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Day 11: An $800 Shopping Spree at Aritzia!

On the 11th Day of Christmas Santa Jilly and my true loves from Aritzia are gifting to you … an $800 shopping spree on them!!!

The days are starting to dwindle down but the prizes just keep getting better. This is seriously one of my favourite giveaways!! I’m sure by now you all know how much I love Aritzia… and if you don’t, now you do!!! $800 is a serious shopping spree and a seriously good looking new wardrobe. You can go hog-wild crazy over all of the amazing things that they offer. OR, if you still have some loved ones left on your list to check off, what better way than by spoiling them with some fabulous Aritzia finds??

I’ve made the shopping easy and have linked to some of my favourite pieces of the season that are on my wishlist AND some of my staple items that I can’t live without ….

Faux Fur Mortimer Coat ALWAYS wear this
Plaid Neelam Coat totally on my Christmas list!
Montbrun Dress have been wanting this for a while now
Rag&Bone Skinny Jeans just bought these
Plutarch Sweater have this in TWO colours!!
Faux Fur Vest you have seen me in this and asked about it ..
Cormac Wrap Coat perfect for any season
Boyslton Sweater one of my fav’s
Mosaic Blanket Scarf love love love
Vetus Sweater the green cardigan you alway ask about

To enter in this amazing giveaway you must follow Aritzia on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest AAAND me on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest. The more steps you do…the more entries you get!!!! Good luck my loves!


Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of my giveaways … can you guess what it is!?



Santa Jilly

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  1. I am getting so nervous for the big day when you announce the winners!! Thank you so much. I love Aritzia but usually can’t afford everything in that store unless it’s on sale….so I very much looking forward to a shopping spree. Your style is so amazing. xoxo

  2. Ahhh I miss this store! Since moving up to Fort McMurray AB, We have very limited shipping options. Would love to go on a shopping spree when I’m back in Vancouver BC for the holidays! Thanks Santa Jilly??

  3. AGHHH This would be aahh-mazing! I don’t have twitter, but not gonna make one for this lol. Following on everything else though. Is that all you need to do??

  4. Thank you, Jillian! My guess is the last prize will be either a trip to someplace warm or items from your curated clothing line.

  5. I now have the Plutarch sweater in two colors as well, solely because of seeing you in them!! Aritzia is the BEST, fingers a million times crossed! 🙂

  6. My mom Debra does such amazing things for me, she truly is my inspiration. And she is the coolest mom because she looovveeesss aritzia and once in a while even gives me great gifts from there. I would love to treat her for once and take her on this shopping spree if you pick me : )
    Thanks Jillian!!!
    – kelly stuart

  7. I would love to win this! I love you and Aritzia but cant afford half the time because I’m a student and I have a mortgage to pay 🙁 thanks for this opportunity Santa Jilly

  8. Omg I seriously have never won anything before!! Aritzia is my absolute favourite store! This would be the best Christmas surprise ever!!?

  9. I honestly rarely ship at Aritzia directly because I can’t afford it typically! HOWEVER I always scour the buy and sell sites for gently used Aritiza stuff!! so this…. would. be. awesome!!!

  10. Santa Jilly you are the greatest! You clearly put a lot of hard work and effort into getting all these fabulous giveaways for people! I hope you know it’s appreciated. Its even exciting to look every day at what fun thing you have come up with next! Merry Christmas xo

  11. Jillian! This is such a good give away. One of my favourites! I love Aritzia, but sometimes I don’t have the budget for it. I would be so thrilled if I did win this gift!

  12. Oh wow, this would be such an amazing prize to win! My 3 oldest daughters LOVE Aritzia but the stuff there is quite expensive. I would love to win & treat them all to some new clothes that they need, thanks for the chance!

  13. Love this giveaway. Have wanted their camo pants forever; this shopping spree would definitely help! Thanks for doing all these great giveaways!

  14. this would honestly be a DREAM come true! I have been eyeing the Mackage Kenya leather jacket for over two years now! I think I might believe in Santa again to win something like this! ????? I love artiziaaaaaaaa!!

  15. I love this giveaway …..I absolutely love the Manteau De Laine Spencer. This shopping spree would be a great way to jumpstart my new wardrobe for 2016!
    Thank you Santa Jilly ? and Aritzia for this great opportunity! My fingers are crossed. #Santa Jilly, #Aritzia ?

  16. For reaaaaals?? This is awesome! I used to shop at Aritizia almost exclusively until I went back to University and then I became a poor, poor student. Now I’m graduated but sadly still can’t afford to go shopping. This would be a great way to update my wardrobe and probably give me an incentive to lose all the pounds I’ve packed on over the years too….

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