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Tips for Camping With A Newborn

Just because summer is coming to an end…that doesn’t mean camping is over with until next year!!! Well, I don’t think so anyway!! My favourite time to go camping is actually in September and October, when the leaves are changing colour and the morning air is crisp! All you need is to do is bring warmer clothes to layer up in and a good thermos to keep your coffee hot!! When it comes to camping with a newborn…the same rules apply! (Well, maybe not with the coffee thermos…but a portable bottle warmer instead lol!!)  We took Leo camping at 6 days old and again at 18 days old. We felt like this was the BEST time to bond as a family with no company, no texts or phone calls and no housework… and it was true!!  Everyone  thought we were crazy but for us it was the BEST way to start our new life!

Also, Justin was worried when we first got pregnant that he wouldn’t be able to camp anymore, and I assured him having a baby meant even MORE camping, and I wanted to keep my word. To be perfectly honest…did I REALLY want to go camping 6 days after having my vagina sliced open?? Ummm…NO FRIGGEN WAY…but it was a crazy time for us, everything was new and different… and camping was something Justin and I always did together that brought us closer… so I knew it was important to pack up my bags (and my sitz bath and pads) and go…
Ok. So we did it, and it was awesome and wonderful!! A little different than the old days…we were in bed much earlier, and I only had one glass of wine instead of a whole bottle lol…we slept in late, and didn’t take on too much.  Just a few walks and meals…but it was wonderful. We purposely went where there was no service, so we could escape the craziness of company.
So…what are our tips? Here we go!

Tip #1 Buy or Rent a Travel Trailer

Justin and I have been wanting a camping trailer for a while and we felt now that we have some precious cargo, this was the perfect time to do it!! I’ve done ALOT of camping in my days…not trailer camping but good ol’ tent under the stars camping…and let me tell you…I will now ONLY camp in a trailer!! Ok, some of you may call this ‘glamping’ but that is fine by me!! I couldn’t imagine camping with a newborn without one of these. Justin and I went straight to Voyager RV to find our new camper!! There were so many great options to choose from at Voyager RV and the the team was so helpful in finding us exactly what we needed!! We ended up finding a Jayco Hummingbird and fell in love!! It was perfect for our little family as it wasn’t too big, nor too small…it fit us all comfortably, even with Nacho!! Check out the pics and floor plan below!!


The best part about camping with a trailer…you get to sleep in a REAL BED!!! There were quite a few mid day naps taken here…not just for Leo…but me too!! Plus, when it got too hot outside, we relaxed inside the trailer with all the windows open…SO COZY!!

justin-leo-sleeping Jayco_hummingbird_floorplan

Tip #2 Don’t Travel Too Far

As much as I love exploring new lakes and camping spots, we didn’t want to be too far away from home or the hospital. Just incase something were to happen, we decided to park ourselves at Lake Lundom which is about an hour away from home. We are so lucky to have so many lakes here in BC, so it wasn’t difficult for us to find. Also, be sure you have an easy route to your camping spot so that your vehicle doesn’t get stuck!!


Tip #3 Bring A Variety Of Clothes For Baby

The last time we were camping, it was pretty hot, but you never know if the weather will cool down from day to day, bring lots of baby clothes so that you can layer them up incase it does get cold. Keep in mind, it usually gets alot cooler at night as well. I’m assuming there is no washing machine where you are going so the more clothes the better!!! There clothes are so small, you can pack lots!!


Camouflage Camping Outfit


Hat | Playsuit


Tip #4 Find A Shady Spot

You obviously went camping to get into the fishing charters near juneau ak, so try to find a cool shady spot that you and the babe can enjoy all day long. The awning on the Hummingbird was great feature for those spots where you just can’t find any shade and to see diverse fishes.


Tip#5 Bring These Things…

Some things that were great to have when camping with a newborn…

  1. A portable bottle warmer
  2. Baby sunscreen & bug spray
  3. Bugaboo mosquito net
  4. Diaper bag and/or pail
  5. Extra clothes and wipes

I hope this post encourages you to get adventurous and take your infants out camping!! I’m not sure if it would have been nearly as comfortable or easy without out our Jayco Hummingbird travel trailer, so thank you to Voyager RV for allowing us to let Leo experience the outdoors so early on!!!






Thank you Travel Land RV for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Good for you. We did it also. 2 boys 2 Bouvier dogs one pop up trailer and a station wagon. Left Oshawa Ont. and were in Memphis Tenn. when baby was 11 days old. Great vac. Much luck. KEEP CAMPIN

  2. I love that you bought a Jayco!!! Jayco was our family company until just recently we sold it. I was always a fan, now even more so! ?

  3. We took our baby at 3 days old and everyone thought we were nuts. I kept telling them it was the best time to go!
    Glad you did!

  4. So awesome. We too bought a trailer back in 2011. It was our empty nest splurge. Our girls were in college and we wanted to have the opportunity to reconnect as a couple and camping was the perfect fit. Little did we know that our girls were going to enjoy camping as much as we do. They now will fly home just to camp with us. You and Justin will truly enjoy camping even more now that you have a few more amenities vs traditional tent camping. Good for you guys!!!! Can’t say enough good things about getting out and leaving the chaos behind we call life.

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