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Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her

Ladies, ladies, ladies … Valentine’s Day is almost here … which means as of now you have T-15 days to drop hints to your man of what they can spoil you with this year (besides their undying love for you … lol!!) … and an easy way to do this is to share this post with him!!! I mean, why beat around the bush when you can just point and tell?? Am I right? Lol …

Gentlemen, if you’re reading this listen up. When it comes to choosing gifts for your lady you can’t go wrong with fresh flowers (my favourite are from Landeau!). Alos, there’s always jewelry … I mean, what girl doesn’t like a little bling to keep that sparkle in her eyes every day?! Or how about a dreamy little nightie and robe like the beautiful set from Smash + Tess?!?!

Alrighty, I’ve rounded up some of my absolute favourite items for you below to make this really easy!! These are items I personally would love to receive … cough … JUSTIN…cough …

  1. Robe | 2. Perfume | 3. Watch | 4. Sweater | 5. Frames | 6. iPhone Case | 7. Waterbottle | 8. Faux Fur Throw | 9. Necklace | 10. Earrings | 11. Sneakers | 12. Candle | 13. Scrunchie | 14. Flowers

I also have a special TREAT for one you!!! … I’m giving away one of my Chunky Heart Knit Sweaters from the JHxPriv line!! It’s super simple, all you have to do is follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as Privilege Clothing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram … every platform you follow gives you one entry!!! And the best part? If you win you also score one for your BESTIE!! Let’s just call it a little GALentines gift from me to you!! The winner will be announced on February 6th!



PS Looking for some delish cocktail recipes to whip up for your sweetheart or for your gals this Valentine’s Day?! Check out my list of the most romantic cocktails here … and date outfit inspiration here!



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  1. Excited about this post and about the giveaway. You are so generous Jilly. Love all the choices. I’m a girly girl so love the pink, white and rose gold. I have my finger crossed for this sweater. I have a friend that can use it, she just had a baby and we know how tough it can be. i think the LOVE would cheer her up. XO always. Avril

  2. Jillian! When is the wedding planning starting? I know it’s an annoying questions because I get it all the time! I’m so excited that you got engaged! And selfishly was super excited because I recently got engaged too and will get some inspo from you!!! xoxo

  3. I would just love to win this sweater your stuff is soooo beautiful Jillian! I have been such a big fan of you since your time on the bachelor. Keep rocking it pretty lady! <3

  4. great ” GALentines prezzie 🙂 … from a great funny person . I just love you two on the show by the way lol.

  5. One can definitely get benefited from this so I feel Every one should try to make handmade gifts for their lover or to the valentine whom they feel they are their valentine it doesn’t matter who they are, they may be their friends, mom-dad, brother-sister anyone can be a someones valentine.

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