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Jillian Harris Baby Favourites




Jillian Harris


A Comprehensive List of My Favourite Baby Items

I get so many questions on what my favourite baby items are, from strollers to car seats, to breast pumps, etc. So, I decided rather than answering everything one at a time that I would lay it ALL out in one comprehensive list!

These are the basic baby items that I’ve grown to love over the last two years. They are items that we have used and currently have in our home. I would buy any of these items for a friend because I love them all so much!

Actually, while we are on the topic of strollers … before Annie was born we ended up grabbing the Bugaboo DONKEY2 which is amazing for two kids as it doubles as a side by side stroller for both your baby AND your toddler!! This is particularly handy when I want to get outside for some fresh air with the kids … and our third child, Nacho. LOL!

Alright, without further adieu, here is a list of my favourite tried, tested and true baby items!

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My Favourite Basic Baby Items


Carrier: Beluga Baby | Baby Bjorn

Play Mat: Bubs & Windy

Bouncer: Nuna (Leaf Curv)

Stroller: Bugaboo (DONKEY2 & Bee)

Car Seat: Peg Perego (Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido)

Diapers: Pampers (Pure Collection)

Diaper Disposal System: Ubbi

Changing Pad Cover: Aden + Anais

Wipes: Pampers (Pure Collection) | Water Wipes

Diaper Rash Cream: Saje (Sweet Cheeks)

Wipe Dispenser: Prince Lionheart

Baby Wash: K’pure (Sleepy Time)

Baby Lotion: Saje (Mini Moisture) | K’pure (Babe Body Oil)

Wash Cloths: numpfer

Hooded Towel: OneBerrie (Bare Bundle)

Bath Toys: Munchkin

Teethers: Glitter & Spice | Otherware

Books: Leo has a few favourites right now, check them out here!!

Rattle: Tuk + Milo

Humidifier: Dyson

Nail Clippers: Fridababy (NailFrida)

Baby Monitor: Nest (Nest Cam)

Nose Aspirator: Fridababy (NoseFrida)

Thermometer: Flo (Contact-Free Smart Thermometer)

Highchair: Stokke (Tripp Trapp Chair)

Breast Pump: Philips Avent (Manual Breast Pump)

Breast Milk Storage Bags: Medela

Nursing Pillow: Blessed Nest (Nesting Pillow)

Bottles: Philips Avent (Natural Glass Bottle)

Bottle Warmer: Philips Avent (Fast Bottle Warmer)

Bottle Sterilizer: Philips Avent (Steam Sterilizer)

Formula: Earth’s Best

Onesies: Juddlies Designs | Hanna Anderson | Sapling Child | Bambi & Birdie | Tiny Button Apparel | Jax & Lennon | L’ovedbaby

Swaddles: Aden + Anais | numpfer | lulujo baby | Little Unicorn

Burp Cloths: Aden + Anais

Hats: The OVer Co | Jax & Lennon | Tiny Button Apparel

Bassinet | Crib Sheets: Peapod & Nate (we had ours custom made!)

Crib Bedding Set: Peapod & Nate | Bella Notte

Crib: Pottery Barn Kids

Changing Table: We use the dresser for this!

Dresser: Pottery Barn Kids

Bassinet: Baby Bjorn

Glider: Wayfair | Oilo Studio

Blanket: lulujo | Lou Lou & Company | Aden + Anais

Diaper Bag: Fawn Design

Sleep Sack: Gunamuna (Gunapod Sack) | ergoPouch

Knot Gowns: Jax & LennonTiny Button Apparel

Bows: The Printed Bow Company | Baby Bling

Nursing Bras: Medela

Pampering Products for the New Mama (essential oils, face mists, etc.): Saje | So Luxury | K’pure


Do you use any of these? What are some of your favourites?? Make sure to share your thoughts below!



