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We’ve Been Keeping a Secret… We Bought a FARM!

Hey everyone! It’s been a hot minute since Justin and I shared any big life changes with you! Well, that’s changing now because we have some REALLY exciting news and I’m dishing out ALL of the details today!

Over the years, you have been a part of my life and ALL of my transformations. From having babies to getting engaged, The Jillian and Justin Show, traveling, and so much more, there isn’t much I haven’t shared!  It’s been so amazing to share our life with all of you and I could not be MORE stoked to bring you along on this NEXT adventure of ours… are you ready for it!?!


Jillian Harris and Justin Pasutto's Farm

You may be wondering, why a farm? Jillian, aren’t you busy enough already!?!? LOL 

And the truth is, not only was it my Boomba’s dream for me to own a farm (ever since she put that bug in my ear, I have been longing to own one too!), but I believe Justin was MADE to be a farmer! There’s no denying he has always loved that rancher lifestyle.

Funny enough, I vividly remember the first week that Justin and I met like it was yesterday. From the very moment we started canoodling, we spent that entire week outdoors around bonfires and dreaming of a farm life together. He was constantly in a cowboy hat, and damn it looked good on him (Better than RIP, in my opinion, lol).

As soon as Justin and I finished renovating our current home, we absolutely loved it and felt like it was our dream home and property. We felt like we created this beautiful sanctuary but started to have feelings bubble up about our space; we felt we were missing something that was close to our hearts and roots.  Since we were located in the inner city, we were actually quite limited with what more we could do with the space. We started longing for a space where the kids could explore, build forts, and get muddy. We also wanted to have some farm animals, grow MORE food, flowers, and maybe even host events; unfortunately, we just couldn’t do any of that with a residential property.

Annie and Leo at the Farm
Jillian Harris Son, Leo

Over the last few years, we started searching for a property around 5-15 acres, located in Kelowna. While we found some stunning properties, they were pretty far away from my family, and I honestly couldn’t fathom being that far away from them. After many searches, we decided to hit the pause button as we weren’t really coming across any options within our desired area.

Last year when covid hit, it was extremely eye-opening for us. There was a time when we were worried about food security and what would happen to the economy. This made us realize that long term, we wanted to diversify our life and have the opportunity to depend on ourselves. To say the least, it was a time where we did a lot of reflecting, which always brought us back to our dream of owning a farm. So, with all of our downtime, we started to search again, and low and behold, it appeared.

It was actually Justin’s dad that brought this listing to our attention. To be honest, it was a little more work and a little bigger than we had anticipated, but we decided to give it a look anyway. When we got onto the property, there was something so magical that hit me. I practically started crying. I didn’t know it at the time, but I think what had me in tears was so many of the things that reminded me of my childhood, like the Saskatoon bushes, Aspen trees, wild asparagus, a 50-year-old rhubarb plant, a weeping willow just like the one my grandparents had in their yard. There was just something about this property that really spoke to us. Justin and I knew at that very moment that we had to make this happen. Over the course of 8 months, there were a lot of really tough conversations, doubts, worries, and financial stresses. But I knew that this is where we had to raise our kids and that this would be our forever home. So, we went through the motions and took possession of the farm in early 2021!

Other than being able to fully horticult and landscape the acre that we are currently on now, we’re complete newbies when it comes to actually owning a farm! I like to think that we are relatively fast learners, we’re not afraid of new adventures (especially a massive one like this!), but at this point in time, we have no idea what we are going to farm or HOW to farm; for that matter! 😂

Jillian Harris Wild Asparagus

We will try to bring you all along on this journey with us as best we can and document just about everything. At the moment, we don’t know what that will look like, it might be a tv show, or it might just be on Instagram, on my blog, Justin’s Instagram, and all of our other social channels. We still have no idea what we are going to farm or how to farm! So far, we have talked about growing grapes, a winery, cut flowers, chickens, honey, hosting a wedding venue, bringing The Jilly Academy to the farm. As you can see, there have been many different ideas tossed around, but we really don’t want to rush this process; we want it to be perfect, so we are just going to go slow, and steady, and whatever feels right will happen.

