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If you didn’t already know or if I didn’t already tell you … I am hosting Christmas this year at my house for 30 plus people!!! I am so excited to eat good food, laugh too hard and enjoy some relaxation time with my friends and family. BUT first … hostess preparation!!! I have been making lists like mad and running around to different stores to make sure that I’m not forgetting anything. I recently popped into West Elm and found so many great hostess presents … I thought I would share the ones I picked up with you!!! If YOU are the hostess like me, take note!!! If you are the guest, any of these would make for a perfect present to show up with … hint hint…

A quick side note, one of my favourite ways to wrap presents for a host is by tying a personalized ornament on to the bow … or better yet have a Christmas cracker as the bow! Check out all of my other gift ideas below …

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Candle | Heart MugMatzo toffee Crunch | Marble Jewelry Box | Little Trinket Boxes | Mirrored Star | Personalized OrnamentsFaux Fur Throw | Brass Wishbone


What are some of your favourite hostess gifts?? I’d love to hear in the comments below ..




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  1. Thank you for the refresher on new ideas for hostess gifts .. I’m so old school .. Bottle of wine and a card .. Thanks for the mind shift ( on a funnier note I thought at first the tattoo on your foot said natcho cilantro lol ?… Again thanks for the wonderful ideas !!!!!

  2. Wine and fun wine glasses are my favorite but I also love to give homemade treats, Christmas themed mugs full of chocolates, fuzzy Christmas themed socks, hot chocolate packets..I am realizing most of my gifts are food related haha. Thanks for the new ideas and thinking outside of the box, twitter fan@plumerea

  3. Super cute wishbone! I’m getting one for sure! I’m hosting our Christmas eve family shindig. I will have about 35. Well reenact the nativity. The little girls fight over who gets to pay Mary and the 8-11 year old boys fight to be the donkey carrying Mary. Makes me smile! Then we’ll have a dinner and open pajamas from Frosty the Snowman. I love Christmas traditions!

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