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  1. Odette says:

    I just wondered if you ever used a sound machine for Leo or now with Annie. They are extremely handy when napping your baby at someone else’s house (portable ones) and having one in both Leo and Annie’s room (plug in type). Many sleep consultants says they are a must. Just windering

  2. Lea says:

    Ah, I’ve been thinking lately that I wish I had a list of the baby stuff you use/post about. I’m 16 weeks pregnant and just starting to think of what I will need. This will be so helpful! Thank you thank you!!

  3. Hillary says:

    Not a Mama yet, but this list was fun to read. We often give OVer Co. products for baby gifts. We love to support local parents who founded the company due to the need of protecting their baby after spending time in the NICU. They have come such a long way. Now to save this blog post for when we have babies.

  4. Megan R. says:

    I’ve never used it but if we get pregnant again, I’m totally purchasing a bbhugme pregnancy pillow and nursing pillow!!! They look so comfortable and pretty.

  5. Alexandria Taylor says:

    I love the moses basket and stand that you have, could you let us (me) know what brand that is? Thanks so much! I just moved to the Okanagan and have used a lot of your recommendations–thanks for making so many local ones and being a great ambassador for the area!

  6. Ashley says:

    Hi Jillian,

    I just wanted to say thank you! I had my second baby the day before you had Annie. I have a 4 1/2 year old (Allie) and our newest baby girl (Ada). I look forward to your insta stories daily. Listening to your tips and tricks have been almost therapeutic for me, and some of the products you’ve shared I’ve purchased and love! So, thank you for sharing! Ashley 🙂

  7. Stephanie Chiasson says:

    I heard about the hipp organic baby formula and I was wondering what you thought about it. Reviews of this product looks really good. Here you say you use earth’s best, so I was wondering if you’ve tried the hipp brand also?

  8. Claire says:

    I looked at the stroller and I can only find one colour while yours is 2 colours which I love ❤️ ?

  9. Kelsey says:

    Hi Jillian, just wondering what the black and white shapes pack is called. It folds out and has a mirror? Thanks!

  10. L says:

    You also mentioned the Haakaa breast pump in an earlier Instastory. Is it a replacement for the Avent? I hated the massage two pump with the plugs and bag. It was horrible.

  11. Chelsea says:

    Love the ergo 360 carrier!!

  12. Jennifer says:

    Do you use a white noise machine?

  13. Laura says:

    Do you use any bands or bloomers for post partum support? I’d be interested in a post on how you take care of YOU in those first few weeks!

  14. Sonia says:

    What’s the little pillow you have Annie laying in on the coffee table in one of your posts?

  15. Lauren says:

    Preparing for my first baby and love reading about your recommendations! Which glider do you like from Wayfair?! The link just directs me to the overall site.

  16. Jane says:

    Great post. We are huge fans of the Mimos Pillow for preventing baby flat head syndrome. Also LOVE weleda baby calendula cream.

  17. Angelique Leslie-Young says:

    I love Au fait mama nursing t shirts and tanks…they are made in Vancouver! And the Fisher Price rock and play basinet….only thing my little guy would nap in and the Fisher Price snug a bunny swing!!…only thing my daughter would nap in and handy when you need to make dinner and babe is fussy!

  18. SHOo says:

    Can we talk about that dress you are wearing?? ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Amanda says:

    Can you please suggest which lactation tea you find works best? I’m a first time momma with a 3 month old boy, and struggling to keep my milk supply up!
    Thank you!

  20. Sherry says:

    You mentioned a pump you use when you are feeding to catch the letdown. Can you share what that is?? Your babies are adorable and you seem to be adjusting to two with such a relaxed vibe (at least that how it comes across on insta). I’m expecting baby #2 and they will be 20 months apart so I’m aspire to a more relaxed feel with the second one than I did with the first!! ??

  21. Susie says:

    Love this post! We are preparing for a 2nd baby at the end of November and we are stuck between getting a Bugaboo Donkey2 or an UPPAbaby Vista. I’m leaning towards the Donkey2 but our biggest concern is will it be too wide for everyday use? What’s your experience with it? I love how they are side by side! Would love to hear your thoughts.

