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Pillow Round-Up: My 6 Favourite Pillows for Spring!

When welcoming a new season, you don’t have to completely redecorate your entire space to give it a little refresh. All it takes is a cute throw pillow or 2, talk about budget-friendly! And after some late-night browsing working on our secret project (I won’t keep it a secret for too long!) 🤫 I couldn’t resist rounding up some of my favourite pillows for spring!

Grab your coffee (or bevie) and let’s get right to it!

Jillian Harris Pillow Round up! Her 6 Favourite Pillows for Spring 2021.

1. Pink Pillow | 2. Pink Pattern Pillow | 3. Leopard Print Pillow | 4. Horizontal Striped Pillow | 5. Chambray Linen Pillow | 6. Woven Striped Pillow

1. Pink Pillow

You should know this by now, but I love all things PINK, but a specific shade of pink, this pillow is just that! Personally, I love adding all different pillow patterns to our couch, there is no real method behind my madness. So whether you just purchase a single one or multiple, it will look great on your couch!

2. Patterned Pillow

This pillow pattern stopped me in my tracks while I was browsing the web! I absolutely love the pattern and the neutral shade of pink. While this pillow definitely makes a statement it would pair well with solid or other patterns!

3. Leopard Print Pillow

Want to spice things up? Leopard print is totally in right now and what better way to spot this pattern than by incorporating it into your home decor? This pattern is definitely busier than all of the rest, but it pairs perfectly with larger prints or solid coloured throw pillows! This pillow will kick things up a notch if you are looking for more fun and excitement!

4. Horizontal Striped Pillow

If you like to keep things more neutral and timeless in your space, these next few pillows are for you! Simple striped patterns are totally underrated, not only do they keep your space cohesive and neutral the print is absolutely timeless.

5. Chambray Linen Pillow

While this pillow is on the calmer side, I do love the simple heathered texture of it. Plus, for any of my interior design lovers out there will know that soft colours are totally trending right now!

6. Woven Striped Pillow

This is another simple pillow cover, but I love the texture of the delicate woven stripes! Woven stripes are classic and can be easily combined with other solids, stripes or patterns in the same tones.

Well, there you have it my top six favourite pillows to add to your space for spring! I’d love to know in the comments below which one was your fave!



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