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2018: My Personal Life in Review

Good morning everyone!!! I hope you all had an INCREDIBLE New Years!! Are you all ready for what 2019 has in store for you?! I know I am!!

Today I wanted to take a minute to look back and reflect on 2018 and share what some of my personal highlights were! Then, next week, I’m going to do the same thing but share our BUSINESS highlights with you!! It should be a fun process to go back in time and remember everything that was accomplished in 2018!

Alright, let’s get to it!!

My Personal Highlights of 2018

In no particular order!

Banff Trip with the Girls

I took off to Banff with my closest friends from Alberta last February (I’ve known most of them for around 30 years!!) and I don’t get to see them often, maybe once or twice a year! So we were totally overdue for a girls trip and one of our favourite places to escape to is Banff! See what we got up to, here!

Justin’s 30th Birthday in New York

Justin turned the BIG 3-0 this year and I wanted to do something special for him … so I rounded up a few of his closest friends and we took off to THE BIG APPLE!!

Leo’s 2nd Birthday!

Leo turned TWO!!!! I can’t even believe it … I have no clue where time is going but it’s FLYING by and my little baby is growing up SO FAST!!

Jillian Harris Personal Highlights from 2018

Leo is Potty Trained

IT FINALLY HAPPENED! LOL!! I went through a phase where I tried so hard to potty train Leo and we weren’t successful but he started wearing “big boy” underwear and we took the pressure off a bit and now he’s telling me when he has to pee and so far it’s been going great!!

Annie was Born!

This was such an amazing day for the entire family this year!! As most of you know, my pregnancy wasn’t the easiest but Annie’s birth was so smooth and I felt like a MILLION BUCKS after having her, check out all of the details of Annie’s Birth Story, here!

Jillian Harris Personal Highlights from 2018

Annie’s Sip & See

Team Jilly and Tori put on the most adorable Sip & See for Annie!! It was such a beautiful day filled with family and friends … and not to mention delicious food!!

Jillian Harris Personal Highlights from 2018

Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant

This was QUITE the process but I’m so happy I finally made the transition to natural deodorant!! It’s definitely a trial and error process and there are LOTS to say about my journey so take a look at my experience and what deodorants are my FAVE! Plus, I’m also now making the switch to natural shampoo too … so I’ll have to share an update on this soon!

Jillian Harris Personal Highlights from 2018

12 Things I’m Afraid to Tell You

Ps. If you want to know a little MORE about me … this was a fun blog to share!! LOLLL!!!

Jillian Harris Personal Highlights from 2018

My Personal Goals for 2019

Get Nacho a FUR brother or sister!!

Wedding Planning

The Big 4-0

Annie’s 1st Birthday

Leo’s 3rd Birthday

Work Less

There you have it!! What were your highlights of 2018 and what are some of your goals for 2019?? Share them below!



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  1. 2018!!Having the joy and opportunity to share Christmas with my daughter in Calgary. She lives 3 provinces away and flights are sooo expensive that I work hard to save in order to hug and see her and her lovely boys and husband-once a year!
    Teaching Core French !!
    Visiting Italy!
    2019!! GOALS: Win the Lottery so that I can spend more time with my grand-children and daughter.
    -Hope that my son allows me back into his life!
    -Laugh every day!

  2. So appreciate your blogs and insta stories. I loved my 2018 but always try to look forward not back so I’m excited to see what 2019 has for me

  3. You’re awesome, Jillian Harris! I love following along with you and your family! All the best for 2019!

  4. I share the highlight of switching to natural deodorant! I have you to thank for inspiration. I use Kopari now. I’ve been reading about using honey as face wash and this is my next idea to make a natural switch, have you tried it?

  5. Are you breastfeeding Annie? If not, what type of formula? Also, how is her sleep going? You seem SO high energy and happy and after my 2nd 15 months ago, I was NOTHING like that so I’m just curious. I love following you and getting a glimpse into your life!

  6. I have been watching you on television for years and to able to have you on Instagram is truly amazing!!! I love watching you blog about your work and your family!!!

  7. -Stop worrying about tomorrow and enjoy today
    -Be present when I am with my daughter (just turned 2…picks up on everything now!)
    – Trust my gut more with parenting, stop worrying about what I should be doing with her and instead let her take the lead sometimes
    -Be a good spouse. Ask questions about his day. Sleep on an issue before opening a discussion (I.e arguement). Communicate feelings and don’t assume he knows what I am thinking
    -Spend as much time with my mom, sister and extended family as humanly possible (we are spread across the country)
    -Pick up the phone and call people
    -Send at least 5 cards (old fashioned greeting cards)
    -Eat mindfully
    -Exercise…which includes chores, housecleaning, any ol’ movement will do (according to my fit bit)
    -Be a better dog mom (he used to be my baby before I had a baby…but he’s still my walking buddy)

  8. Te adoro Jillian desde Argentina, Buenos Aires. Te sigo desde que estuvistes en the bachelor, me alegro mucho que hayas formada una hermosa familia. Ojala leas mi mensaje!! un beso muy muy grande,te admiro! Yami

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