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The Jilly Academy

It’s Time to Reveal the First-Ever Jilly Academy Box!

Today is a VERY exciting day! It’s The Jilly Academy Box REVEAL DAY! Yes, things are a little different from the regularly scheduled programming with how we usually reveal The Jilly Box contents … but we decided to reveal this box ahead of time to ensure that you can make the best-informed decision whether this box is the perfect fit for YOU!

This collaboration between The Jilly Academy and The Jilly Box means so much to me as it not only connects two of my businesses and the two hard-working teams behind them, but it also brings to life something that our community has been patiently waiting for! You bet your bottom that means BOTH the long-awaited Jilly Academy swag AND tools to support turning your dreams into reality!

Jillian Harris' office shelf showing The Jilly Academy Box, a stack of books with a globe on top, desk organizers and a few vases.

We have heard the Alumni community loud and clear on wanting Jilly Academy apparel and we wanted to take it a step further by curating an entire Jilly Box FILLED with goodies to nurture you AND your business!! 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s inside THE JILLY ACADEMY BOX!! I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER!! Grab a cup of coffee (or your favourite spiked holiday beverage!) and sit back, relax and watch our reveal video! Afterwards, have a little scroll through this blog post for further details on each product and the incredible companies behind them.

Included in The Jilly Academy Box

Brunette the Label

Jilly Academy Big Sister Crew Neck Sweatshirt + Baseball Cap

$119 CAD / $36 CAD

We know you all have been waiting for this and of course we had to team up with some familiar faces for the much anticipated Jilly Academy APPAREL! With the help of Brunette the Label, a female and Canadian owned brand, we started things off with a bang with not only a sweater but a baseball cap as well to represent The Jilly Academy with pride, comfort AND style!

The Big Sister Crew Neck Sweatshirt features raglan sleeves and a customized Jilly fit which is a little shorter than Brunette the Label’s typical styles. The comfort level is unmatched with the signature cotton and polyester fleece blend that will bring you joy as you work from home or run errands! The Jilly Academy 100% cotton Baseball Cap comes with an adjustable strap and features the most beautiful pinky-beige colour that will surely elevate any outfit! Check out the sizing guide HERE!

Goal Chasers

Jilly Academy Goals – 3 Month Goal Setting Planner

$59 CAD

If you are enrolled in The Jilly Academy Courses you know how important goal setting is, so we wanted to provide an extra special tool to set you on a clear path with your big hairy audacious goals (if you know you know)! This planner is a custom version of Goal Chasers’ signature goal-setting system that features Jilly Academy exercises, quotes, and stickers! It’s the perfect place for all of your thoughts, ideas, and dreams!

Jillian Harris holds The Jilly Academy Goals Planner that's featured in The Jilly Academy Box.
Jillian Harris overlooking The Jilly Academy Goals Planner, a product featured in The Jilly Academy Box.

Laid Back Snacks

Wooster Sure Almonds

$7 CAD

Look no further, we found the perfect snack! If you have been following us for a while you know how much the Team LOVES Laid Back Snacks and this savoury flavour featuring nutrient-rich almonds roasted with Worcestershire sauce is going to give you that little boost of energy while you conquer your day! 

The Knotted B

Bow Scrunchie

$16 CAD

Is it just me or does anyone else need their hair out of their face while they get sh*t done? Whether you are juggling tasks at work or at home, this scrunchie from The Knotted B will be your best friend! The beautiful, neutral ditsy floral design will be the perfect accent to any outfit and features an eco-friendly organic cotton sateen. Breanne, the owner of this small Canadian company wanted to make the bow detail removable to give you some styling versatility!

Jillian Harris showing off the Knotted B scrunchie featured in The Jilly Academy Box.

Glass Ladder & Co.

Marilyn Mini

$100 CAD

Raise your hand if you need help staying organized on the go! This stunning small portfolio clutch is designed to fit all of your favourite essentials and is the perfect size to throw in your bag or backpack! It is also a “this or that” item with two colour options of blush or a blue-grey! Both are such beautiful colours I can’t wait for you to open your box to see which one you got! 

Land of Daughters

Coconut Soy Candle

$30 CAD

There is nothing like lighting a candle to help set the tone for the day and with a scent of lemon and vanilla, this Land of Daughters Coconut Soy Candle will surely leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle that to-do list! Not only is it made in Canada, but it also features 100% coconut soy wax and a lead free cotton wix with a burn time of up to 50 hours!  

Jillian Harris' office shelf with a candle from Land of Daughters, a product featured in The Jilly Academy Box. Staged with a stack of books, prayer beads, and a globe.


