9. Love this post! Would love to see more posts of you taking 1 staple piece and showing multiple ways to wear it. If we can style it more than one way then it’s almost like you purchased four sweaters instead of just one, $50 a sweater is not half bad ?

  10. Gorgeous! Wondering where you got the French market basket in the photo as the one linked has small handles and the one in the photo has long handles?

  11. You rock that sweater every which way Shay….my beautiful, stylish daughter ?
    Love all the poses and scenarios….proud of you as always?

  12. Love this post Shay! Also when you said it was pricy, I was expecting it to cost way more but it’s super reasonably priced!! Great find and thanks for sharing!!

  13. I’ve been eyeing this sweating since last winter and this post finally made me take the plunge and purchase it. The price tag has really been the only thing holding my back, but I found it at Macy’s and was able to get 30% off with code “treat”, I’m so excited for this sweater I really see myself wearing it all the time and so many ways!

  14. Jillian both you and Shay would look good in a paper sack! Love this post. Waiting for my sweater to arrive so happy to have ideas for wearing it. I’m the same size as you Jillian so always happy for advice. Great job Shay and hopefully you will give more fashion advice in the future ?

  15. Obsessed. My girlfriends and I have been sitting on this sweater for weeekkkks. Finally made the purchase today because of this post! More entries like this PLEASE!

  16. What a great article! I’m itching for the deep berry colour. My vote is for more Shay style articles… I just love her! Xo

  17. This is a great post! I love the last look – Night Out. I wouldn’t have thought to style the sweater that way!

  18. This post makes me sooooooo happy!!!!!! Shay is the fashion guru!!!!!! I follow your insta and your style is incomparable!!!!

    Pretty please keep this up!!!

  19. When Jill wears the blue/purple-ish in insta vids I thought it was the similar version from Aritzia… so I went to buy it (LOVED the colour) and it was only available in a very short crop top…

    I was SO curious as to how the heck Jill was rocking this crop while pregnant lol…. because the insta vids only showed her shoulders up…

    Mystery solved lol! I’m buying this!!!

    Thanks Shay!!!! My fashion guru!!!! Xx

  20. Love the many different looks for this sweater! It really tempts me. I could only wear it in the deep cold days of winter, otherwise I would be ripping it off when I get a hot flash. This is what you guys have to look forward to, enjoy your youth lol!

  21. I absolutely love how you styled this sweater, Shay! It shows how versatile it is, which is key when you’re investing in a piece. I agree that it’s better to spend more on a few quality pieces than buy a bunch of clothes that won’t last. Quality over quantity! I think this sweater would also look great with a pair of skinny jeans and heels for a date night or night out for dinner with friends! More Shay style blogs please! 🙂

  22. I totally get buying higher priced items to last longer, however, sometimes its just not an option. For example, the first outfit head to toe is around 1000$! It would be great if there was a “price for less” look for those who simply arent able to invest! We still wanna look cute?‍♀️ lol. Great post regardless!! 🙂

  23. Love this post and always kick myself for not buying the pink version last year whenever I see Jillian sporting it. So this year, I didn’t waste any time after reading this post and bought the cream version the same day. 🙂 I’m currently wearing it at work and have already gotten many compliments on it.

    I bought it from Macy’s and was able to use a 30% off coupon, so I recommend that to anyone looking to save a little money. (I’m in the US so not sure if that works in CA)

    I’m a US 6/8 and bought a small. The neckline does stick up a bit more than Shay’s so I had to pull it a bit to get it to lay how I wanted it to. I was nervous my makeup would rub off on the collar. I would definitely not be able to wear it one shoulder without physically pulling and holding it down. The sleeves are somewhat more fitted than on Shay’s, but I wonder if they will stretch out throughout the day. The body is very loose. I think it is a good fit and a great find! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Hi! Have my alarm set for the color to be restocked November 1st and then it’s all mine :). Just wondering about the over the knee boots, do they fit true to size?

    Thanks a bunch!

  25. I couldn’t resist ? I had to stop myself from buying it in multiple colors. Thanks for the sale tip! I can’t wait for it to get in!!

  26. Do you need a code to get the 40% off? It’s not showing the discount when I click through from Jillian’s IG story.

  27. On Jillian’s instagram story it said this was 40% off. I went to the link and it wasn’t. Is there a promo code? Thanks. Its a beautiful sweater.

  28. I saw your Instagram story that said the sweater was 40% off but I can’t find the discount. Can you help? Thank you!

  29. Shay did a great job on this post – loved it! Hope to see more! I’ve been eyeing this sweater for a while and Nordstrom just put it on sale so I immediately grabbed one before they sell out!

  30. I absolutely love this sweater! You mentioned it being 40 % off, where would I find that? I went on free people site but it is regular price 🙁

  31. I have been coveting this sweater since you first told everyone how much you loved it and bought it when there was a sale. I’m so sad to report that it looks terrible on me! I’m short (5′-1″) and it’s boxy and swarms me. Maybe if they made an xxs it would work. So bummed 🙁

  32. I just got this in the color chambray and OMG this sweater is seriously so cute & cozy! The material is amazing! Yes, it was pricey but this will be a sweater that I will keep for years!! Thank you for recommending it! 🙂

  33. Shay –

    I am a blonde and love your make up. Would you be willing to share your lipstick color and do a make up post ?

  34. I purchased this sweater and love it. I’m curious if you dry clean vs hand wash? I hand washed mine and it took almost 3 days to dry with some color issues after. Any advice appreciated!

  35. Such a random question but I have a few white and cream and how do you all keep yours so white and looking soft? When I wash and dry flat they get really stiff.

  36. So , I have looked at Gerri g this sweater , does it really cost almost $300 to get it here in Canada ? Off of revolve and the free people site that seems to be the total

  37. Love all four looks! I have the tunic in black, and like to style it with faux leather leggings and either a bootie or a heel. I really, really wanted the tunic in red, but our store in Kamloops was sold out. ☹ ps. Love the idea of a how-to-style section with staple pieces and for all different shapes and sizes.

  38. Finally bought this sweater and LOVE it! I noticed the tag says to hand wash – wondering if Team Jilly does this with theirs or if you can actually put in the washing machine on delicate? Thanks!

  39. I am on the hunt for this in cream but can only find it online in ecru or ivory. Do you know which one is comparable to cream?

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