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Team Jilly’s Recap of The Nimmo Bay Luxury Retreat

Tucked in the middle of the Great Bear Rainforest and only accessible by float plane, helicopter, or boat is the most magical resort:  Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort. Jillian, Justin, Charles and Tori have shared their love for this serene location (which you can read all about here), but this time Jen and I (Shay) from Team Jilly got to travel there to attend their 2nd-annual Nimmo Bay Wellness Week to unplug, unwind and really connect with our most spiritual selves. I am going to take you through the transformational journey that we experienced at this retreat and special place, and share all the reasons why you have to add this destination to your bucket list. Have a read below…  

Team Jilly on the float plane to Nimmo Bay retreat
Welcome sign at Nimmo Bay retreat

Nimmo Bay is very remote, so getting there requires a bit of planning and travelling, but trust me; it’s worth it. We flew from Kelowna to Vancouver, then Vancouver to Port Hardy and then took a 20-minute float plane into Nimmo Bay with Tori (Jill’s cousin!) and Jill (Tori’s friend), who were joining the retreat as well. The float plane into Nimmo Bay was unbelievably beautiful and an experience all in itself; it literally brought tears to our eyes! It was very clear from that plane ride alone that the scenery was going to provide a stunning backdrop for our wellness work that week. And from there, the journey only got better…

We were greeted and welcomed “home” by the amazing Nimmo Bay staff, including Irvin, the Protector of the Land, along with Confluence—Nimmo Bay’s gift shop with lots of locally-made kitchen, bath & home products—even left a welcome package in our cabins! It was the perfect kick-off for what was ahead.

Shay Merritt and Team Jilly at Nimmo Bay retreat
Team Jilly's cabin at Nimmo Bay
Inside Nimmo Bay cabins at wilderness retreat
Shay Merritt journalling at Nimmo Bay retreat
Morning view from the Nimmo Bay cabins
Team Jilly journalling at the Nimmo Bay retreat

That evening, the retreat officially kicked off with an opening ceremony where Irvin welcomed everyone to the land that he and his family grew up on. It was a beautiful way to start off the retreat. At the ceremony, we got to set our intentions for the week, as well as meet the other attendees and the six wellness Masters who would be leading the workshops during our time at Nimmo Bay. Each of the Masters had a different specialty and area of expertise, and as we would soon discover, they specialized in different areas of wellness! 

To learn more about the Masters in attendance, check them out here!

Floating building and docks at Nimmo Bay retreat
Nimmo Bay retreat workshops with the Masters
Outdoor common area at Nimmo Bay retreat
Indoor common room at Nimmo Bay retreat

From there, the week unfolded with yoga classes, workshops led by the Masters, hikes, kayaks, dips in the hot tub, cold plunges in the ocean, and trips to the floating sauna. 

All activities and workshops throughout the course of the retreat were optional, and we were encouraged to customize our wellness journey to best suit ourselves! This could be done by choosing to attend or not attend the group workshops, booking an excursion with a guide (like kayaking and hiking), sampling off of the Wellness Menu and Wellness Treatments OR choosing to relax in your room, sauna or hot tub!

Shay Merritt kayaking at the Nimmo Bay retreat

That being said, the workshops were so impactful… we attended as many as possible!! Here is a little overview of some of the workshops included in the retreat:

  • Restorative Earth
  • Jivanmukti Yoga and Chakra Tuning
  • Awareness of Self Through Inner Journeys in the Body-Mind
  • Restorative Path of Fire Eagle (hike)
  • Breathing Workshop

… and so much more!

One of our personal favourites was the breathing workshop. For me, that one was the most impactful. One of the masters presented why we should be spending time learning to breathe like this:

“We spend so much money on our wellness and food, but one of the most important things to keep you alive is to breathe, and none of us have taken the proper time and energy to learn how to breathe properly.”

