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Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him

Yesterday I shared my list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for HER so naturally, today I wanted to follow it up with my Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the MEN in your life!! I’m not sure how you feel but I find shopping for men a bit challenging at times … it’s either they want something for their vehicles (??‍♀️??‍♀️) OR they ask for something you have no clue about … for example, Justin LOVES Overlanding but I have NO IDEA what the hell I would get him for that?? So, to avoid driving myself completely crazy looking for things I know nothing about, I like to stick to fun techy gifts or practical items that he can use on the daily!!

Below I’m going to share my suggestions in a TOTALLY different way than I normally do … I know that there are all different sorts of relationships out there, whether they are SUPER new relationships, or if you’ve been with your partner for years, I’m going to share some gift idea suggestions for each relationship type!! Fingers crossed I nail this for you ??…

Hold up … before we dig into my suggestions for the guys … if you missed my post yesterday, check it out here and take a look at my favourite gift ideas for the ladies below (you can click on the product images to get more info!!) …

Jillian Harris Valentine's Day for Him

1. Google Home | 2. Nest Camera | 3. Tee | 4. Card Game | 5. Record | 6. Phone Case | 7. Water Bottle | 8. Sunglasses | 9. Hat | 10. Drone | 11. Mug | 12. Shave Foam | 13. Polaroid | 14. iPad Sleeve

Newly Dating

So you and your man are pretty fresh and you don’t want to “scare him away” on your very first Valentine’s Day together … fair enough. My suggestion would be to tuck that photo album you made of what your future babies are going to look like (remember that scene from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?! LOL!!) and return the Love Fern … and maybe go for something small and practical like a new phone case, an iPad sleeve, a hat or a new water bottle!! These are items that are not only cool … but your guy will get lots of use out of them and you won’t come off too strong … LOL!

Jillian Harris Gift Guide for MenJillian Harris Gift Guide for Men

It’s Been a Few Solid Years

This is the time when you can splurge a little and get a little more sentimental … like buying him his favourite record … or treating him to a new pair of sunglasses, some shave foam (I mean, he probably has a toothbrush at your home by now, right?! Might as well add some shave foam!!) and a Polaroid camera could also be fun to snap some frisky photos of each other ? … LOL!!

 Just Married

This is when you can start buying gifts that benefit BOTH of you!! LOL!! Like Google Home … this is awesome as a speaker for playing your fave music (notice how I said “your”?! Lol!) or the Nest Cam … these double as security cameras and a baby monitor in our home!! Or, if you REALLY want to splurge and spoil your man … how about a drone?!?! Every guy I know seems to be obsessed with drones, so I don’t think you could go wrong there!!

We’ve Been Together Forever

You’re his gift. Period. LOLLLL!!! But seriously … I’m sure at this point all you need is each other’s LOVE … and maybe a new mug.

What are YOU planning on getting your lover this year?? Comment below, I want to hear your ideas!!



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  1. Unrelated but I found the sweaters you were looking for for Leo. If you want them please email me and I’ll try to get them to you

  2. Thanks Jilly! I totally purchased my husband two things from the ‘new relationship’ category, even though technically we’ve ‘been together forever.’ 🙂 I also sent him the link for gift ideas for me! <3 Happy V-Day!

    1. AWESOME!!! What did you end up getting him Kate?! And good job on sending him the link … atta girl!! LOL!!! XOXO

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