Sunflower Magic

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend and enjoying your Sunday!!! The weekly commute to and from Kelowna to Vancouver is DEFINITELY a wee bit harder with a little one. This past week when I was traveling home to Kelowna, Leo was having a meltdown … he needed to be fed and changed before our 4-hour trek home. Sooooo Shay and I decided to pull off in Langley. We found the most beautiful farm and sunflower field at Aldor Farms. It was so humbling and magical to be pulled over in the middle of nowhere at sunset in the middle of a sunflower field with local farmers being so friendly. It was so beautiful we HAD to take some pictures between feeding and changing lol!!! And I of course wanted to share them with you …. enjoy the rest of your Sunday my loves!!!
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Striped Dress | Watch

This little Nordstrom striped dress is perfect for the transition from fall to winter. It is also great for this nursing mama to go back to work with the easy access buttons for nursing Leo!!! Check out some of the other dresses I’ve been loving this season:


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my loves!!!



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  1. The next time you’re in Langley, take a detour to Fort Langley. My teenage daughter and I drive from Ladner to the Little White House for lunch/brunch or afternoon tea. Such a cute little shop/teahouse. Everything in their store is white and black.

    1. I, live in Fort Langley and a huge fan of yours.Jillian. Cannot miss you on ‘Love It Or List It, Vancouver.

  2. How does Leo do in his car seat? I have a little guy a few weeks younger than Leo and he is STILL screaming bloody murder every time we have to get in the car. I cannot imagine taking weekly 4 hour trips! You are my hero!!

  3. I’m so excited to visit Kelowna (first time) for my 39th birthday and American Thanksgiving! Can you pass on any “must do” recommendations? Would love your favorite restaurants, shopping, etc! We are traveling with our kids and a five month old baby 🙂

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