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My Bachelorette Recap: Episode 2

Hi all!!!! I hope all of you enjoyed last night’s episode of The Bachelorette! I have SOOO much to talk about!!

Andi – major babe crush! She is SO articulate, smart, straight up cool and NAILED every outfit (and I NEVER say that so this is a big deal!) Oh! And please tell me I am not the only one who thinks she may be Elaine’s long lost sister from Seinfeld!!!!!

I LOVED that Andi chose Eric for the first one-on-one date and I LOVE him!! He reminds me a lot of Michael Stagliano (who just got married to the most beautiful Emily last weekend – congrats!!!) The first half of the episode was VERY emotional for me. I think it’s great that she really got to know Eric and find out what an amazing person he was. My heart breaks for his family and one of the ways I have always coped with a loss like this is leaning on the old saying only the good die young – there must have been a need for a near perfect individual up there.

I think Marquel is super cute!!! He always has a such a cute getup on!! The guys stripping was hilarious but it’s either the fact that I am dog tired or madly in love with J Pasutto… I actually got bored of the strip tease.

Ok. Craig. I really feel for the guy because if you set up a scene where a bunch of dudes strip for their dream woman, and then put endless alcohol in the room, ONE dude is bound to get nervous and reach for the fireball… so i feel SO bad for him – but… this is a test – and some don’ t make it… name of the game! Other than that – did anyone find Craig a tad…umm…what’s the word – flamboyant??? He had an extremely bazaar obsession with Josh…did you guys find that as strange as I did?!?!? Maybe it was the fireball.

Chris is really growing on me. He seems sooooo sweet and sincere…you can tell in the way he looks at Andi. AND WOWWWW CHRIS AND CHRIS HARRISON COULD BE BROTHERS?!?!?!?!?!?!

Andi looked AMAZING in her emerald dress. Oh and her black dress was to DIE for. Hubba hubba (I swear I play for the other team!!!!!!). Both fit her perfectly and the cuts were SOOO flattering on her!!!

I would have given Carl and Nick S. a little longer to prove their worth but I guess Andi didn’t find a connection with them. I honestly can’t take the opera singer seriously… he looks ten years older than the rest of the gang!!!! Did you agree with her rose choices this week???? Let’s hear your thoughts!!

Until next week…


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