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Todd’s Grammy Outfit Inspiration

It’s that time of year…AWARD SHOW time!!! My favourite part is scoping the red carpet and seeing who is wearing what and who wore it best!!! YES of course the majority of the award show is about who won what award…BUT it is also all about what people are wearing. First up…The Grammys!! The Grammys is an event that is DEFINITELY fancy dress but not as fancy as some of the other award shows… Todd has put together HIS idea’s of what men should wear…

Baracos + Brand (October 6-4Baracos + Brand (October 6-2

Nothing says rock star (or poser) like a cool pair of shades…especially at night! 

Men going to the Grammy’s should definitely wear some sort of suit. It doesn’t need to be as formal as a tuxedo, but a great suit and tie combination is always a classic. If you want to show some individuality, try to do it with an interesting tie, sock and shoe combo and maybe a pocket square!! You can get as creative as you want, but unless you are nominated, stick to sophisticated. Some celebrities can get away with ANYTHING… but for us average Todd’s we should stick to dressing semi-formally. If it’s good enough for Ray Charles who won 34 Grammy’s out of 74 nominations, it’s good enough for me!! Rock on!!

My Top 5 Ties:

  1. Check Print
  2. Subtle Flower Pattern
  3. Silky Stripe
  4. Light Polka Dot
  5. Cranberry Colour (just in time for Valentine’s Day)

Baracos + Brand (October 6-5
Photo credit: Matthew Chen 

Navy Suit | Dress Shirt | Tie | Shoes | Sunglasses

That’s all for now folks…



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