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A Sneak Peek of Team Jilly’s Headquarters

Good morning loves! Today I wanted to share a rather personal update on Team Jilly’s NEW Headquarters!! We are supposed to be moved in already but due to COVID that has been put hold. Instead we are slowly completing all of the final details so that as soon as COVID is over we can move in there ASAP! I can’t wait for our team to have a space to work together and collaborate. There’s no denying that it has been a crazy few months for everybody, and I was really hoping that I would have a better update for you guys! But here we are … lol! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Jillian Harris Office Rebuild Jillian Harris Office Space Update

We have been taking our time with the final details and everything is ALMOST complete. Last week the final few odds and ends were installed. The countertops went in, the boardroom table arrived, the light fixtures went up, the fridge got installed, the desks were built, the wifi and security were set up, and the wallpaper was installed (eeek I can’t WAIT to show you the final reveal!!). While I can’t show off everything QUITE yet (I still need to keep this somewhat of a surprise for Team Jilly) I CAN share a few select sneak peeks with you today!

Jillian Harris Headquarters

We have a few more things this week that we are hoping to get wrapped up and I’m hoping that I can get in there to start decorating and setting everything up on Friday with Shay (that’s the BEST part!). If everything goes as planned, I’m realllyy hoping by the following week we can start working at the office in groups of two but that all depends on what the government is recommending in terms of social distancing. So, we will just play it by ear until then.

JH Headquarters Update Team Jilly Headquarters

I really want to thank Shay, Kara, and Charles who have been championing this project. It seriously wouldn’t have progressed this far along without each of them. I am SO proud of this project! This has been a dream of mine for so long and it’s such a HUGE milestone for JHD!! I can’t wait to get in there with Team Jilly and get back to our regular (and fun!) schedule!!

Stay tuned for the final reveal!!



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  1. I cannot wait to see the office when it’s complete! I know this is just going to be absolute dream space to work in.

  2. So exciting. From what I can see it looks so beautiful. And that wallpaper. Wow!!! Also I can’t wait to see that fridge too. Enjoy all the fun and I know you will have a blast decorating your new space!!! Looking forward to seeing it all!!

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