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The Bachelor Recap: Arie’s One and Only Move

Hi everyone!! Last night the whole team was in Vancouver as we had a HUGE day of meetings, we started at 8:30 am and didn’t stop running around until around 6pm when we headed to The Cactus Club to win(e)d down (did you catch that little pun?? ??)! We cheered to Mackenzie’s first official day as a FULL-TIME member of Team Jilly, ate a bunch of delicious food and debriefed about how freakin awesome our day was! After dinner, we headed back to our hotel rooms, tossed on our bathing suits and were lucky enough to catch last night’s episode of The Bachelor while soaking in the rooftop patio hot tub at The Fairmont Pacific Rim, with wine in hand, of course!

It was so much fun to be able to watch The Bachelor with the whole team and hear everyone’s commentary throughout the episode! We all had a good laugh over the wrestling group date, some of us thought it was a little bizarre while others (ahem, Jill!) thought it was so hilarious and wished they could have been a part if it!! While we all didn’t agree that it was the best group date we definitely all agreed that Maquel absolutely KILLED the Lunch Lady roll, how awesome was she?! We couldn’t get over the fact that she fully embraced the full character and it was pretty refreshing to see someone take a humorous approach to it!

How many of you were SHOCKED to see Lauren S. go home on her one on one date last night? All of us were so thrown off by that, we totally thought she was going to make it to the top 5 at least (she was also Justin’s favourite girl this season)! We all thought that Lauren S. was just off of her game last night and seemed super nervous and awkward … and then Jillian reminded us that there are about 6 people watching them and following them around on their one on one date, from the camera guys to the sound guys, etc. I think that would make pretty much ANYONE a little awkward! Right?? However, you could also tell early on in the date that the chemistry was pretty much non-existent … and the fact that she said she felt like she couldn’t be herself around Arie is a HUGE red flag for her … we think it’s a blessing in disguise for Lauren S., Arie just wasn’t the man she was meant to be with and she’ll meet her Prince Charming soon … on Bachelor in Paradise, perhaps??

Speaking of one on one dates, Jillian gave us a little behind the scenes info last night, apparently, when you’re on The Bachelor/Bachelorette you actually don’t get to choose who your dates are with and what you do, the Producers set it all up for you! Crazy hey??

Ok … a few more things we noticed during last night’s episode … did Arie’s hair get MORE grey?? It kind of looks like they dyed it more, are we the only ones who thought this? Also, Arie, if you’re reading this, we apologize in advance but … YOU NEED A NEW MOVE!!! We almost started playing a drinking game in the hot tub last night, every time Arie reached up with his hand to grab the girls face and lean in for a kiss you had to take a drink!!! But, we didn’t end up playing as we didn’t have enough wine for that! LOL! What if he even grabbed the back of the girls head? Or caressed her back? Touched her thigh?? ANYTHING???? I mean … can we just take a look back at Emily’s season … it looks like this is where it all stemmed from!

Jillian Harris Bachelor Recap Jillian Harris Bachelor Recap Jillian Harris Bachelor Recap

Even Sean can’t avoid it …

Jillian Harris Bachelor Recap

Can we also quickly just talk about Annaliese’s bizarre phobias? First, it was the bumper cars, now dogs?? We understand that phobias are a real thing and ARE terrifying … but we think this girl might be scared of everything … thank goodness she didn’t get pricked by a thorn picking roses or who know’s what would have happened during the first rose ceremony!

Jillian Harris Bachelor Recap

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode?? Make sure to share them with us in the comments below!!

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  1. I get frustrated with how much these ladies cry, I get it women are emotional but I feel like it’s more this season then in past seasons. Every episode has ladies crying. I feel like sometimes they do it for attention, and I understand emotions run high but still seems like it’s a lot.

  2. SORRY, but Crystal needs to go. I don’t trust anyone who switches up their tone when they speak to try to look softer or sweeter??? Am I the only one who thinks she almost uses a baby voice when she is alone with Arie ??? Just rubs me the wrong way.

  3. This is the STUPIDEST Bachelor season yet! Ariel appears completely blasé and seems to have NO feelings. As for the girls, 99% of them seem like ACTRESSES, just playing a game.

  4. Wow! I cannot believe that the Bachelor/Bachelorette doesn’t get to pick who their date is with or what they do! My gfs and I always do a bracket and I put a lot of stock into who gets the 1:1 dates so I find that so interesting. Totally agree that Arie’s face touching kiss move is so annoying – and honourable mention for 2nd most annoying thing on the show – KRYSTAL’S BREATHY, VALLEY-GIRL VOICE!

  5. Thank God someone else thinks Arie needs some new moves…and I’m kind of grossed out at the way he moves in and kisses everyone…sorry…I like him…but it’s just seems so spit swapping to me ;-)…and I was disappointed Bibiana left (she’s gorgeous)…happens every time someone gets so irritated at another contestant and they can’t let it go and have to share! Also….Crystal is bugging the crap out of me with her seductive whisper whine talk.

  6. I loved this recap girls! I agree with everything you all said, and loved Jillian’s inside info 😉

    Arie really does need a new move!! Ugh.


  7. Annalise brought her authentic self to the Bachelor and her honesty about her phobias is refreshing. Not sure if Crystal is showing her authentic self…..will have to keep watching, lol?

  8. I can’t watch Arie kiss .. it’s gross to me .. so much tongue ewwww!!!!! He really does need a new move eh ?

  9. I think it was a shame that Arie didn’t realize that someone had set up the star gazing area the night of the rose ceremony… poor Bibiana – first the weird mom name dig followed by multiple make outs on the bed you organized, chick can’t catch a break. Which leads to Crystal, who after her origin story should have had everyone cheering for her but paired with the little girl voice and her blatant disregard for any of the other girl’s feelings leads me to believe her fate with fall with all of the previous villains of seasons past. Now if young Becca was only 5 years only they would be a match made in heaven.

  10. Meh. My group of gals are calling this season the least dramatic in Bachelor history. Following the Canadian Bachelor epic bomb…They need to change it up as it’s getting boring. Crying girls, villains, dates you’d never go on in real life, gowns you’d never wear on a meet and greet. The dogs were even bored!

  11. Did anyone else think Arie was wasn’t serious when he was sending Lauren home? I honestly thought he going to say “kidding!” at some point. It was so bizarre!
    Also, I find a lot of the ‘older’ ladies are being sent home…am I wrong? Haha.
    I’ve watched every season of the bachelor, we’re only 3 episodes in and I’m freaking bored! Arie may be a nice guy, but he’s really awkward and I get so uncomfortable watching him. He’s really touchy feely and the kissing is definitely over the top!

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