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Business Series: Highlights of 2018 & Upcoming Goals for 2019

Wow!!! What a year 2018 was!! It all kicked off with a HUGE team meeting in Vancouver last year, this is where we really took the time to analyze the type of content, projects, and partnerships we take on. From that meeting on we made an effort to think MORE about the environment, animals, and supporting smaller shops and Canadian companies. While we aren’t exclusive to all of these categories, we are trying our best to work more with companies that tick these boxes and it has been a TON of fun.

Jillian Harris Business Recap 2

We’ve certainly partnered with more conscious and local brands in 2018 that were in line with our values, we focused on smaller brands and encouraged donations to be part of our partnerships and collaborations.

Obviously, it was an AMAZING year for my personal life (check out my highlights and personal goals here!) but it was also an incredible year for the business too!! There are so many things to celebrate from 2018 and goals to share as we gear up for 2019 so today, I’m going to highlight these for you!

So, in no particular order … I’m going to share our wins from the year below!

2018 Company Highlights

JH x MA Adorned Collection

It was such a pleasure to team up with Melanie Auld to create the Adorned collection! The JH x MA Adorned collection is the perfect way to celebrate yourself and also makes the perfect gift idea … from birthdays to Mother’s Day, weddings, and baby showers … or, just to remember a loved one and have them close by, the options are truly endless.

Jillian Harris Melanie Auld 12 Days Of Christmas

JH x Etsy Holiday Collection

I worked closely with Etsy and 9 AMAZING Canadian Etsy makers to create a limited edition holiday collection which launched this past November! The collection included a selection of locally made and vegan, lifestyle, apparel, and home decor items that was PERFECT for the holiday season!!

Team Jilly’s speaking engagement at the Atelier Conference!

Team Jilly and Tori headed to Niagara-On-The-Lake for their VERY FIRST public speaking engagement at The Atelier Conference, even despite their deep fear of public speaking! See how they did, here!

JH x Saje Wellness Limited Edition Diffuser

This was such a fun and on brand partnership for us! I have always loved Saje Wellness products and their company as a whole so it was a natural fit (pun intended!) when they asked if I wanted to partner with them to create a limited edition diffuser! Stay tuned for more fun this coming year … ?

Jillian Harris 12 Days of Christmas Saje Natural Wellness

Cookbook Photoshoot

We FINALLY wrapped our photoshoots for our upcoming cookbook … this was a TON of work … and we can’t WAIT to see the final product … coming Fall 2019 …

Jillian Harris 2018 Business Highlights

Team Jilly’s trip to Mexico!

Oohhhhh did we ever have some fun in Mexico!! We toured Tulum, cruised 5th Ave in Playa and SO much more! Read ALL about it, and check out our very first travel vlog, here!

Jillian Harris 2018 Business Highlights

Team Jilly’s trip to Dallas to attend the RewardStyle Conference!

Team Jilly and I took off to Dallas to attend the Rewardstyle Conference which I also presented at in three classroom sessions! My topic was “Finding Your Why” which touched on the importance of brand core values, mission statements, what we have learned so far as a team, where we want to grow and some of the challenges we have faced along the way!

Nacho’s campaign against animal testing with the Body Shop

We were thrilled when the Body Shop approached us to have Nacho represent in their campaign and stand up against animal testing!

Jillian Harris 2018 Business Highlights

Nacho featured in Times Square!

He even made it to TIMES SQUARE!!!! I may have cried … proud mama moment!

Jillian Harris 2018 Highlights

Our home was featured in Style at Home!

It was so awesome to see our family home featured in Style at Home!! Talk about bucket list item checked off!

Jillian Harris 2018 Business Highlights

Started filming another season of Love It Or List It Vancouver

That’s right … another season is coming YOUR WAY! In fact, this has already started airing in the States and is coming to Canada shortly!

We started vlogging for the first time!

If you don’t follow my YouTube page, you should subscribe here, now! This is where I share ALL of our vlogs, it’s such a fun way to show you behind the scenes of my life, work, travel, and Team Jilly!

