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Justin’s First Father’s Day Gift Guide

Morning everyone! It’s Justin’s very first Father’s Day this year and I’m so excited for him because I know just how excited I was for my very first Mother’s Day (check out how I spent it here)!! It’s such a special day for us marking our first year together as parents!! It’s pretty crazy to think back to when Leo was first born, I remember how emotional it was and my oh my we love that little nugget!!

Anyway, this year not only are we celebrating Justin but I’m also celebrating my DAD because, without him, I wouldn’t be here (thanks, Dad! LOL!) … As you know, I’m always looking for fun, stylish and practical gifts for dads ideas for every occasion, so naturally, I came across some great ideas for the dad’s out there and wanted to share them with you today!

Jillian Harris Fathers Day Gift Guide

For the new or soon-t0-be dads out there, I would TOTALLY suggest the Tactical Gear Diaper Bag, I remember when Justin first got his, he was SO PUMPED! LOL! It’s a pretty awesome idea and it’s been an essential tool for Justin over the past year … and hey, whatever gets the guys in there changing some diapers, I’m all for! LOL!! I’m sure you mama’s out there would agree on that one! LOL.

Jillian Harris Fathers Day Gift GuideJillian Harris Fathers Day Gift Guide

Below I’ve rounded up a few items which I know Justin already loves such as SAXX underwear, the outdoor security camera, sunglasses and chucks but I’ve also added a few other items in there that I’m sure most, if not all dads would appreciate! Such as the BBQ pictured below, which is from Wayfair! Justin and I recently just purchased our new BBQ (find it here) from Wayfair as well and so far we love it … besides the fact that Justin had to put it together! LOL! Nothing a beer (or ten) and some tunes in the garage won’t fix! Right guys?!

Speaking of beer … if your man loves his brews, then you might want to check out the company called Give Them Beer. I recently discovered them online and they have some great Father’s Day gift packages that are filled with … you guessed it … BEER!

If you’re looking to REALLY SPOIL and splurge and get your man something EXTRA special (maybe it’s his first Father’s Day, or he really deserves it and you have some extra cash) … or then these cuff links would be a great gift. They are on the pricey side but the plus side to that is they are timeless and are more of a keepsake than anything!


Jillian Harris Father's Day Gift Guide

1. Shoe Shine Brush | 2. Outdoor Security Camera | 3. Sunglasses | 4. SAXX Underwear | 5. Water bottle | 6. Barbecue | 7. Cocktail Kit | 8. Cuff Links | 9. Watch | 10. Backpack | 11. Chucks | 12. Tactical Baby Gear

If you want to check out some more gift ideas for your man, make sure to stop by my dedicated Father’s Day Shop page as we’ve been filling it with endless options from Poo-Pourri (yes, that’s a thing … lol) to voice activated speakers!

What are some of YOUR gift ideas?? Share them with me in the comments section below!



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  1. You can’t get the beer gift baskets in Canada. Disappointing. It’s frustrating when a Canadian blogger has things on their site that you can’t get in Canada.

    1. Sorry about that Lindsay!! I generally try to share stuff that everyone can get but sometimes things like this aren’t available everywhere. You could make your own!! Include your fave local brews and snacks! It would be SO cute!! XOXO

  2. Hi Jillian!
    Great post and great ideas.
    I find a unexpected great gift is the RE9 Antiaging line for men.
    It is something my boyfriend and father to our daughter Ava would not buy for himself but it’s his guilty pleasure when it comes to his uncomplicated skin care routine.
    Vegan – botanically based skincare with healthy looking skin keeps him looking his best!

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