Thanksgiving Dinner Menu: Mouthwatering Comfort Food

Hey everyone!! Mindy here again!! There is a lot to be thankful for each and every year … but one thing Team Jilly is always thankful for is some good ‘ol comfort food!! Are you with us?!

Recently Jillian and I were searching the blog and we came across some of our all-time favourite recipes. So, we thought we would help take some weight off your shoulders and give you some delicious dinner inspiration with Jillian’s personalized Thanksgiving Dinner Menu! From cocktails to sides, to mains, and dessert … we have you covered this year!

Let’s take a look!!

Jillian Harris Thanksgiving Menu

Psssstttt!! You can download and print Jillian’s personalized Thanksgiving Menu here: Thanksgiving Menu


Apple Bourbon Smash

This festive cocktail is PERFECT as a welcome drink not only for Thanksgiving but for fall dinner parties!

Jillian Harris Thanksgiving Dinner Menu


Vegan Fried Green Tomatoes

These vegan fried green tomatoes are the perfect combination of crispy and salty and slightly addicting!! Don’t forget to make the dip as well, that’s the secret sauce!

Captain’s Plant-Based Kale Caesar Salad

This kale caesar salad was one of the very first meals Justin ever made for Jillian and it’s still one of her favourites to date. However, she did slightly tweak it … and between you and me … it gives his recipe a run for its money. ?

Jillian Harris Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Jillian Harris Captain Kale Caesar Salad

Main Course

Lazy Vegan Beet Rolls

Beet Rolls are a staple in Jillian’s Ukranian family but generally, they are packed with butter and cream … well, this version is not only a quicker version of the originals but it’s also completely vegan!

Mushroom Wellington

Traditional Wellington is generally pretty rich and it’s normally made with beef, but considering Jillian eats mainly plant-based in their household, Tori and Jill wanted to create a vegan (and healthier!) option which is why they decided to re-create this savoury dish using mushrooms instead of meat and Becel Vegan in replace of butter to help cut down on those saturated fats!

Mushroom & Kale Gnocchi

Pssstttt … this recipe is SO INDULGENT but the best part is, you can use packaged gnocchi to cut down on time, which is such a handy trick and the best part? It tastes JUST as good!!

Jillian Harris Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Jillian Harris Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Jillian Harris Thanksgiving Dinner Menu


Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake Jars

What would Thanksgiving dinner be without a little sweet treat?? These Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake jars are the absolute CUTEST deserts to serve your guests and they are insanely easy to make … but they don’t have to know that! ?

Jillian Harris Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

There you have it!! Make sure to let us know in the comments if you end up making ANY of these dishes for your Thanksgiving dinner! We would love to hear how much your guests loved them!




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