A Timeless Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

I know I’ve been sharing quite a few gift ideas with you lately but I find it better to have LOTS of suggestions than not enough! Am I right?? I also know that some of you out there prefer to invest in gifts that are timeless which is why I wanted to share this post with you because there’s no better timeless gift than a watch!! Mind the pun … ? But in all seriousness, watches DO make the perfect gift for a few reasons, and I plan on sharing those with you below but first, let’s take a quick peek at a few watches that are the perfect mix of delicate and flirty for this upcoming day of love!

I’m loving these stylish silver styles by British accessories brand Olivia Burton. You can shop the brand online or in-store at The Bay (this is for you, my fellow Canadians!!) or directly online at Ben & Boule Trading! The White Dials are perfect for an understated look, or try the Busy Bees styles (they feature little 3D bees that dance around the dial). The unique Abstract Floral pieces also make for a unique gift.

Jillian Harris Timeless Valentine's Day Gift Idea Olivia Burton Jillian Harris Timeless Valentine's Day Gift Idea Olivia BurtonJillian Harris Timeless Valentine's Day Gift Idea Olivia Burton

Abstract Florals Watch | Busy Bees Watch | White Dial Watch

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why I think watches make the perfect gift!

1. Timeless

I mentioned it above and I’ll mention it again, watches are a bit of an investment but it’s okay because they will literally last a lifetime if you treat them with care!

2. The Perfect Accessory

Watches are pretty much the ONLY thing I wear regularly for accessories! I love my little stud earrings and my delicate necklaces but other than that I wear a watch day in and day out!

3. You Can Never Have Too Many

Some watches go better with different outfits and your mood changes daily so it’s nice to have options so you can swap things up from time to time!

4. You Can Pass It Down

I always love items that get passed down from generation to generation, I think it’s so cool to keep something in the family, imagine all of the memories that item would have been a part of … if only watches could talk!

5. What If Your Phone Dies

LOL!! How will you tell the time if your phone dies?! ??

Jillian Harris Timeless Valentine's Day Gift Idea Olivia Burton Jillian Harris Timeless Valentine's Day Gift Idea Olivia Burton

What’s your favourite timeless gift to get for a loved one? Comment below!!






Thank you Olivia Burton for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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    1. OMG I’ve had it for so long, it’s an oldie but a goodie!! Can’t remember where I got it from!!! XO

      1. Urban Outfitters has a very similar grey sweater right now…i actually thought that’s where this one was from!! (I will probably order 🙂

  1. Hello + Happy Friday :: does the watch you’re wearing in this post measure the same size as your beloved L&J? — I have the gold L&J as well and swore I would never long for another watch again! But the one in this post – mixed metal — oh, the prettiness!

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