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Your Winter Coat Guide: Puffers, Parkas, Trenches, & More!

Brrrrr … there’s no denying that winter is coming!! One of the many reasons I love living in Kelowna is because of the mild winters (especially compared to growing up in Peace River, Alberta!! LOL) but even though we have a milder winter than what I grew up with, we still get our fair share of crisp, see your breath, run from the car to the house as fast as you can COLD winter days.

Welp, the plus side to this is it’s a GREAT excuse to get my hands on adorable winter jackets and coats and today I’m dishing it all for YOU! With the endless options, styles, and brands it can be a bit overwhelming but fear no more, I have put together the perfect guide for you to follow with some of my favourites that I’ve had forever, and some new styles I’m loving! Plus, it’s Black Friday and SO many of these coats come with incredible discounts!

Before we get started I wanted to give a quick shout out to a fan, Daniela Ferorelli, who actually wrote in suggesting we do this blog and I LOVED the idea and thought it would be helpful for you! So let’s jump right into it!

My Go-To Brands and Jackets

I wanted to start off with my TOP three favourite jackets/brands that I absolutely love! These are my everyday go-to’s, and I would recommend them to anyone! They are totally worth the splurge!

1. Aritzia

As you know, I LOVE Aritzia and I have many of their coats in my closet because they have some of the best winter jackets, they are high-quality, cute and comfy! It’s been a blessing and a curse that Artizia is now in Kelowna! LOL! One of my all-time faves is the Super Puff, even if you were in a snowstorm you wouldn’t be cold in this baby! So if you’re looking for something that will keep you warm and cozy the Super Puff is your pick! Not to mention when you have this on, you feel like one big marshmallow! LOL! There are so many fun colours to choose from!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Blog1

Super Puff in High Gloss Rosy Tan

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Blog1

Super Puff in Black Matte

2. Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak have a vast selection of different types and styles of winter jackets and coats! One thing you can always count on them for is their quality! They have so many simple and modern styles that are perfect for everyone! Did you know that Frank and Oak implemented a minimal impact plan to protect our planet and our natural resources? I LOVE that they are a sustainable business! Plus, they also do their best to repurpose everything instead of it heading into the landfill! WAHOOO!! How awesome! The Puff, Parka, and Nova are my fave designs!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

The Hygge Puff

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

The Alpine Parka

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

The Nova Waterproof


One of my favourite places to look for winter coats and jackets is NOIZE! They have so many styles and VEGAN options, which is a huge bonus! They are on the pricier side but the quality makes it so worth it, they will last you years to come! I love my JULIA heavyweight Parka in the colour ‘Desert’, it is unbelievably warm and so comfortable! Awe this brings me back to playing with my kiddos in the snow! I can’t wait for these days! Okay, now I’m ready for snow! LOL

Jillian Harris Big White StaycationJillian Harris Big White Staycation

JULIA heavyweight Parka

Trenches and Coats

What I love most about trench coats is that you can be both dressy and warm! It’s so nice to be warm without a bulky coat, especially on days I have meetings and want to have a cute coat to go with my outfit! I have put together some of my all-time faves that you guys will love! From the Eiffel Tower in Paris to wine tastings in Kelowna, this coat and I have made some memories! LOL

TopShop Crepe Coat

This beauty is the Pink Crepe Coat from Nordstrom and it’s my FAV! The blush pink colour (of course, 😉 LOL!)  is so perfect and bonus, it’s super soft! Unfortunately, it’s all sold out right now, but I had to share it with you! I have found two really similar options, Melanie Herringbone Trench Coat and the Freddie Herringbone Coat!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat GuideJillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Berber Faux Fur Shirt Jacket

This Faux Fur Jacket from Nordstrom may not be as warm as the others but it’s perfect for fall/spring and in the winter I layer it with other jackets and a cute scarf! Voila! Plus, this looks great with any outfit and adds a stylish finish! I wore this when I was in New York and it kept me warm and looked pretty darn cute! Well, that’s what Justin said anyways. LOL!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat GuideJillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Faux Fur Jacket

Cozy Teddy Bear Trench

I’m all about stylish and comfy coats and this teddy bear material is SO damn soft, it’s a total win! This Cozy Teddy Bear Trench from Nordstrom, is the ultimate trench for the wintertime! Plus, I LOVE the pockets, as you know, I don’t love purses, so it’s so nice to have pockets for my stuff AND two of the pockets have zippers so I won’t lose my precious belongings in the snow! LOL

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Teddy Bear Trench

Shady Lady 

I wanted to include some of my favourite coats from Shady Lady as well! I have a couple pieces from their fall collection and LOVE them! They are so comfortable and very affordable which is a plus!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Teddy Coat in Pink

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Faux Fur Leopard Coat

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Oversized Lapel Wool Coat


If you’re looking for a winter jacket that is going to keep you super warm or you are planning on spending lots of time outside, you are going to want to pick from one of these parkas! Here are some of the ones I’m loving right now!

Chill Seeker Plaid Parka Coat

This Pink Plaid Coat from Modcloth wins for most stylish! I mean you can’t compete with that adorable plaid pattern! It’s the perfect mix between trench coat and parka. I love that you can wear this on those snowy winter days to shovel your driveway, but also wear it out and about and look cute!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Pink Plaid Coat

PrimaLoft Hooded Parka

This is a great option if you want to stay away from anything super heavy or bulky! This Hooded Parka from Joe Fresh offers just the right amount of coverage to keep you warm without adding the extra 10 pounds! LOL! Another huge plus to this jacket is that it doesn’t break the bank!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Hooded Parka

HANNAH Heavyweight Parka

I am in LOVE with this Heavyweight Parka from NOIZE! It’s similar to my Julia Heavyweight Parka above but a bit warmer! This is your Classic Winter Parka! It’s going to be super warm and durable and perfect if you’re planning on doing snow angels, and partaking in snowball fights (which I totally am)! LOL Now, this one is on the pricier side but you do get your bang for your buck! Plus, it’s vegan!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Teddy Bear Jackets

Teddy Bear jackets have to be one of the best parts of fall and winter! They are so cozy and soft (hence the name), it’s literally like you have a blanket wrapped around you! You can pretty much find teddy bear jackets in every clothing store during this time of year, but I have included some cute options for you below!

