5 Places to Rock Your Bell Sleeves

Good morning!! Ok, I have to admit, I’m a LOVER of the 70’s bell sleeves!! Are you?? I’m SO happy they’re back in style because not only are they stupidly cute but they’re also really comfy as well! On today’s blog, I’m going to share with you 5 places to rock your bell sleeves along with one of my new favourite outfits, yup … that striped bell sleeve top is the BEST!

I love this top for the fact that it can be dressed up or dressed down, pair it with some jean shorts or skinny jeans and you have a weekend look OR rock it with an a-line skirt and show up to the boardroom in style! Ever since I started crushing on these bell sleeve tops I have noticed there are so many freakin cute bell sleeve tops and dresses out there, the selection at Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters is insane!! I went through so many and have picked out my faves for you below along with a suggestion of where you would wear certain looks … check it out!!

Jillian Harris J Crew Red Bell Sleeve Shirt BeachJillian Harris J Crew Red Bell Sleeve Shirt BeachJillian Harris J Crew Red Bell Sleeve Shirt BeachJillian Harris J Crew Red Bell Sleeve Shirt Beach

Bell Sleeve Top | Sunglasses | Shorts | Shoes | Bag | Hat

1. Work

Adorable tops and dresses that are stylish AND work appropriate! Score!!

2. Date Nights

Date nights are those times you tend to get a little tipsy and flirty, am I right?? These tops and dresses are sure to do the trick!

3. Brunch

This situation is your prime opportunity to wear those outfits that only the girls will appreciate! We all have those outfits in our closet that the men in our life just don’t get … like the ones that don’t show every crack, curve, and crevasse! You know what I mean! LOL!

4. Weekend Day Trips

For those times you want to look totally casual and cute ALL at the same time, effortlessly, of course.

5. Lounging at Home

These are ALL about comfort, whether you’re lounging on the couch crushing out a new Netflix series or catching up with the family over a cup of coffee!

Jillian Harris J Crew Red Bell Sleeve Shirt Beach

What do you think?? Yay to bell sleeves or do you think they should stay in the past?? I vote YAY all around!!



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  1. Jillian I had to take a minute out of my night to tell you how amazing you are! I just think it’s crazy how someone who follows you can be so cruel and say bad things. You are amazing, you have a beautiful family, beautiful home you and Justin built and that adorable Leo! I hope you read this and know what a true fan I am of yours. That picture was so pretty of you.

  2. Miss Jillian,
    I felt compelled to write you, from one Albertan to another. Not sure you will read this advice (god knows I don’t even listen to my own!) – however, please do not let the ‘keyboard warriors’ with their negative comments bring you to tears or change who you are. The reason why you are beloved is because of your honesty and down to earth attitude. Never get a thick skin and remember that the negative vampires are lonely, sad individuals. Because of you, I love the colour white, tried new vegan recipes and have a visit to Sandhill winery on my bucket list! BTW, when I saw your ‘bum’ pic, the first thing I said to myself…”I had that once!”

  3. Hi Jill,

    I love the bell sleeve as well. Great style options here thanks! I would really love to see you do a post on faux leather pants for fall. I have been on the hunt for a great pair and I feel like with so many options and reviews how do you know which ones fit well and look authentic.

    Thanks, love your blog.


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