  22. Sharon Buchanan says:

    im wondering where U bought those sweet little boots U had on Annie in one of your posts

  23. Becca says:

    I am wondering what that new baby subscription box was that you mentioned a while back. It may have come with that black&white shapes kit for Annie.

    Ps. For your haakaa and hot wheels car issue… you should try one of those flower plugs for the haaka 🙂

  24. Angelika says:

    Love these suggestions!! I’ve been searching the blog/your insta for the brand of soother you’re using with Annie! I know you mentioned it in a story but I never wrote it down! TY Xo

  25. Keara Boisjolie says:

    I love watching all your stories as I am a new mom! My baby girl, Gianna, was born on 9-19! I am desperately searching for the black and white stimulation cards/mat that Annie has! I can’t seem to find anything online which is shocking to me! Where is yours from?

  26. Kristina says:

    I’m curious to know the oval pillow you lay Annie in your Instagram Posts. I’ve been searching online and can’t seem to find it. If you can recommend that would be amazing ?

  27. Lena says:

    Love this list!
    What Canadian made brands would you recommend that use bamboo for baby clothes, specifically pants and onesies?

  28. Haley-Rae says:

    Hi Jillian! Just wondering which car seat you like best for Leo? My daughter will outgrow her infant car seat soon so I have started looking into into the next step!

  29. Cassie says:

    I know you like the manual breat pump but on a recent Instagram post you talked about other type that you liked and I think it start with an H? What was this brand?

  30. Alison says:

    We love Eco Chic Movement baby and momma skin care products. They are 100% non-toxic and made by a chemical engineer and naturopathic doctor in Ottawa!

  31. Vicki says:

    Hi! What is the name of the pacifier you use for annie? My 3rd baby was born very close to Annie! Thanks

  32. Diane de Visser says:

    What brand is your crib mattress ?

  33. Diana says:

    Thank you for sharing this list! I was curious as to which convertible car seat you use for Leo? Our baby girl is outgrowing her car seat and looking to make the switch! Thank you!

  34. Brooke says:

    Are you able to list the lactation teas you have been using, you had them on your insta story and I forgot to write it down. Thanks

  35. Amanda says:

    In your insta stories you have a amazing activity mat for Annie. Has lots of colors and shapes. Just wondering what brand it is?

  36. Rebecca says:

    I’m trying to find which pacifier you use for Annie! I see them in your posts all the time but can’t seems to find the brand!

  37. kate says:

    what is the name and/or website for the drops you use to help keep up your milk supply?

  38. Denise Salaza says:

    Hi Jillian,
    May i ask what brand of pacifiers you are using for your baby?

  39. Elizabeth Eggers says:

    What pacifiers/clips are you using with Annie lately?

  40. Tori says:

    Where is this pink tunic/dress from that you are wearing in the photos with Annie and I think you were wearing it in your video of Annie’s birth

  41. Andrea Zinck says:

    Hi Jillian

    Are you still using the Nest Cam as your baby monitor? I’ve noticed in the last 2 weeks it looses the video feed after about 30mins, and I need to launch the app again on my iPhone. Not the most ideal situation at night once I go to sleep. Just curious if you’re experiencing the same thing. It never used to to this and I’ve been using mine for 2 years as a baby monitor. If you are maybe you can reach out to Nest?


  42. Crissy says:

    I believe you had the MamaRoo with Leo and now have the Nuna Leaf Curve with Annie, would you recommend the Nuna Leaf? Trying to decide between the two… thanks!

  43. Maria says:

    Hi! Was just wondering, where is the black and white visual stimulation baby mat from that Justin loves and swears by? I thought it would be listed here but I didn’t see it.

  44. I love baby stuff 🙂 Isn’t it so much fun that so many companies make such beautiful and such incredibly helpful products! I know they usually cost an arm and a leg, but grateful none the less. Love the items you picked, but mostly loving your gorgeous photos!

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