Many of you have asked if we will move to the farm, and the short answer is yes. We really want to make sure we do this right, so we will take some time to figure out what exactly we are doing with the property and where our forever home will live. Over the next few years, we will eventually build our forever home and sadly pass our current home onto a new family.

Jillian Harris and Justin Pasutto's New Property

If you have any advice on what we should be farming, what we shouldn’t be farming, or what you would do if you were us, please leave it in the comments below! Without further adieu, welcome to the farm… our next and hopefully final adventure… famous last words!

And I know some of you may ask, but we still don’t know what we are going to call the farm yet. Mindy thinks we should call it Stinky Pee Farm as the wild asparagus is out of control and so abundant! LOL! 🤪 Let us know what you think we should call it in the comments below!

Don’t forget to follow along on our adventure and check out our Instagram Reels (here!) and Instagram Live (here!) all about the farm. Ps. If you haven’t checked out the latest Justin Show Episode on the Big Reveal, make sure to check it out (here!).


Mr & Mrs McDonald 👩🏻‍🌾👨🏻‍🌾

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  1. Can’t wait to follow along in this adventure!! 😃❤️
    I think you should call it Lilac Lane Farms

  2. Congratulations! Ok, Willy Nilly Justin and Jilly Farm. (meaning of Willy Nilly -without direction or planning; haphazardly) hahaha 🤣

  3. Very very happy for you all…..I am so looking forward to the adventures you will have… best upbringing you could ever give your children. Good Luck. FYI Asparagus, or garden asparagus, folk name sparrow grass, you could call it “SPARROW GRASS FARM”

  4. Amazing! Not sure how large your property is but if you’re thinking of adding farm animals eventually, I would suggest going to a livestock auction so you can save a life or two! Or you can always connect with a local rescue charity…there are so many great ones in BC, especially when it comes to equines.

    Good luck and looking forward to following this new adventure of yours!

  5. So thrilled for you! My dream too 😍!! Just have the most wild adventure okay? And tell us all about it?! Xo

  6. I opened up your email and saw your country dress and immediately thought farmer girl of your dress. So cute! I thought Whimsy right away. “Whimsy Landings” or “Whimsy Farm” for your whimsical life. Good for you! All the best to you and the family. Farm life is fun. We have chickens, and also have daily visits from deer, a gated 20’x40’ garden to keep the deer out. A large composter is also great to have. I look forward to following along as you build the next phase of your life. Congratulations! Where is the farm? I used to live in Kelowna, but back in Ontario for now. I have a sister in Vernon and one in Kelowna so we visit as often as we can. If you have a BnB please let me know. I would book it.

  7. Congrats on the farm! I was thinking maybe name the farm after the kids…LA Farm…it almost sounds french. Or after your Boomba….so LA Boomba Farm?? (Sounds like a dance?) Good luck with it all, can’t wait for it to unfold and hopefully watch it on TV! 🙂

  8. Congratulations! You should check out the documentary The biggest little farm, and traditional biodiverse farming practices. Good luck

  9. Oh my goodness!! Love the idea of a winery (I mean come on) and making it a wedding venue. You could literally make dreams come true for so many people being able to offer such a beautiful setting for people! It’s crazy work but the wedding industry is like no other! I’m a wedding photographer and just love it! Congratulations you guys are inspiring me to do something like this or maybe move to the beach… who knows lol 😂

  10. Amazing, I hope you get picked up for a show, I love watching the Baumelers transform a resort, a farm would be fun to watch as well. Best of luck!

  11. Have you watched Biggest Little Farm on Netflix? A must see for both you, and Justin. All the best on your new adventure! I can’t wait see how this all unfolds for you and your family. Raising kids on a farm truly is magical.

    1. We absolutely love that movie!! I am not a big TV fan but have watched it over 10 times in the last few months LOL

  12. Fantastic. It will all happen and the most wonderful thing is you do not have to rush. So happy to hear that you have found a great for place to make memories. And for letting us follow along of course 🤓👏 🚜👩‍🌾👨‍🌾

  13. This is such a great and natural pivot for you and your family! We were born and raised in the city and moved to the country about 6 years ago. We are completely off-grid (solar and wind powered) and are LOVING it. I am curious if you and Justin have thought about using sustainable energy on the farm. We have gone through extensive research finding the best companies and products to work with in Canada so reach out if you’re interested in some tips for finding the perfect off-grid system. It would be so great to see such influential people building a sustainable homestead from the ground up!

