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5 Ways to Celebrate Father Figures That Don’t Break The Bank!

There’s no denying that these last few years have been financially tough for so many, which got me thinking of different ways to celebrate those father figures in your life without breaking the bank. Whether you plan the perfect outdoor picnic with their favourite snacks or give them a day off of chores, those father figures are bound to feel loved and appreciated!

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

1. Outdoor Picnic

If there is one way to their heart, it’s through food! Head to the grocery store, pick up his all-time favourite snacks and plan a sweet little picnic in the park. Want to win Father’s Day gift of the year? Be sure to top it off with a few of his favourite ice-cold beverages of choice.

Jillian Harris Vegan Charcuterie Board to Celebrate Dad

2. Chore Free Day

I don’t know about you, but this truly sounds like the best gift of all time. A day without having to think of what’s for dinner, folding laundry, or cutting the grass, sounds like a dream. Instead of having dad do all the chores, take on his task list for the day instead!

Jillian vacuuming

3. Plan an activity

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with a few activities? From go-karting, mini-golf, bowling (the list goes on!) there are a number of fun activities you could do with dad. My all-time favourite activity was a homemade mini-golf course that I set up for Justin last year!

Jillian Harris Leo Takes Up Golf to Celebrate Dad

4. Go on an excursion

The weather is warming up (finally!) in the Okanagan! Take this opportunity to head out and do something that your father figure would enjoy. Head to a local brewery or winery for a tasting, go out on the water, or to the beach. You never know what local gems you may find!

Celebrate Dad

5. Make their favourite recipe

I think that preparing meals is secretly my love language! With that, why not make dad their favourite meal or recipe? Need some inspiration? Try creating the ULTIMATE veggie dog, take a look at some of my favourite flavour combos via my Dogs for Dads blog post! Or, give our Seitan Vegan Burgers a try! Ps. If you’re looking for a delicious topping, try whipping up Justin’s famous Cowboy Candy!

And for all of the significant others out there that are stumped about what to get your partner for Father’s Day … a little bow chicka wow wow is free AND you don’t need to order it ahead of time! Just sayin’ 🤣 …

Happy Father’s Day!



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