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Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him!

Alright, Ladies … just as much as we would love Valentine’s Day to be ALL about us … it isn’t … we have to spoil the guys as well!! Lol!! Being that today is February 1st (side note; I actually can’t believe that), the countdown to Valentine’s Day is officially ON and I want to share some of my gift ideas with YOU in hopes I can make your gift buying a little bit easier this year!!

I know from experience just HOW difficult it can be to find that perfect “special something” for your main man, that isn’t over the top, yet still screams I LOVE YOU!!! Yes, I know, love isn’t ALL about gifts … but it sure is nice to spoil your man every once in a while. There are CERTAINLY other ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day which doesn’t involve gifts but for those of you that like to put that extra little cherry on top … this guide is for YOU!!! valentines-gift-guide-for-him

  1. Plaid Shirt | 2. Water Bottle | 3. Lace Bra | 4. Boxer Briefs | 5. iPhone Case | 6. Baseball Cap | 7. Pants | 8. Backpack | 9. Watch | 10. Beard Oil | 11. Ceramic Flask | 12. Cookbook

Back to some of my favourite gifts … I know, you’re probably thinking … if this is a gift guide for guys, why is lingerie on there?? Let’s just let that sink in for a moment and repeat that word back a couple of times … “lingerie … LINGERIE” … ladies, this is the PERFECT gift!!! What guy doesn’t like lingerie??? AND it doubles as a sweet little gift for yourself as well … see what I did there?? LOL!! However, having said that … if you do this, you must promise me to buy him those unreal pink Calvin Klien boxer briefs in addition to “his” lingerie gift!!! I mean seriously, how awesome are those?!?!

Also, we alllll know just how much guys love to baby their beards, so why not give them an excuse to take extra care of it with some beard oil?! Actually, if your man is into pampering (or should I say PRIMPING) himself then you have to check out The Primp Club!! From mustache wax to hair putty to the beard oil, they have your man and his MANSCAPING needs handled.

I always find you can’t go wrong with a new backpack or baseball cap, I’m always a big fan of Herschel hats and toques for guys!! Also, most guys tend to LOVE their tech so if you REALLY feel like spoiling (and I mean REALLLLLY SPOIL) him then I would suggest the Apple Watch.

There you have it!! I hope this helps you out!! Make sure to comment below and let me know what item on this list you think your main squeeze would love the most!!

Until tomorrow loves.



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  1. We think so much alike! My husaband has been gifted that swell bottle, thug kitchen, joggers and a flask since we started dating two years ago! lol I think the beard oil is perfect, for this year. Thanks for the ideas!!

  2. Hi Jillian:) I wondered where the sunglasses were from? They don’t seem to be posted. Great list though, thanks!♥

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