  14. Congratulations! Makes me think of the British show, Escape to the Chateau. Dick and Angel could come over and. assist with farming decisions and it would make a great cross-over program. Whatever you decide, good luck!

  15. Well it’s time to get married you and Justin on the farm and have your own show and show us all the step you will be doing on that dream farm that would be so awesome .


  16. When will you reveal the renovations you have done to the heritage farm house on the property (I can’t wait to see it)!! What are your plans for the current farm house as it sounds like you also plan to build a new home on the property (which I am also excited to see the journey). Will any of this be an HGTV show (I think that would be great and am surprised they have not made you a deal too good to refuse yet)?? They would likely have the viewership of most of your social media followers in addition to regular HGTV viewers and all your old fans from love it or list it Vancouver!?

  17. Congratulations! Plant a vineyard! We would love a J & J Pinot Gris/Noir! Whatever you decide to grow with be great!! Good luck! ❤️

  18. Hey MacD’s watch Littliest Big Farm on Netflix. 0wner is National Geographic photographer and a first time farmer like you. Did organic changes with help from Alan Doyle. P.S. You will love meeting Ughly Betty.

    1. We absolutely love that movie and laughed and cried every second of it. I have watched it about 10 times since haha

  19. Congratulations!!! This is so fun and inspiring, I love following along the adventure! Thanks for sharing! You should called the farm, The Margie Mix Farm (Mix, because it’s a mix of all types of produce, fruits, flowers and family! The options are endless!

  20. We did the same thing in NZ 3 years ago. We are a Kelowna family who move to NZ 19 years ago, built our house but 3 years ago sold it an bought a 44 acre dream farm. We have twin boys so call it Twin Creeks. We grow much of our food, have planted orchards and it is just a dream. Enjoy creating your dream property!

  21. E-I-E-I-O! congratulations!!

    My husband is an Agrologist and also has a grapevine grafting business here in Kelowna. Previously he managed the greenhouses at Bylands.

    From time to time he does consulting for new agri-property owners to advise them on what would grow well on their land based on location etc. If you’d like me to put him in touch with you or Justin, let me know!

  22. Congratulations! We moved to acreage 5 years ago and it is the best, especially for kids growing up!

    I think you should do a winery! You’d be able to sell the wine no problem and if you wanted to have it as a wedding venue you could incorporate that. I think if you’re living there though you should only host friends/family to maintain your privacy. Good luck and get some chickens, they’re the best! 🙂

  23. North Star farms…the North star in the sky is an anchor, a beacon of hope, and leads towards a purposeful destination

    So Fantastic and exciting! So happy for you! I grew up on a farm and it is just the best way to raise the kids! Good luck!

  24. Congratulations on your new adventure; this will be a great place for new beautiful memories with your family. Savor every moment and count your blessings for such a gorgeous property to explore, grow, build and love. ❤ Enjoy, life is full of simple treasures.
    P.S. if this were my farm I would brand it “The Secret”…xo

  25. So exciting can’t wait to follow along. What would be exciting to see is building your home using sustainable building practices!

  26. I think the name should have something to do with your grandma. Something meaningful about her maybe.

  27. I’d farm roses. Check out @gracerosefarms for inspiration (though she would have a better season in California vs BC, but still). Then maybe blooming shrubs for spring florals – lilacs, flowering almond, spirea, virburnum etc etc etc.

  28. Just soak in each day and listen. The farm will let you know what it wants! I’m sure you and your family will bring great energy to the land and whatever you decide will be right. Don’t rush, stay present and let your journey unfold.