Those words spoken by Tyler, the Master, really opened my mind up to so much more.  Taking the time at Nimmo Bay to learn how to breathe from someone who works with top-tier athletes in the NHL was truly special. Not only did I feel more connected to my breath and myself, but I also couldn’t help but think how powerful it would be if, as kids, we were taught these simple lessons at an early age. 

As a kid in grade 7, I was a ski racer. I was very competitive and also was very hard on myself to be the best at everything. This turned into consistent panic attacks at the start of a race resulting in me constantly being transported to hospitals on oxygen. Unbeknownst to me, I was suffering from extreme anxiety and ended up in the Children’s Hospital. At the time, no one knew what anxiety was, as mental health was less spoken about. If only, as a kid, I would have been taught the importance of breathing correctly in challenging situations, perhaps I would’ve been set up for success. Imagine the impact it would have had on myself or any young competitive athletes and just kids in general. 

In addition to the transformative workshops, we were also treated to the most delicious plant-forward meals. It was a vegan/vegetarian hybrid, and all of the meals were outstanding!! Some highlights were the coconut chia seed pudding with fresh fruit, the falafel bowls and the taco night. 

Nimmo Bay retreat falafel bowl from their vegan menu

Now, as far as relaxation goes, there truly is nothing more relaxing than experiencing the floating sauna or soaking in the hot tub next to the waterfall. We definitely prioritized trips to both during our stay because we just couldn’t get enough!!! That in itself is a wellness retreat! 

Outdoor floating sauna at Nimmo Bay retreat
Floating sauna at Nimmo Bay
Waterfall at Nimmo Bay
Team Jilly at the Nimmo Bay hot tub

We also have to give a shoutout to the incredible staff at Nimmo Bay! You could tell from the second we landed that everyone working there truly loved their jobs and were passionate about what they do. Their attention to detail is like no other and truly made our stay exceptional, including the spa services that they offer. Jen had her first-ever massage, which has now set the bar pretty high for future massages! Talk about an amazing first massage experience to be in a treehouse while listening to the cascading waterfall just next to you!

Nimmo Bay spa next to a waterfall
Team Jilly visits the Nimmo Bay spa

Another highlight from the trip was the boat ride excursion I  went on with the owner, Fraser and Jill (Tori’s friend).  Learning about the history of the resort and the many trials his family has faced to make Nimmo Bay the experience that it is today was so inspiring. Not to mention seeing the beauty of the surrounding forest from the boat was spectacular. While on the boat, we even got to harvest our own fresh Sea Urchin for their roe (also called uni!), saw hieroglyphics, and even spotted pods of porpoises. 

Shay Merritt on a boat ride at Nimmo Bay
Nimmo Bay retreat boat tour
Shay Merritt holding sea urchins

After just a few days, it was amazing how quickly we both fell in love with Nimmo Bay.  Our emotions were high on our final day and as we boarded the float plane to head home. This experience was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and just so transformational and memorable for us both. We are SO HONOURED to have had this opportunity to represent our team and be able to showcase Nimmo Bay to all of you.

Jen and Shay from Team Jilly on a boat tour

Of course, we HAD to snag a few more goodies from Confluence, Nimmo Bay’s gorgeous shop, before we headed home. I bought a pair of these hand-crafted Inverted Ovoid Earrings (in white), some Messengers from the Great Bear Oracle Cards (because we tried Tarrot while at Nimmo Bay, and it was so much fun!), and some herbal tea! I even picked up this Men’s Modern Melton Shirt in Grey, and a Nimmo Bay hat for Cam! Oh, and I CANNOT forget this adorable teddy bear that, yes, I did, in fact, get for myself, LOL.

Before I sign off, I just have to say… this getaway will undoubtedly be one of my all-time favourites. If you are even remotely feeling like you need a break from your busy life, THIS is the place to rest and reset. The beauty is unparalleled, and even the busiest of minds is sure to find a sense of peace. The staff at Nimmo Bay are so great at creating personally designed trips which can turn any trip into a wellness retreat. It is truly worth adding Nimmo Bay to your bucket list!!! This is a must!! To learn more about Nimmo Bay and book your next getaway, click here.



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