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My Big Day, According to Team Jilly!

Hey everyone! Our wedding is quickly approaching and we thought it would be fun to have all of the girls on Team Jilly take a crack at what they think our big day is going to look like. They have included everything from the venue, drinks, cake, dresses, and make-up in each inspiration board below! I am really behind on planning our wedding but they are all giving me some great ideas and tons of inspiration. 

Let’s have some fun and try to guess which Team Jilly member-created each board!

50 Shay’s of Pink

She LOVES the colour pink, enjoys the outdoors and is a fashion guru! She has been my right-hand lady for 7 years now and I have no idea how I could do any of it without her. She is the Managing Director and let me tell you, she sure knows how to manage me and keep me in line! Her plate is always stacked to the brim and she really does it all, from writing blogs, organizing meetings, planning partnerships, and keeping the team organized … you name it she does it! Her name was written all over the board (literally LOL!). If you thought Shay created this board you are RIGHT!!

Secret Garden

She LOVES a good read, enjoys building out her vision board, and in the summer you can find her playing double grass volleyball! She has been on Team Jilly for three years now and is our Digital Marketing Manager. She helps with all marketing objectives for the brand, The Jilly box, The Jilly digital store, The Cookbook, social media and SO much more!!! Did you guess Mindy? If so, you’re absolutely right!!

Simply Sweet

She LOVES binge-worthy reality tv, is proficient in all things social and prefers red wine over white! She is our most recent addition to Team Jilly and is our Digital Marketing Assistant. She works closely with Mindy, Shay, and I and to create content for all of our platforms, makes sure the website and blog are functioning properly and is a social media wiz! This one might be more challenging to guess, but if you thought it was Abbi, you got it right!

Modern Romance

She LOVES the outdoors, crunching numbers is her forte and she prefers dogs over cats! She is another one of our recent additions to Team Jilly and we are SO lucky to have her. She is the Financial Controller, which means she’s in charge of all things money-related; whether that’s payroll, bookkeeping or financial planning for our next big project she is our girl! Who do you think created this stunning board? I’ll give you a hint, the first letter of her name starts with a J. Did you guess Jennifer? If you did, give yourself another point!

Pop. Clink. Fizz.

She LOVES trail runs, is a mom of three and is probably the most soft-spoken member of the team! She is known as the mom of Team Jilly, she keeps us in line and makes sure we are all taken care of. She is our Finance Assistant and HR Manager! She works closely with Jennifer on all things finance. We’re you thinking Kristy? If you did, give yourself a check you got that one right!

California Love

She LOVES DIYs, is a very talented artist and just so happens to be a mom of two! She is also a new addition to Team Jilly and, boy, are we ever happy to have her on board. She helps with all things graphic design related; social media graphics, web graphics, Jilly Box graphics, branding, and the list goes on. She also put all of these boards together SO beautifully!! Can you guess who created this board? If you guessed Carrie you are SO right! You’re on a roll!!

Pretty in Pink

She has an eye for design and a passion for makeup and fashion! She is currently working on completing her Business degree (how exciting!) and working with Team Jilly… talk about a full plate! She is with us part-time for now as our Intern Assistant, but she helps with all aspects of the business, from helping out with social media, ensuring Jilly Box samples have been received, and helping us prep for photoshoots (and everything in between!), she manages to do it all!! Which Team Jilly member created this board? Did you think it was Easton? If so, you’re totally right!

Orchard Romance

She loves to hit the slopes, prefers cats over dogs (but has a soft spot for all animals) and has a real knack for editing photos! She is our team photographer! She helps with shoot days, taking and editing photos and keeping them all organized. Her creativity is such a huge asset to the team and we are SO lucky to have her. Was that an easy one? If you guessed Rachelle you got it!!

Well there you have it, Team Jilly’s wedding inspiration boards on what they think our big day. Let’s hear in the comments below how many you got right!!


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  1. Omg!!!! Modern romance is soooooo different!!! I love the color pallet. The blue will be amazing with all your eyes!!! So so beautiful.:…please add more color than just pink!!! I know you’re a pink lover but surprise us w something different!!!

  2. Secret Garden is my favourite and seems to be totally your style!! Happy wedding planning Jilly!

  3. The choices are all gorgeous 💗🌸💗
    I can’t wait to see how you design your wedding . I’m sure it will be beautiful and romantic.

  4. Well, they have pretty well wrapped up everything Wedding for you! Wow! What beautiful Wedding Boards, how to choose? Enjoy planning your Wedding that is part of the excitement of the big day. My 40th is in 2 weeks and we will postpone the celebration until we can celebrate with all the fam. Excited to see what you pick for your big day!

  5. Gorgeous inspiration – all of them!!!
    LOVED Modern Romance…it made me stop, zoom in and just admire…
    The palette is stunning, a new twist on the pastels and would complement you AND your hubbie!!

  6. Pop.Click.Fizz is my favorite but there are elements in all of them that I truly could see as an addition to this board (like the wine goblets from Pretty in Pink….where are those from!?!?!)

  7. Oh my goodness, could someone please share more info about the dress the model is wearing in Modern Romance?? The one in the bottom-right corner of the image? Absolutely to die for and everything I was hoping to find for my wedding!!

    All of these Pinterest boards are stunning– can’t go wrong!!

  8. Oooh I love all of them! I’m in the midst of planning now and these have given me some great inspo!! Happy Wedding Planning!

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