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Father’s Day Gift Guide for Every Man on Your List

Can you believe Father’s day is less than a week away?! I can’t believe how quickly that snuck up on me! Also, is it just me, or do you find it difficult to shop for the men in your life no matter the holiday? I find that if they want something bad enough, they usually just pick it up themselves! LOL!

With that being said, sometimes it’s just as special to do something creative and unexpected for them as a nice surprise! For example, a few months ago for Justin’s birthday (you can check out the blog, here), I set up the cutest minigolf course in our yard and he LOVED it! So, why not do something similar and set-up a little course with awesome prizes at each hole, have a picnic with their favourite snacks, or host a special movie night with the kids? If you have some time to get creative, the options are endless!!! However, if you would prefer to buy them a little somethin-somethin, I have made sure to round up a few ideas for you below (and yes, they’re even Justin approved!).


Father's Day Gift Guide 2020

1. Golf Shirt | 2. Dillions Gin | 3. Callaway Golfballs | 4. Nintendo Switch Lite | 5. Hat | 6. Bulldog Skincare | 7. Dad’s Garage Sign | 8. AirPods | 9. Saxx Underwear | 10. Golf Print | 11. Turn Table | 12. Running Shoes | 13. Yeti Water Bottle | 14. Sunglasses | 15. Duffle Bag | 16. Cologne | 17. Watch | 18. Dad Jokes Book

Best sunglasses for men

For the dad who loves being outdoors: Sunglasses

I don’t know about the men in your life, but Justin is a BIG fan of sunglasses, specifically Raybans! Whether he is heading out the door to do some yard work or if he’s heading to the office he can’t leave the house without them!

The best Yeti Mug for Dad

For the dad that loves coffee on the go: Yeti Mug

In our household, we survive off of coffee! LOL! Justin loves his Yeti mug (and all things Yeti, for that matter!). Being a dad is hard work, most mornings are spent watching and chasing after the kids (and the dogs 🤪), which means he is usually sipping on lukewarm coffee. If you and your hubby are in a similar situation this mug will solve all of your problems! Say goodbye to cold coffee and hello to piping hot coffee all morning long!!

Foresight Golf Simulator

For the dad that loves all things golf: Foresight Golf Simulator

If your man loves golf as much as Justin (and if you want to win partner of the year award!), nothing can top this! Justin LOVES his foresight simulator, if I can’t find him tending to the garden, looking after the grass or playing with the kids I know he’s in his man cave hitting some balls and perfecting his swing!  There no denying it, golf isn’t a cheap sport, so if you’ve already purchased expensive golf gear for your man why not get him some golf balls? Those are always a hit! LOL.

Here is a product image of the Foresight Golf Simulator for reference! If you’re curious to see it in action, check out Justin’s Instagram account Friday, he’s sharing a fun IGTV video that may or may not have a sneak peek of the simulator in action!

Best Golf Simulator
Handcrafted Watch for Men

Image Source

For the dad that loves to make a fashion statement: Daem Watch

There is nothing like giving dad a gift that will last a lifetime and can be passed down through generations. This gorgeous watch is handcrafted in Switzerland and designed in Brooklyn, NY! What I love most about this watch is its gorgeous classic face and timeless strap, which never go out of style!

Best skin care for men

For the dad that loves a clean shave: Bulldog Skincare

Bulldog Skincare is one of Justin’s favourite skincare lines! Not only is their product line made from recyclable material, but they also have a wide offering for every skin type “the face of an angel or the skin of a rhino” they’ve got your covered! LOL!

Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise

For the dad that loves gaming: Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is similar to the Nintendo Switch but it’s great for someone who is always on-the-go. It’s light and the perfect size to carry in your pocket or bag (perfect for dad to slip into his pocket and sneak into his home office for that important “conference call” … LOL!). Not to mention, it has a great battery life! Now available in-store at Best Buy Canada and online here.

Best apparel for fathers day

For the dad that loves apparel: Dada Shirt by North Kinder

Is there anything better than gifting dad adorable swag so he can sing from the rooftops that he is a rad dad? One of Justin‘s all-time favourite branded Dad shirts is from a company called North Kinder. Not only is the fabric super soft, but the clothing is made right here in Canada!

For the dad that is always on the go: AirPods

AirPods have been a game-changer while we’ve been working from home! Justin loves his AirPods and almost never takes them out, maybe he’s drowning out my nagging or maybe he actually is on a conference call, who knows! LOL!

Dillions Bitters

For the dad that loves a stiff drink: Dillons Rye Whiskey

I’m a sucker for supporting local companies with amazing initiatives! Dillions not only has the prettiest branding (I live for pretty packaging), but they have the most amazing Rye Whiskey. It looks great on display and tastes great to boot!

Sustainable Men's Pants

Image Source 

For the dad that loves comfort over fashion: Paskho Pants

If the man in your life is always reaching for the same pair of comfortable pants, it may be time for an upgrade. These Paskho Pants are not only manufactured with sustainability in mind but they are also the perfect pair of pants for him to dress up or down! Now all he needs is a pair in every colour.

Camping Gear for Dad

For the dad that loves camping: Yeti Camping Chair

If your man loves camping then a comfortable chair is a necessity! There’s nothing like sitting around the campfire with a comfy chair and a cold bevy in your hand after a long day of swimming and hiking!

There you have it, some of Justin‘s favourite items that will hopefully give you some good ideas for all of the men in your life! If you have any products that are your go-to for Father’s Day, let me know in the comments below!



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