4 Staples for Getting Back to Work In Style

It felt soooo good to ease up on work for the summer but when it comes down to it, I’m still running a business and now that we are in the last week of August it’s time for me to stop slacking and get crackin! LOL!

One of the things that I miss the most from filming Love It Or List It Vancouver is getting all dressed up (Fun fact about me, I always wanted to be a teacher and now that I look back on it, it might have been JUST for the outfits!! LOL). Now that Love It Or List It Vancouver is on hiatus I spend 99.9% of my time working from home and I MISS DRESSING UP!

So, some days (when I’m feeling SUPER motivated) I like to have my shower, get ready and dress the part! I mean, we all know that when you look good, you feel good so for those of you who are maybe getting back to it after summer holidays (like me), or just need a quick Fall wardrobe refresh, I have the perfect outfit and tips for you to nail this!

Jillian Harris Back to Work in Style Fall Wardrobe TipsJillian Harris Back to Work in Style Fall Wardrobe Tips

1. A Good Skirt: You want a skirt that you can feel like you can take the world on in … and one that’s comfortable too! This skirt is just that. This skirt is a fit and flare fit and it has two qualities that I LOVE … pockets and an elastic waist!! Seen as how this skirt is black and white you have quite a bit of freedom with it when it comes to pairing it with shoes and a shirt. I chose to go with a white fitted shirt and added a pop of colour with my heels but you can certainly add a pop of colour to both your shirt and your heels or tone it down with a white shirt and black heels.

Jillian Harris Back to Work in Style Fall Wardrobe TipsJillian Harris Back to Work in Style Fall Wardrobe Tips

2. A White Fitted Top: I was really impressed with the fit and the quality of this white button down shirt! I’ve always struggled with finding a white shirt that fit well and looked sharp, not frumpy and my search is now over!! The round Peter Pan collar gives this shirt a feminine touch and makes for a classy and timeless look, perfect for those board meetings … mine consist of Leo and Nacho just sitting there staring at me. LOL!! Oh, AND this shirt also has a bit of a stretch to it too … thank goodness for clothes that come with a bit of give, am I right?! LOL!

Jillian Harris Back to Work in Style Fall Wardrobe Tips

3. Fun Frames: If you wear glasses like I do, you’ll understand the importance of having a few different pairs and how effortlessly they can help you pull off a different look. I get a lot of questions about my hot pink frames, I love tossing them on when I want to add a bold pop of colour to my outfits but otherwise, you can find me in my blush, black, or tortoise patterned frames … or just squinting … while looking a pair of my glasses … lol.

Jillian Harris Back to Work in Style Fall Wardrobe Tips

4. A Comfy Pair of Heels: If you’re going to be on your feet all day, you will want to find a pair of heels that are not only stylish but that also don’t have you bent over in pain. When you find those shoes, buy them in every colour. Seriously. Lol. Well, at least that’s what I did. I may or may not have these in hot pink, nude and black

Jillian Harris Back to Work in Style Fall Wardrobe Tips

Shirt | Skirt | Heels

What are some of YOUR favourite back to work (or back to school!!) staples?!



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      1. Hi Jillian – your pink frames have inspired me! When I click the link it doesn’t show the pink frames but a “brown animal” color. Any idea if sold out? If yes, maybe you can point me in the direction for the same shade – I’m obsessed with the color!

        1. That’s where I got mine but if only the brown are appearing then they might be sold out right now! Keep checking back or maybe reach out to them to see when they will be restocked!! Orrrr try searching for “pink frames” in their search tab to see all of the other fun pink frames! XOXO

  1. Too Cute! And needed!
    Jillian do you have a preferred app for taking photo’s on your phone?


  2. My mat leave will be over in 1 month – so back to work for me! This post was just what I needed ❤️

  3. Hi Jilly! I’m about the same size as you and would love to order that shirt online. What size is the white blouse you’re wearing?


      1. This is unrelated to fashion but I love the shingle siding on your house. I would like to know if these shingles are real cedar? If you could tell me more about it I would appreciate it be cause I looking at residing my character house.

      1. Hi Jillian! How is the fit for the skirt? I am hesitating between a S and M, and believe I wear one size up from you. Which size did you pick for your skirt? Great look! 🙂

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