ReHydrate + TruMarineⓇ Collagen

$30 CAD

This is my absolute favourite product from withinUs and thought it was the perfect addition to The Jilly Academy Box! Grab your water and add a scoop of this tropical flavoured ReHydrate™ + TruMarine® Collagen to enhance your overall wellness! This source of electrolytes will help you get through those big meetings, workouts, or help you recover if you indulged in a couple of extra glasses of wine! 

Jillian Harris pouring withinUs ReHydrate into a glass of water, a product featured in The Jilly Academy Box.
withinUs ReHydrate + TruMarine Collagen on an office desk, a product featured in The Jilly Academy Box.


Piston Power 6000 Power Bank

$35 CAD

If you know me, you know that my phone tends to run out of battery before the day is over… Every. Single. Day! The convenience of a portable charger is exactly what I need and know so many of you could benefit from too! The very sleek LOGiiX Piston Power 6000 will get your device charged up in no time! This power bank is another “this or that” item with two colour options: Gold or Rose Gold! Stay tuned for the arrival of your box to see which colour you get, the suspense!

Jillian Harris holding the LOGiiX Power Bank which is featured in The Jilly Academy Box.

Tallu & Co.

FOCUS Roller

$18 CAD

Picture this… a moment to yourself… wouldn’t that be nice? Grab this FOCUS Roller and put it on your temples, neck, wrists and BREATHE! Take that moment to rejuvenate yourself with this sensational blend of peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil and a touch of ylang ylang oil. Don’t be surprised if it boosts your productivity!

Jillian Harris holding her FOCUS roller to her temple, a product featured in The Jilly Academy Box.

The Jilly Academy Box Coupon Supplier

Intuit QuickBooks Canada

Online Plus Subscription

Valued at $180 CAD

Here at Team Jilly we use QuickBooks and know how valuable this financial tool truly is, especially for those running a business! This user-friendly service gives you the gift of efficiency with their Online Plus Subscription where you can find everything you need to run a business all in one place! Easily keep track of your invoices, expenses, inventory, project profitability, you name it for! This offer is for a THREE month access to Quickbooks Online Plus. Please note that this offer is only available in Canada and will not be included in boxes shipped to the US. Offer expires July 31, 2022. 

Jillian Harris holding the Quickbooks coupon that's featured in the Canadian Jilly Academy Box orders.

The Jilly Academy Box Add-On Options 

The Jilly Academy Course Workbook Bundle

Course One: The Brand Strategy

Course Two: The Content Creator

Course Three: The Growth Accelerator

Valued at $150 CAD / Available for $120 CAD

The Jilly Academy Courses have been designed with your learning experience in mind, and each course includes a comprehensive workbook containing exercises, case studies, definitions and additional learning activities to enhance the video modules or is the perfect valuable resource for your own transformative journey! There is something so nostalgic about handwriting your thoughts, ideas, and dreams and having a place to look back and add notes when you experience new levels of grow`th! No matter what stage of building your passion you are in, these Workbooks will be your source of inspiration, help you discover what your next steps should be, and overall send you down a path of creating your own magic. 

Jillian Harris holding The Jilly Academy Workbook wearing swag from The Jilly Academy Box.

Poppy & Peonies 

Scroll On Blue Light Glasses

Valued at $45 CAD / Available for $30 CAD

These Blue Light Glasses were originally featured in the Fall 2021 Jilly Box and we are so excited to be bringing them back for an add on option for your Jilly Academy Box! We know how much time so many of you spend looking at screens, so we wanted to give you another chance to get your hands on these beautiful Jilly Pink Glasses! These round, oversized frames are crafted with acetate and stunning metal accents and come with a polka dot travel case and pink microfiber cloth to keep them safe and clean. They will keep your eyes feeling fresh throughout those long workdays while also protecting you from the potentially harmful light emitted by your devices. 

We hope you love this box as much as we loved curating it for you!! I can’t express my gratitude enough to the Alumni community for their support and love towards The Jilly Academy! If you haven’t signed up to be a Jilly Academy Box subscriber, make sure to do so before launch day to gain access to have the opportunity to purchase!! Please note that this is a different list than our Alumni subscription and Jilly Box Insiders list! 



January 5th, 2022

Access to this Pre-Launch will only be available to those who are enrolled in The Jilly Academy Courses and are also subscribed to The Jilly Academy Box list. This will be a very limited quantity release so if you miss out on the Pre-launch, don’t worry! You will still have the opportunity to snag a box the following day.


January 6th, 2022

The official launch day of The Jilly Academy Box in which all of those signed up as a Jilly Academy Box Subscribers will gain access for the opportunity to purchase.



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