Valentine’s Gifts For The Ladies

It’s the first day of February … and we all know what that means … VALENTINE’S DAY!!!! Well, almost … it’s still two weeks away but that means it’s time to start nudging your loved ones to sneakily remind them of some of your favourite things. Valentine’s Day is all about love. It doesn’t matter WHAT you get, whether it be a box of chocolates or fresh flowers from the garden (if you’re not in Canada) … BUT a little something special is always a cherry on top!!!

So ladies … share this with your boyfriends or your BFF’s!!! And gents if you’re reading this … take note!!! Here are my top 15 gifts that I would LOVE to receive this Valentine’s Day!! It never hurts to hit a home run … I’m sure the love will be reciprocated lol!!!

1. Chloe Perfume | 2. Watch | 3. Lingerie | 4. Bucket Bag | 5. Bangle | 6. Ring | 7. Necklace | 8. Clutch | 9. JH for PRIV Scarf | 10. Landeau Roses | 11. Valentino Heels | 12. Scrunchie | 13. Phone Case | 14. BITNB Mug | 15. What I Love About You Book

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day!? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. Jillian I love that you’re adopting a vegan-ish lifestyle, for all the obvious reasons, but what about the leather you’re promoting???

    1. I’m trying my best to make the switch … it’s just a slow process for me and I’m trying to focus on one thing at a time so that I don’t fail altogether!!!

  2. I SO wish Landeau delivered to the GTA. The vase they come in is adorable! I’d even purchase just the vase, lol.

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