Fuzzy Drawstring Teddy Jacket

First I’ll start off with this classic Fuzzy Teddy Jacket from Urban Outfitters! This teddy jacket is made with a super soft fleece that will for sure keep you cozy in the chilly weather! I am in LOVE with this pink colour, but if pink is not your thing it comes in black, honey, olive and pink! This coat is great for layering to make it warmer for wintertime! I’ve also included some other cozy options from Urban Outfitters as well below!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Fuzzy Jackets

Emily Teddy Coat

If you’re wanting a more neutral and casual look, then this Emily Teddy Coat from Nordstrom will be the perfect fit for you! This still gives you the teddy bear look but also resembles a bomber jacket style! I’m also loving the tan colour! This reminds me the most of a teddybear and I love it! LOL

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Blog

Emily Teddy Coat

Tiarra Teddy Bear Jacket

When I saw this Leopard Teddy Bear Jacket from Shopbop I knew I had to share! You can never go wrong with a cute leopard print! I’m LOVING this print right now and if you want to know just how much check out my All About Leopard Print blog! This would look so adorable with a cute pair of booties and black jeans!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Leopard Teddy Bear Jacket

Teddy Fleece Zip Hoodie

What I think is so awesome about this Teddy Fleece Zip Hoodie from Nordstrom is that it’s a really light option opposed to the others that are more heavyweight. Again, great for layering! It’s so nice to make coats work in more than one season! This one you can totally wear day to day even when you are just loungin’ in the house and want to get all comfy and cozy!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Blog

Teddy Fleece Zip Hoodie

Lightweights and Puffers

I’ve always loved wearing puffer jackets, just something about how comfortable they are!  There are so many options out there today, so I have rounded up my faves! I love how lightweight they are, and another huge plus is that they are super easy to layer! With that being said I have also included some lightweight options you can use to layer underneath them as well!

Mae Hooded Puffer Jacket

This Hooded Puffer Jacket from Urban Outfitters is perfect for everyday wear! I like how it’s not super long, but you still get the puffer jacket look and feel! I am also loving the tan colour, I think this would look adorable with really light coloured jeans and a pair of Hunter boots! This also comes in slate grey and black!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Blog

Hooded Puffer Jacket

Corduroy Puffer Jacket

This Pink Corduroy Puffer from Nordstrom has to be one of my favourite finds yet! It’s fairly inexpensive for a puffer jacket and not to mention it’s corduroy!! How cute is that? I would style this with your favourite knit toque, and mittens and you’re ready to take on the snow!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Pink Corduroy Puffer

Extreme Oversized Puffer Coat

If you’re a Puffer Extremist, this Extreme Puffer Jacket from Urban Outfitters has your name written all over it! I would love to be bundled up in this while watching Leo on the snowboarding hill, sippin’ on hot cocoa (with Baileys! LOL), or while playing outside with the kids! I think this would be the perfect option for anyone who just wants to feel warm and comfortable in the snowy weather!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Extreme Puffer Jacket

Quilted Active Jacket

This Active Jacket from Joe Fresh is perfect for layering under any jacket or to wear on its own! What is so great about being able to layer is that you will never be too cold or too hot! You have the option to bundle up more, but always shed a layer off if you get too hot! I always try to wear 1 or 2 layers under my jackets for this purpose! It is a similar colour to the Jilly Jacket below! I hope you were able to snag a Jilly Jacket before they all sold out in the fall!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Active Jacket

Sherpa Jacket

I have this Sherpa Jacket from Joe Fresh in the colour ‘Off White’, and it’s the coziest little jacket I have! It still looks so cute on its own, and it makes the warmest underlayer! What makes this so comfy is that it is a fleece material and is SO soft! It also comes in black, off white, light camel, pale blue, lilac, red and burgundy!

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Sherpa Jacket

Glacier Fleece Jacket

Okay last but certainly not least, I had to share this Glacier Fleece Jacket from Free People! This might just be one of my favourite finds, and I might have to bite the bullet and order myself one before they all sell out! Don’t tell Justin…LOL It’s the perfect length to be a winter coat on its own, BUT you can totally still wear this under a larger winter jacket! It’s soft, cute and has tons of pockets! Mamas, can I get a hell yeah?! As a Mom, you can never have enough pockets. LOL

Jillian Harris Winter Coat Guide

Glacier Fleece Jacket

Winter Accessories

Although these jackets are super cute it’s really the accessories that put it over the top! These finishing touches really brings the look together and they are so fun to mix and match! All of these are from one of my favourite places to shop, Urban Outfitters!

I’m also loving these scarves from Urban Outfitters too! The plaid one is SO cute, and I love the chunky look of the cute cream scarf!

Now I’m ready for winter! It’s supposed to finally snow here in Kelowna so I’m going to press check out on my orders and gear up for winter! I really hope you found this to be informative and helpful! With Black Friday sales you can probably snag these cute coats with some prettttttty nice savings! Which jacket or better yet, jackets are you going to rock this winter?!




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  1. Thank you for including a brand that doesn’t use down filling! I’m definitely going to be checking out NOIZE next year when I buy a new coat! 🙂

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