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Love It Or List It Vancouver: Jessica & Derek

I am SO excited for the new episodes of Love It Or List It Vancouver airing every Monday night on W Network. We definitely started this season off with a bang. Jessica & Derek’s home was bursting at the seams. They thought that they had found their forever home until their twin girls arrived. They were overwhelmed by toys and not enough bathrooms. For them to LOVE their house again … I needed to create more space with a functional redesign to show Jessica just how great their once-perfect home could be. They needed more room for their growing family. And Todd needed to go above and beyond to convince Derek to move!!

I am so happy that in the end I was able to convince Jessica & Derek to LOVE their house again. It was so adorable and cozy I didn’t want them to move if they didn’t have to!! It’s amazing what a few touch ups here and there can do to your home …

LOLV EP3066 - After - Living Room 2LOLV EP3066 - Detail - Living Room 5LOLV EP3066 - Detail - Living Room 4LOLV EP3066 - Detail - Living Room 3LOLV EP3066 - After - Living Room 3LOLV EP3066 - After - Living Room 4
We managed to create an open, bright, fresh and airy living room space. The Valor Fireplace helped make the space feel cozy and warm while adding texture to the room.
LOLV EP3066 - After - Kitchen 2LOLV EP3066 - Detail - Kitchen 6LOLV EP3066 - Jillian 1 LOLV EP3066 - After - Kitchen 3How GORGEOUS is this floor from Mercier Wood Flooring!?! I liked using a darker wood on their floor to add texture and contrast to their home. If you’re going for an all white kitchen, try adding in contrast in your floors to brighten the space up. LOLV EP3066 - After - Deck 2LOLV EP3066 - Detail - Living Room 2 LOLV EP3066 - Detail - Kitchen 5LOLV EP3066 - Detail - Kitchen 4LOLV EP3066 - Detail - Kitchen 3
We found them gorgeous new light fixtures from Design Lighting. I loved how they livened up the space and helped tie in the new with the old. New light fixtures are a great way to freshen up a room if you’re on a budget.
LOLV EP3066 - Detail - Kitchen 1

A big thank you as always to Janis Nicolay for the gorgeous photos!!

Visit the W Network for more on this Love It Or List It Vancouver episode and to see more photos of the reveal click here! Also, be sure to follow Love it or List It Vancouver on Facebook for episode updates and more fun behind-the-scene photos.

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  1. OMG Jillian, I absolutely love your work and wish i could have you come help me pull our house together. I know it can look, feel and function better but it’s so challenging to pull it all together (especially when I love light, airy more modern styles and my hubby loves warm, rich and rustic).

  2. Love your show Jillian! Love your work! This home reveal was amazing! Can you share where your cute floral dress you wore in this episode is from?

  3. Not sure if you’ll be able to answer this, I suppose I should DVR the episode (can USA peeps catch it?)… I notice the roof is vaulted in the family room, but not in the kitchen. Was there a reason for this? I also notice it’s a hip roof – had the vault already been done, If not, was it a very expensive job?? I ask because we have a hip roof, and I’d like to vault it, so I am trying to gather as much design inspo as I can before I present my ideas to the engineer!

  4. Your finishing touches…. I die. I LOVE them. And the way you layer your textures, patterns and colors. *sigh* The details are so well-chosen as well, like that white vase in the last picture. Its lines are so interesting, and I love that the very bottom is unfinished. You have such a gift for taking these colder, clean backdrops and adding vibrant and refreshing accents to them.
    And big congratulations on the baby, by the way! What a lucky little one. 🙂

  5. I have looked at the website for Design Lighting and am unable to locate the exact pendant lights used here. Is there anyway you could send me that information. Would love those exact lights and have not been able to find.

    Thank you!

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