  29. Amazing!! This is a big hairy audacious goal coming true!! Can’t wait to see it come to life! 🙂

  30. Best decision ever! We just finished building our dream home on our acreage on Vancouver Island. We finished our barn five years ago and the horses (Dutch Friesians) moved in but it took us a while to get every detail perfect on the house. We lived in the cramped old house while our horses lived in luxury! We can’t imagine living anywhere else! Our house is built on a rocky hill on our property, the house and barn are black as are all of our horses so our property is called “Blackcrest”. Perhaps some of the geographical features of your property would hint at a name or maybe “Fresh Farm” or “Fraiche Farm”! Congratulations!

    1. Love those name suggestions!! And congratulations on building your dream home too, it sounds magical!

  31. Love this! There are so may possibilities, which makes it so exciting. Whatever you choose to do with the land I’m sure it will be amazing. I will share with you one of my visions since I will never be able to do it.

    I had the idea of doing a wedding destination called something like camp glamp. It would be a wedding getaway experience that bring all the wedding guests together for a weekend of fun, similar to a large group camping experience except elevated and everyone would be able to book into their own glamping site. The wedding could be held in large event tents and on site you could have a large pond etc for a backdrop/pics, etc. Here is a wonderful example of something similar in Alberta ( without the glamping piece)

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do!

  32. Yes! What a dream! Congratulations on the stinky pee farm! When you are ready to move on, my hubby and I would LOVE to buy your current property!!!!! 💜

  33. Congratulations, how exciting. Incredible memory making ahead for sure. I’ve had a little flower farm for three years after taking the Floret course.. which is an invaluable resource if someone has the time. The main things I’d say whether its animals, flowers or veg you are growing is soil health. The Biggest Little Farm film is such a testament to that notion. If you haven’t already reached out to other farmers then make sure you do. Ask them about pest pressure and other issues they may have faced in your region. Kelowna area you’ll obviously have weather to consider, deer.. but find out the other issues that may arise and more importantly what solutions they’ve found. Those connections will be invaluable. I have no doubt what you learn you’ll share and become an important advocate for farmers. Eventually no doubt you’ll have a dreamy property that holds endless possibilities, from event venue to Airbnb, to much loved family farm for just your loved ones. Wishing you all well and much success with your endeavor.

  34. At 44, newly divorced, I bought a farm. I grew up on a farm and my dream was to return to that lifestyle. The Dirty Life, a memoir of farming, food and love ; was an inspirational book for me. My farms name is “My Place of Grace Farm” ❤️.

  35. Congrats! What a wonderful blessing.

    Wild Willow Acres has a ring to it – it speaks to the wild abandon you felt making the purchase, the wild beauty of the property, and that willow that reminds you of your grandparents.

  36. How exciting news! I’m so happy for you! Congrats!
    I could see strawberry or lavender fields and you doing good for others by keeping petting zoo for children and offering well-being and green care-services for different types groups.
    Don’t know if Green Care is familiar to you but the idea is to use green care methods in farm to promote human well-being through gardening, natural environment and animal-assisted methods. And using for example fishing/wildernes activities as well.
    All the best to you and to new wonderful adventure! 🙂

  37. Congrats – it will be an exciting adventure! In 2017, we decided to leave the Lower Mainland and bought an orchard on the Naramata Bench. We removed the trees and planted grapes, and this summer we are planning to open our winery! Did I mention we knew nothing about grapes or wineries – other than having consumed a lot of wine?!? We have figured it out along the way, and I know you will too. Where there is a will and passion, there is a way. Lol, I’m watching your IG video and I’m sure the people who loaned you the rototiller are our neighbors 🙂 Best of luck to you guys!

  38. “Boomba’s Blooms & Berries Hill”

    As a sentimentalist it seemed to cover everything, a tribute, the flowers, possible berries ie:grapes and you mentioned the hill that Justin needs to be careful on. And there would not be a farm anywhere else with the name.
    One of a Kind Just like your Family…….good luck wishes ….

  39. We are so happy for you, Justin and your beautiful children. If anyone could transform this farm into a treasure, you and Justin will for sure. I like all your ideas for the farm but I agree with you, take your time and you will settle on the one that is right for you. Good luck and God bless.

  40. What a wonderful adventure! A friend who farms, told me of her beginnings of farming. They had there soil tested to see what would best be grown on there land. I was always impressed with that step. You are probably way past this process. Perhaps the soil will tell you. Happy journey!

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