Shay’s 5 Year Anniversary with Team Jilly

It’s CRAZY to think that Shay’s been with me for 5 YEARS!!! Where has the time gone?!

Mindy’s 2 Year Anniversary with Team Jilly

And Mindy celebrated TWO YEARS with Team Jilly … time is flying!

Mackenzie was hired as a Full-Time Employee

We hired Mackenzie as a FULL-TIME EMPLOYEE in 2018!! And she is also about to be a BRAND NEW MAMA!!!

Jillian Harris Business Recap

Hired a new Finance Member for Team Jilly, Welcome Jess!

We also decided to bring on a new Finance Member a couple of months ago, everyone, meet JESS!!!

Jillian Harris Business Recap
I have officially joined the  TELUS Friendly Future Foundation board!! I have never been a part of something like this before so I’m beyond excited to see what the future holds and how I can play a role in this amazing endeavor!!

The TELUS Friendly Future Foundation board is dedicated to helping grassroots charities, just like Mamas for Mamas, with the goal of leveling the playing field for disadvantaged Canadian kids, making sure they have the same opportunities as everyone else for a bright, successful future!!!

12 Days Giveaways Were Insane!

We wrapped the year with our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways and it was INSANE! We had over 60k in giveaways and 71 winners!!! It was by far our best year yet and we can’t wait to see how we can top it next year!!
Jillian Harris 12 Days of Giveaways

Our Company Goals for 2019

(in no particular order!)

Online Courses


Jilly Box

New Website (coming verrrry soon!)

More Speaking Engagements

More Charity Work

Smash & Tess Collaboration

14k Melanie Auld Adorned Line

Cookbook Launch

Saje Collaboration

There you have it! We have no doubt 2019 is going to be another wild and amazing year … here’s to the calm before the storm!! LOL!!



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  1. I often refer back to a lot of your old website posts. Will everything be moved to the new site, or should we not count on old content making the move?

  2. Excited to hear more about the Jilly Box, on-line courses, and presets. I love Jillian Harris and her team! All the best in 2019!

  3. You and your team are amazing women and I love following along via your blog and instagram. Keep up the great work and all the best for a successful and fun 2019!!

  4. Hi Jillian! And Happy New Year!!

    Random question – I literally get all of my décor inspo from you and your blog > from paint colors, rugs, mirrors and bedding – I LOVE it all!! Do you think the Caitlin Wilson rug you have in your living room is too busy for a dining room/under the table? I’ve been eyeing that one for a while – totally copied your kitchen runner and love it 🙂 – just have been hesitant with the placement..

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Congratulations to all ! A very Happy New Year to you and your team. I look forward to learning more about your box. And was wondering when do you plan to launch it?

  6. It’s so fun to follow along with you and your team Jillian. I can’t wait for what’s to come this year!

  7. What about your mamas for mamas reveal? And the bremGZf youbjostwx to raise money for them? That seemed like such a huge undertaking Nd accomplishment!

      1. Oh whoops. Haha. And I just re-read my comment. Guess I had too many wines when I posted that. Either way, love what you guys do.

  8. Congratulations to team Jilly! I’ve followed you guys for the past couple of years and think you are doing great work. I especially love how a group of talented, inspired women like yourselves are aligning with your values to intentionally create your dreams ????.

    That’s totally my jam too.

    Here’s to an amazing 2019! Where we all continue to make a difference to the lives of others … and our own.
    Success coach and mom

  9. You’re killing it! Congratulations on your success. I know so much hard work was involved. Take care!

  10. Hi there. I just wanted to comment on Saje. I’ve also sent them an email. I know that you have partnered with them. Love their products. Also I know you have had concerns with companies packaging. I just received a diffuser from them and have to say was very disappointed in their packaging. The box it came in was about 3 times bigger than the box the diffuser was in and it was stuffed with paper. Really don’t think there was a need for such a large box. Anyway just thought I’d mention it. Take care. D

  11. Jillian I cannot wait for your next collaboration with Sage Wellmess… I missed out on your first diffuser but I won’t let that happen again!!!

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